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Jan 3, 2020
Hi everyone! I’m new here and I wasn’t sure which was the right forum for this, but I just recently started to learn about twin flames and I’ve been doing a lot of work on loving myself more and making my life better. I’ve just had certain things in the last few years happen that make me feel like a certain person might be my twin flame, and I wanted to get your opinion on it, since I don’t know anyone I can personally talk to about this, since they don’t know about twin flames and would probably think I’m insane if I told them about this, ha ha.

So even though I’m not going to share every single detail (because I don’t want this post too be TOO long), I want to provide a good amount much information as possible to you all. So I’m just going to list off things that have happened in the last several years that have made me think a certain person might be my twin flame…

*First off, I'm a female, he's a male, and we currently live in different countries and we don’t personally know each other. We work in the same industry, but he has a much higher status than I do.

*He has appeared 3 times randomly in places where I did not expect him to be there:
-The first time I saw him in person I hyperventilated a little because he was so beautiful, ha ha.
-The 2nd time I saw him, he came up running behind me with his brothers towards the 11K mark of a 13K we were both at, which was a surprise to me, because even though I knew he was there, I thought he was WAY in front of me the race, and I did not expect to cross paths with him AT ALL. When he did catch up to me in the race, I didn’t approach him or anything, I just let him and his brothers run past me.
-the 3rd time I saw him, I choked on the food I was eating, because he just appeared out of nowhere and I was not prepared to see this gorgeous human, ha ha. Even though I’ve felt butterflies in my stomach for men I’ve liked or dated before, I’ve never had those kind of reactions to any other guy. And in the industry I work in, I work with a lot of attractive people.

*There has been a few other times where we just missed each other, because even thought we currently live in different countries, we both travel a lot, so I’ll be somewhere, and then find out that he was JUST there.

*There have been 4 instances that I post a photo to Instagram and several days later, he had posted a very similar photo. I could not ignore that after it happened 4 times. For example, we’re either holding the same object in a similar manner, wearing similar clothes, laying in a similar fashion in the photo, or in a similar place. One Christmas, I posted a photo me wearing a burgundy dress and that same day, he posted a photo of him wearing a burgundy shirt, and we both wear navy blue A LOT. It's my favorite color to wear, and I think it's my color, because not only do I love wearing it, but I get a lot of compliments when I do, and he wears it a lot, so he must be fond of navy blue too.

*A couple of years ago, I thought about how much I love one of my favorite Christmas songs as I was listening to it, and the very next day, he posted a video on Instagram playing that EXACT song. And it was the exact version of that Christmas song by the exact same artist.

*Last month, I was thinking about taking Argentinian Tango lessons again because I had taken some several years ago and I want to get back into it and get very good at it and I looked up local Argentinian Tango classes and even made a Tango playlist on Spotify, and 2 days later, he posts on Instagram about how he is in Argentina and just saw a Tango performance and how much loves HE loves Tango! I've NEVER heard him mention tango before, and I've never met any guy I liked who has loved Tango at all!

*We both apparently love Cirque Du Soleil so much that we've been to their shows alone. I’m comfortable doing things alone a lot (I’m an introvert) and I started going to Cirque Du Soleil way before I even knew about this man, so I did not go because of him.

*I bought a random magazine to start my first ever vision board (without even looking through it first), and when I looked through it at home, there was a page that had his first name in HUGE, BOLD letters with lightning bolts drawn around it (as if the magazine was screaming at me to notice the name).

*My name is rare and I recently found out that that the one famous person who had the same name as me happened to have a relationship with someone with the same first name as him. Apparently, that relationship was not great, as he was a jerk to her.

*We both have dogs whose breeds are directly related and we both gave them nerdy names. And my first dog ever as a child was the exact same breed as the dog he has now, so I guess we have similar taste in dogs, ha ha.

*The last guy I dated (2 years ago) was someone who I thought was my dream guy, as he had everything I wanted in a partner, and more. He broke things off because of religious reasons, and we tried dating again last year, but the religious difference was just something that he could not get past, although he cares about me a lot and thinks I'm an amazing person (he still tells me this). We are on great terms now. We care about each other deeply, but we are just friends and I'm okay with that. He's an incredible person and I'm happy to have him in my life, even as just a friend. Anyway, THIS guy and the one I think might be my twin flame share many personality traits and values that I want in a partner, except that if I dated the one who I think might be my twin flame, I know that religion would not be an issue as he and I are similar in that aspect.

*I went to London in May of 2018 and fell in LOVE with the city and I know THAT is where my heart is and where I belong because I actually see myself settling down there and having a family, and that is a HUGE thing for me to say, as I have been a nomad my whole life and never felt “at home” anywhere and couldn’t see myself settling down anywhere I've ever lived, until I visited London. I know London is where I want to end up. Anyway, I absolutely LOVED the neighborhood I stayed in during my trip there and decided that that was the EXACT neighborhood I want to settle down in, as it has everything I want. I give you all that context because just last month, I found out that he not only lives in London, but he lives in the EXACT same neighborhood that I want to live in! We've also lived in the same 2 states in the U.S. (although not at the same time).

