Crystalline Energy Upgrading :Energy Update May 28, 2017 (1 Viewer)

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The energy of Love and compassion and wisdom
We can feel it in our hands and all our bodies
It is coming on us with insights on our journey
The Earth is changing and healing
No matter what some may think
Earth is stronger than you can imagine
It knows what is happening
It knows why we are feeling these intense vibrational energy in our hands and bodies
The healing process is being done with the new energy flow that we receive
And we have been receiving so much during this month of May
The sun is part of this process as it is from there that all is sent
The central sun is shining on us its lights
Enlightening our souls and journey
We know how many times we have been feeling dizzy hands and bodies
But the crystallization of Gaia is on and on
From my perspective we are in a level 8 since the last week.
This level is really amazing
When the energy is activated for healing it is so warm that we could barely breathe
Feeling sweats too is part of it
Then once that feeling is spread from the crown chakra to the heart and to the other centers of our bodies
The healing carries on on a deeper level
We may experience fresh energy as if a fresh wind is blowing on us
And the light codes begin to work at another level of our bodies
Actually the old energies used to be cold and then warm


The Crystalline energy is warm from the beginning it flows like a laser from your thumb and third finger
It guides you and you may see yourself in a translucide sphere of Crystalline lights
It may show you the Crystalline Earth
It is magical !
Trust that this is happening to you now and be grateful to this gift
Gaia is the gift you deserve
So many blessings and healing are coming your way through the central sun
With the help of many light beings now
If you feel so much heat these days
Go outside and sit under a tree
Connect to Earth with your hands first then with all your energy field and physical bodies
Wait for the energy to come in
It will help you be more aware and perceptive
It will help you heal the wounds that are inside you from within and that have been there from so far
Keep the faith and trust that everything will be fine and is fine
Earth is not sick as many are trying to convince us
Earth is evolving to new levels of crystallization
The work is being done daily
Another wave of Starlight codes is coming now
With many blessings and healing

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