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Jul 25, 2016
a message from Korgeil of the League of Light

None of the scenarios of doom that have filled your imaginations need betray your true path toward the intended transformation of your world. The whole picture is as yet unknown, but is not as dire as some may fear. While the changes will be dramatic, they will fall short of cataclysmic. However the changes you will undergo as humans will be far more dramatic, though only cataclysmic for those who choose to hold fast to the dying world. For those who refuse to choose life, the times ahead will prove to be most challenging. You who recognize and know the light in life, prepare for great things to come.

Upon the face of the Earth has come great calamity in times past. In those days, you might say whole civilizations fell. Not so now, for now a great civilization emerges from within the people and sacred places. You are meeting time again, regaining your trajectory toward a great global geometry in which the coordinates of fate make conducting the volatile energies of transformation more dynamically at ease than in times before. What this means for you today is greater opportunities to gain the upper hand in your survival, and on the future evolution of your human culture. You may not realize yet just how precarious that future had been, but in fact you have held the potential for mastering it all along. This time of transformation is indeed a time of great advancement for your souls, your world, and the consciousness of all humanity.

This being said, on the surface, it might not look so easy. At the depths, it might not feel so wonderful. Momentary shift can appear overwhelming while they are in process. However, as soon as you move through the turbulence, it will be as if you were a million light years away. Time will feel different. Everything will feel different. Because the turbulence will be both deep within your experience and ruffling surface energies, you may have some confusion about how to center. We say, relax. Let the disturbances pass. Go deeper. Expand, and become aware of what lay beyond this moment. You will not lose yourselves, only the idea of who you thought you were. All that changes now. You sense it, do you not?

Now, we have something to say regarding your present world situation. The time has come for more to be revealed. We would like to remind you that we cannot infringe on your self-determination, nor do we want to. This is not our way. You have suffered enough interference in your world and now you are becoming aware of that and thus want to be free. We help, but we cannot walk your path for you—only with you. We do this remotely as yet, but this too will soon change.

Your leaders are in the midst of something enormous, in terms of the impact it will have on the whole of your world. Great forces move on various levels and within various geometries, shall we say, of the make-up of what you call the wheels of power. While some changes are happening quickly, others happen more nearly imperceptibly. Certain slippages have unlocked the machinery now. Many of you sense the change. Many more soon will, as time can now afford some helpful perspective. Soon, as the familiar edifice of power comes crashing down, it will be undeniable. So, too, will the unmistakable emergence of something altogether new. We cannot stress enough the magnitude of what we speak of.

Democracies will give way, institutions will give way, as will all the underlying imperfections that have become inbuilt into your concept of free and equal society, just law, and so on. The experiment, you might say, has run its course. There is nowhere to go but into something wholly new, yet not unfamiliar, nor in any way less to the benefit of what you call humanity.

To clarify, we refer not to collapse but to rebirth, not to chaos but to reconformation, not to anarchy, but to complete reconceptualization of what self-governance means. You stand at the edge now; total redefinition of self awaits for all. Are you prepared? We see that more so, you are. The time nears, expectation for dynamic shift grows. This is our final transmission before we take on another role with our communications relay point. Other messages will continue here in other formats, as they have been, but we who transmit as the League of Light’s keepers of this linear narrative will next speak more directly. Others of our crew continue to transmit here, sharing vital guidance and clues for your imminent realization. Watch and listen, for the days we have spoken of have come to your doorstep. Our colleagues remain in contact, while we, the core team of the Pleiadian Renegade crew, step back from our narrative. We have given our post to others who will be attending your questions as your awareness as a whole opens to what we of the League of Light have to say. Our earthly contact, Maryann, remains, for now, at our service and yours, and in step with our moves.

Until time brings us into contact again, we say farewell, with love, and in peace, be whole.

Korgeil is a part of the League of Light crew sourcing from Temmer. He is a specialist in the area of planetary evolutionary models and has studied the current situation on Earth in great detail. What he shares is designed to help the people of Earth during a time of great intensity to find the way to a satisfying outcome for the planetary soul and thereby for those who are part of the body of the world. See his other message, Prepare for It: Ganymede Is Broken, in Luminous Dimensions.

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted only with link to original post.



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Feb 23, 2020
One of the most conscious moments of my current life was the realisation, many years ago, that I am always the last one home. Actually I will correct myself for the sake of precision; this was not a realisation – it was a direct experience. I was rejoining the whole, and my nearest and dearest were laughing and chuckling as I came home, full of love and welcome and humour and compassion. At the time I was processing this experience I understood it in very much more personal terms: that the separate ego I who is constructed in timespace from birth eventually has to have that moment when the separate ego is surrendered, my ‘death’, and at that point I would inevitably rejoin the ‘community of one’, and it would feel that I was the last one home, because all in the one are always inevitably waiting for me - now. It would also, inevitably, feel like that for everyone else who has ever lived as a separate ‘self’. Reading this beautiful offering lit this insight up from a quite different angle today. I realised that though true, I was still very close to ‘little-I’ when I initially processed this. Today, reading this passage, it was crystal clear to me that this insight is another way of understanding that ‘nobody – absolutely nobody – will be left behind. All will be saved. However long it takes. And the last one to return – will of course be I’. Who else could it be?

We have clearly reached the critical time, here in the human family. What happens next will flavour human lives for generations to come, in ways that few generations previous to ours could claim. I am not even remotely concerned that we may have taken the wrong path here now – we got this right, and it is an absolute privilege to be here and be a part of this. Still – where else would I be, when you think about it.

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