*We have many values that align: we have both said that we want to have a family, love London (In his case, he already lives there and I WANT to live there), love kids, love animals (we've both saved animals we've found on the street), love nature, make fitness priority, same religious values, similar sense of humor, have a deep appreciation of the arts, love traveling and adventure, and one of the most important values (for me), which is that we both make it a priority to volunteer, do charity and bring awareness to causes we care about. That last one is ESPECIALLY important to me and the person I end up with MUST value that as much as I do because charity work and giving back is something I've always done, want to keep doing, and something I want to pass down to my children, and I've never dated anyone who valued that as much as I do, except for my possible twin flame AND the guy I previously dated (told you they were similar).

*The numbers 1 and 3 seemed to pop up a lot when it comes to him:

-I became aware of him in 2013.

-The first time I saw him in person was on Nov. 13 (11/13), when I was 31.

-The second time I saw him in person, was when we both ran the 13K on May 13, and he caught up to me a little after the 11K mark.

-He is 3 years older than me.

-I’ve encountered 3 people who have pets whose names are the same as his first name.

-I’ve met 3 people who either know him, have worked with him, or are friends with his best friend (and I was NOT even trying to meet people who knew him).

-On Jan. 1, 2018 (1/1), I was driving around and saw a new restaurant that was being built that had his first name as the name of the restaurant.

-On March 31, 2019 (3/31), I saw an ad for the previously mentioned restaurant that had his name (which was the name of the restaurant) with an arrow pointing to the direction of the restaurant.

-A few weeks ago, I was walking around town running errands, and I happen to look up and see a sculpture of a man on a building and I thought, "he actually looks like my possible twin flames," and then I see that on one side of the sculpture, it says "THREE" and on the other side of the sculpture it says, "ELEVEN," so more 3's and 1's! It's frustrating in a funny way, because I'm not even TRYING to see these things, and they just happen.

-Ugh, and I just realized I’m posting this on Jan. 3rd (1/3), but I again, I did NOT mean too! I was meaning to post this last night, but then I got caught up with work I had to finish and so I thought I’d just finish writing the post tomorrow, not realizing the date.

Even though this person is wonderful and has everything I want in a partner (and more), it’s hard to believe that he would be my twin flame because he is just at a higher “status” than me in life. But then I think he could be, because these signs just keep popping up and I can’t ignore them. But I guess we’ll see what the universe holds… What do you all think??? ***Also, I have been going on dates, but it never works out with any of the guys because they either still want to "play the field" (I'm past that phase and ready to find my person that I will have a family with), and they don't value giving back and charity work at all, and that is something that is super important to me, and something my possible twin flame also values too. I'm also very picky about who I go on a date with, so I don't go on dates too often. Right now, I'm not seeing anyone and I'm not interested in anyone. I'm focusing on loving myself and making myself happy by living my purpose and doing what truly brings me joy, because I recently realized I was not loving myself as much as I should because I didn't think I deserved to be loved (because of my childhood). I feel so much better and happier with all the work I've been doing and I trust the universe will bring me together with my person when the time is right, but I was just wondering what you all thought about this, because it seems like I cannot escape these signs and I do not get signs like this about any other person. And he is currently single (has been for 2 years) and has never been married.

If you took the time to read all this, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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Aug 15, 2016
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Yes, I read the whole thing! If my maths is correct, you are 37 years old now. I do know, as a female, your biological clock not only ticks, but starts exploding upwardly mobile around this age point. Perhaps look inside, and see if your attraction is about being loved, being able to give love, or about having babies. I was not surprised to find out he lived in England, as I did hit on that early on. Please remember the Japanese tsunami was also on 3/11/11, so you could be riding an exceptionally dynamic wave of energy if you are correlated with these numbers (numerologically). Just remember, the power of that sort of energy can not only sweep away obstacles, but can also be destructive. By being centred, looking in, try to find out if true happiness can be found in the outer layers of existence.
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Jul 19, 2016
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we currently live in different countries and we don’t personally know each other.
What do you all think???
I think it's important that you find out how he feels. See if you can strike up a conversation with him and slowly get to know each other as friends. If he shows interest, then that would be a great start. There needs to be a flow of energy both ways, meaning that after you've made contact and if there's a chance of a friendship, don't push too hard with wanting more, but wait to see how he reacts. You don't want the connection to be one sided.

It's also important that you don't obsess over him. If you do, that will be hard to hide and could be rather off putting for him in terms of the energy you hold, even at a distance.

Feel free to let us know how you go!
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Jul 28, 2016
Sounds like you already have made a lot of connections in your head and your heart.
Time to say hello?
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Nov 1, 2018
Welcome aboard! If you need to tell a long story, tell a long story. I respect your path because your path is all yours and is special to you.

-The first time I saw him in person I hyperventilated a little because he was so beautiful, ha ha.
You know many guys get like this too, right? They just hide it well. :)

You live in other countries too? Hmm. You should say hello to him and talk to him to get to know him. See what happens. If this is meant to happen I think one of you will have a job opportunity near the other's town, like he might suddenly get a job opportunity near you.

It doesn't hurt to talk to him though. Enjoy the fun, just don't get completely lost in the emotions where you end up making bad decisions.

"Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all."

Relationships take practice, so get out there and practice! Good luck!

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