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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand

Today is a bit like my image, the Tarot card the TOWER, but don’t panic as this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

However it is a day of unusual phenomena and/or we may hear something or see something that is totally unexpected and unusual.

This can be a global effect as it involves the life giving SUN which rules our world, the Earth and we on it.

Today the Sun and Uranus are in the exact same degree at 18 56 Taurus. I know this is true as I checked it on a chart I drew up...
Right at this moment I am writing this in fact.

The Sabian symbol for this degree (we use 19 as the planets , sun etc are always moving forward,) “A new continent rising out of the ocean.” which is very “Tower” as well as very much a Uranus effect as Uranus rules the ancient civilisation of Atlantis and there are so many parallels at this time with that time frame in our planets history, and the New age emerging, the highly advanced technology etc that Pluto is bringing alongside our consciousness rising at this time. Many people are having trouble integrating the two different energies but it WILL even out in the end.

It is saying this is just the beginning, there is much work to be done developing this into something fertile and productive. It shows the whole new field of activity finally coming to light and the enormous potential emerging.

And it also shows the sometimes shocking news and happenings in this transformation world.

For some reason today is important for all of the above so we can expect a few surprises and light bulb moments too, not to mention unusual phenomena which I myself am experiencing daily all of a sudden. (It used to be just occasionally)

Its time to seek a new outlook on our own existence which of course can bring some challenges.

Taureans will be feeling this in one way or another , as will people with planets or points around this degree, leaning more to the 19 as that’s basically the degree but there is a 2 degree orb at least with such aspects.

Other fixed signs will also experience this quite strongly as will Leos and Aquarians, Scorpios most definitely.

IF people are feeling extra stress from the changes today, don’t forget to take Magnesium as this will also work on your etheric field, the only mineral that does, as well as your adrenals, stomach too for those with a reactive nervous tummy.

The Moon is in Capricorn which is at least stabilising and a good thing for Capricorns to get their act together if they need to…

I have not mentioned yet that Venus is now happily in Cancer, still out of bounds however which she will be for a while. So if anyone is wondering why Librans and Taureans are acting a bit more weird or different to usual then this is why, although both signs should be feeling the need for more security and a revamp of their home and family life maybe. This is bound to have a twist with that OOB motion.

For all of us Venus OOB does bring some rebellion, maybe social awkwardness, or different reactions than usual, OR a need to hide away from people, strange experiences which actually blends well with todays Sun/Uranus aspect.

Remember that any OOB planet is a formula of- "planet + Uranus energies" which gives us a basic idea of OOB action.

Venus in Cancer for the coming weeks is going to give this sign more love and attention even if they don’t want some of it! They will have some very interesting experiences in the love and care department in fact, especially seeing that in about a week Jupiter will be in a friendly sign to theirs encouraging more social times and adventures…

In the meantime people, with a close to the earth, Perigee Moon tomorrow adding some power to todays strong energies, you can expected the unexpected and be prepared to get out of a rut if you fell into one. (Although I don’t see how with all going on around us).
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