World of The Seven Pillars : Wave Tree July 3-4, 2019 (1 Viewer)

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This time I was guided to draw a seven pointed star and just let my gut guide me as usual. The shapes were becoming more and more complex and I felt its energy coming from so faraway lands. My latest artworks have been all around sacred geometry and the art of discovering the secrets of our DNA, as the human DNA is made of this same energy.
As usual, I never know the name of my Wave Tree at the beginning of the artwork. It's a process of liberation from information that is stored in me during my night astral travels. When I feel the need to draw a Wave Tree it's a sign that I have been witnessing new things, new realms and that I came back with information. This one is about a place in the angelic realms.
After drawing it, I travelled again and witnessed a world with pillars just like a huge skyscraper with many levels.
In the Angelic Realms, worlds may show up to you.
Each one has pillars as open gates to your multidimensional soul and inner space
Archangels stand in each pillar :

Metatron in the North
Raphael and Sandalphon in the South
Michael and Ariel in the East
Cassiel and Gabriel in the Ouest

The message of this gigantic universe

You exude the time when giants were living in the World of Seven Pillars !
Those were angelic giants of a very old epoch when from the light all could be created as by magic
The world is made of healing vibrations you can feel if you connect to this place
Codes of light and wisdom comes in
Those are treasures of your soul who came here to surrender to a plane where your heart is aching from the separateness with your inner and true self !
Feel the giant in you !
Guiding your steps through your journey to manifest itself into your divine art
As you speak your truth and surrender to your journey, you see the pictures of your beautiful creations
In bringing back the knowledge of intuition rising up in inner guidance, you become holder of the secrets of life beyond all lives you have lived
Your journey is about discovering new realms that have been hidden from the human consciousness for so long...
Many are still behind a veil of uncertainty ! Those are bound to strengthen their intuition
That’s why they find it very easy to stay there where they are !
To unblock the inner knowledge stored in self, each human experience is the journey to the soul... which is based on an intuitive experience of each other, each world, each vibration of the heart, and each shaking information even if it really comes to change your whole life, your body and the spirit you are in reality.
As the light flows in between the seven pillars, your heart opens to receive its blessings from within your soul in a high dimension, only few can really understand !
Give yourself permission to enter and see your inner light shine like never before !

Message of The Wave Tree
Channeled tonight July 4, 2019 by
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