1. Glo

    October Message From P'TAAH: Old Christian Teachings

    Hi Everyone, hope all is well in your world today and everyday! Below is the message from P'TAAH channeled by Jani King. A gal from Australia that has spent most of her life pronouncing the words of an entity named P'TAAH who explains the way of things in the reality of being...... This...
  2. Moonseal

    My Experience at Regina Meredith's Workshop June 22-24, 2017

    Hi everybody. I went to Sedona in June and attended a 3 day Regina Meredith workshop. She has just started doing these and the focus is really about sharing her accumulated knowledge and assisting others in finding their own history inside themselves. I found it incredibly valuable and also...
  3. Sinera

    Kurt Leland — Teacher and Author (OBE, Psychic / Spiritual Development)

    Since I just today posted sth on Robert Bruce's AD forum about his brandnew book because Kurt was a member there and we have some 'fans' of him (including me) I thought I might make a short introduction thread about him here too. I am really lucky that during my early active and 'wild' years...