1. Laron

    Info Copyright Information — Images, Text & Videos

    We have two threads covering copyright which are pinned (stuck to the top) of the board, Help, Announcements, News & Events, which I am going to link to below. When exploring your creativity online, it's important to be educated about how copyright works, not only because most people are...
  2. Laron

    Reverse Image Search Websites & Copyright Online

    laron submitted a new article. Reverse Image Search Websites & Copyright Online Reverse image search engines are extremely helpful to locate images online, especially if you want to use one, as after all, everything is copyrighted unless otherwise specified. If you can find the...
  3. Laron

    Help me find a picture for Bernie's Unspun News

    I haven't asked Bernie about this yet, so he may go with another image, however, I need to tell him soon that from this weekend he has to have a picture in each release of his daily Unspun's on, because when the new site goes live, each article has to have some kind of image...