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  1. Henda

    Return to Spiritual Order

    See the English translation below as the message came in French first ! This is the second truly abstract message from my Wave Trees and I feel they are connected to the new waves coming ahead Retour à un nouvel ordre spirituel Les lumière de la temporalité s’ouvrent dans la conscience...
  2. Henda

    World of The Seven Pillars : Wave Tree July 3-4, 2019

    This time I was guided to draw a seven pointed star and just let my gut guide me as usual. The shapes were becoming more and more complex and I felt its energy coming from so faraway lands. My latest artworks have been all around sacred geometry and the art of discovering the secrets of our DNA...
  3. Henda

    Wave Tree of The Ancient Worlds: An Artwork For The Full Moon

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  4. Henda

    Diving Into The latest Wave of Ascension

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  5. Henda

    The Golden Gate of The Heart January 30-February 6 2018

    Paths are clearing, new lands of peaceful lights are coming through the heart, as a Golden Gate of the Heart has open Dear ones ! We are guided through a very intense but deep process of awakening, as our souls are healing deeply, we are held in the arms of mother father / masculine feminine...
  6. Henda

    The Wave Tree of Peace and Harmony

    Brought by the Pleiadians, Lyrians and Antarians Councils of the Light . These eyes are theirs watching over Gaia and all living creatures.
  7. Henda

    The Dreaming Bird : The New Oak Tree, Released July 31, 2017

    The creature came on the new Wave Tree I have been drawing since the last few days. It is made of green purplish yellowish golden blue feathers and huge wings opening to reach the infinite from both sides of the tree. Atlantis is over it in a huge pyramid made of feathers, leaves and...