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We have two threads covering copyright which are pinned (stuck to the top) of the board, Help, Announcements, News & Events, which I am going to link to below.

When exploring your creativity online, it's important to be educated about how copyright works, not only because most people are breaching copyright with what they do online, but also because what you create should be protected, or at least given the proper licence to encourage others to use your creation in some way if that is what you wish.

Image Copyright

Under the thread, Image Copyright: Can I use that Picture?, I have a large infographic that is helpful in working out if you can include an image you have found in whatever it is you are doing, such as sharing a picture you love, including an image in a quote or article you have written, etc. The general rule is that everything is copyrighted, so you have to always get permission, or use an image that has the correct licence, such as being in the public domain or a creative commons licence — the exception being fair use.

As editor of, and from looking after the forum here, I have to be really careful with copyright, so I have done my best to teach myself about it, otherwise I am liable for what another person does on my site, because I own the site. This means I have to also do my best to make sure other people are aware.

Text Copyright

When it comes to the written word, the same situation applies as above, everything is under copyright however, it's a little bit more lenient in my opinion — I think the reason why are two things: one is that there is a lot more text online, so the is less chance of someone coming along and suing you, claiming damages for loss of profit. What tends to happen is that you will get a take down or infringement notice first, and I have received these as I've made mistakes, which is easy to do.

The second is that phtoos and original artwork can be used by their creators to make money, if someone is selling a print or original, or using their services for published work, like a novel, magazine or anything. An image can be worth a lot of money in this regard.

Linda has a great thread up about text copyright on the Help, Announcements, News & Events board here, Quoting from another author and Fair Use.

For me, the most difficult aspect of copyright is fair use, as this is an area which can be easily misunderstood and abused, so it's really the main thing to focus on if you want to get your head around the issue of copyright.

YouTube (Video copyright example)

This is something many people don't understand, how copyright works with videos. I think YouTube is a good example as this would likely cover other video sites like,
I received a take down notice for an article I wrote last year, which had an embedded video from YouTube. The funny thing is, I was in the right, and they were in the wrong, so I didn't have to take it down. The person that contacted me was from the actual organisation that owned the YouTube channel which I embedded the video from.

When you upload a video on YouTube, you set the licence based on the settings you set when doing this. If you allow embedding, that means the embed option will appear when right clicking on the video, allowing people to share your video by embedding it on their site, or anywhere, like on the forum here.

Here is my response back to them:

Hi xxx,

That video is embedded from your YouTube channel: xxx

This means there is no copyright infringement.

If a video is uploaded on YouTube with the embed option turned on for the public, that means anyone has the legal right to embed the video on their site(s).

You can learn more about this under the terms of service on YouTube here, The TOS clearly states that the owner of the video grants anyone a limited license to embed the video simply by leaving the embed option on (which is part of the functionality of the youTube Service).

If that is not your YouTube channel, then please let me know. Also, if you plan to disable the embed option, then I believe that will automatically disable the display of videos on all sites, including the article from xxx on my site, so that would resolve your copyright issue automatically without having to contact anyone.

Either way, I'm also happy to just edit that article of xxx's and provide a link and remove the embedded video, but based on the above, the licence conditions legally allow the sharing of the video in that way, if of course that YouTube channel is your channel and not a video which has been illegally shared on another channel.

Kind regards,

I never received a reply, but I did notice the video was deleted and it was no longer being displayed on the article in question.

Otherwise people are free to just link to a video on YouTube, just like they are always free to link to an image, or text, no matter what the copyright is.

I hope all this information has helped you!
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