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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

Post eclipse some of us are still recovering from a lot of unusual happenings and hyperactivity along with it, not to mention the wild weather.
And its important to remember it WAS a new beginning New Moon. A time to make important decisions or think of them even if some of it was taken out of our hands by surprise events.

Today the Crescent Moon phase begins which is a time for collecting information, making more contacts and learning more that we can put towards our plan or project that we began in the last week or so.
The keywords are , “Activation; Striving; Future”.

Today the Sun is quincunx to Neptune 25 degrees Libra and Pisces which helps us tune into to our higher mind and intuition to help us solve any issues that have come up recently that could have been insurmountable before, but that now we can find solutions to, even inspiration from spirit.

Quincunxes are good for problem solving even if we have to try a little harder to find the solutions.

Leos, Librans Pisces can make the most of this but everyone can tune in with the Sun involved.

Saturn at 0 43 degrees Pisces is opposing Juno at the same degree Virgo, an aspect of tests and trials for family relationships, especially those where one party is authoritarian in nature or brings out the not OK parent in their partner. So its important at this time not to appear too demanding but to be careful of the words we use so they do not appear as critical or controlling.

Pisces and Virgo types of course, Capricorns too could find this a bit of a challenge today either towards them or from someone else.
Juno has only just entered Virgo in fact so that the focus for Virgos now is actually on relationships, bringing up memories of past experiences where they have not felt empowered, so a chance to begin again, start afresh and work on, to address, acknowledge the problem areas of the past is coming, in the weeks, months ahead.
Juno could even come in the form of a person, a new or old love for certain Virgos in the time frame ahead.
For some it may be a therapist!

Another quincunx tomorrow with Mercury and Neptune at 25 degrees Libra and Pisces similar to today only more verbal or cerebral requiring creative and intuitive thinking again, and really tuning into spirit. I am sure there will be plenty of messages if we stay open and aware in the coming two days.
Virgos and Geminis, Librans and Pisces take note .

The Sun is conjunct Mercury tomorrow 26/27 Libra , a very good aspect for decision making, strong and clear communication, and with the input of Neptune as well there will be signs everywhere around us if only we take the time to heed them. Symbolism can lead on to critical thinking if needed.

The following day with the Moon still in Capricorn at that stage Mercury will square Pluto at 27 Libra to Capricorn.
Mercury will be on my Jupiter so this looks like some in depth revelations coming my way.

Pluto is squaring my Jupiter at this time so Im wondering what it will bring me. The Libran degree should be a lucky one for me in fact.

These daily transits CAN trigger aspects in our birth charts, even the negative ones if we have positive aspects with one or both planets in our birth charts on the same degrees .

Mercury/Pluto should affect Scorpios, Capricorns Geminis, Virgos and Librans, but again it could be for anyone as there has been a series of Neptune aspects bringing focus to Pisces as well.

I often wonder if the sign the Moon is in on a day is a pointer and in fact I am sure it is .
3 days out from now is a biggy with the Sun SQUARE the powerful Pluto which could be a clash of the titans in realms of current wars and one thinks of USA stepping in or another world power, so we will see what that brings, happening again at 27 Libra and Capricorn. As Pluto rules the masses its likely to be something intense around that date and global. Its bound to be political.

Mercury will conjunct Hamea which is also global, generational , probably about something so outdated that its time to be dealt with once and for all and with the Sun/Pluto aspect it could well be.

The good news is from Venus trining Jupiter Virgo to Taurus at around 12 degrees so this has to be a good thing, a good result bringing celebration for many people at least . It looks like a win for someone and a long time coming although Jupiter Rx might call it a small triumph but its a start,.
Individually Taureans, Leos Librans and Sagittarians should have a good day and all may find that they are especially lucky in the time frame around that day.
Taurus and Leo often are about money, Gold, precious things.

3 days away also Mercury will move into Scorpio to join Mars, getting ready for the Sun to follow 2 days later.
Mercury in Scorpio will give us all the opportunity to focus on what and who we value most and no longer procrastinate with decisions that need to be made. By then we will be gathering the final data together for what comes next.

This is all about a new awareness that we may have sensed coming but that we can finally begin to make the most of. We can begin to feel a new sense of “being” that is supportive to both self and also to our thoughts and attitudes that can help us make changes to both our immediate world and further afield.
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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 19, 2016
Thanks Janne.

Interesting energies. I have found myself reclusing from the world. It's too much!
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