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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

Just leaving us is the aspect of Sun opposing Saturn Virgo to Pisces at 3 50 degrees, and with Moon in Capricorn also being very “authoritarian” we are reminded that Saturn can be the "blame, punish and control" energy that we can do with less of in this world.

The Sun represents world leaders , former world leaders as well especially being in the limelight at this time and right now he is feeling this relentless authority strongly.

Others may also if you have planets or points on or near this mutable sign point in your life patterns. Its pretty much on my Sun but not quite and Im pleased its fleeting as I do feel a bit lethargic today so am assuming that along, with the approaching Full Moon in Pisces is the reason as Full Moons do draw in aspects happening near them.

While on the subject of Saturn and Gov law, Saturn rules the structure of our society but also in his hard aspects, legal law, the mandates and laws made by Govs to suit them, outside of common law or natural law that has been around since human life began began on Earth and used to be the basics of our human system.

It is Jupiter that rules common/natural law that is the power of the people and about freedom of speech, travel and health etc. This old law began to be re learned and come into force more when Jupiter was conjunct to Neptune in Pisces in April 2022 for the first time since 1856.

We know often at the time of the approach to a Full Moon feelings, reactions are quite exaggerated and aches and pains increase as the water content in the body and around the brain increases. (Virgos and Pisces take note) but others too.

As a Piscean I never found the Pisces Full Moon as extreme as other Full Moons however and my usual response to this one is to urge people to take time out in nature to relax or seek some alone time to enjoy something “healing” or creative, even some special entertainment , but a meditation retreat would be good too.

I've always found it a very helpful Full Moon and a turning point in direction and security levels, relating too, as this is also my home sign.
It will be exact in 3 days time and this is when most people begin to feel the effect or sooner as I did.

Naturally Capricorns , Virgos and Pisceans, Leo type will be feeling the pressure to perform with Saturn so strong and many others of us too as it brings a need to be at our best and do our best.
It can increase our willpower to face life head on with determination.

Im also thinking a few aches and pains could occur with this aspect along with the Full Moon effect which I am definitely experiencing after feeling fit enough to do more than usual physical work two days ago . Also Saturn is about joints and bones etc.

As this Moon approaches we can expect some contact with spirit, stronger dreams than usual which I have been having anyway for a few days, signs from nature around us, heightened intuition and sensitivity but it will be different for everyone.

Any aspects coming up will get drawn into the energy and this one will be Perigee, falling at 7 degrees 25 , very near my Sun. It will probably bring some sort of surprise even, as my natal Sun is square to Uranus so it could set off my mutable t square.

One thing I as a Piscean am happy about is that Mars is now, today, moving into Libra , out of my opposite sign where he has caused some angst while Saturn has been on my Sun for the second time this year with one more time to go, in January next year but that wont be as strong as now.

Mars in Virgo has been very assertively picky and hard on our Virgo ruled areas but he's helped us to put energy towards tidying up our lives quite a bit and take care of any unfinished business.

In Libra, which is a political sign there will be a few clashes with strong people in high places as Mars doesn’t care about blending with the crowd or working in a team – he wants to stand out to get some decisions made in a no nonsense way and he is the one planet that knows how to tilt the Libran scales to get some strong reactions, so there will be no sitting on the fence with him around in the coming weeks for Librans.

For the rest of us we should be motivated to work through the areas of our lives where we need to decide whether to be part of a team, cooperate, share etc or to take the lead ourselves , make some firm decisions about such things rather than worrying about it all and overthinking things as we would have with Mars in Virgo.

So for many of us the Full Moon will be the turning point for these matters and more.
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Jul 28, 2016
... this may explain a few things, several at least.

Insightful and appreciated, as always:vhap

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