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Astral Projection: Out of Body Experiences in Parallel Lives — Information And Tips (2/2)

Discussion in 'Articles from the Front Page' started by Henda, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Henda

    Henda Multidimensional Healer & writer Staff Member Board Moderator

    Henda submitted a new article.

    Astral Projection: Out of Body Experiences in Parallel Lives — Information And Tips (2/2)
    Introduction to Astral Projection

    Astral Projection, Out of body Experiences and parallel lives

    Astral projection, out of body experiences and traveling in parallel lives are tools for spiritual growth, exploring mediumship and clairvoyance, viewing future events of your life and seeing past lives. It can also be a way in learning from incarnations in parallel worlds.

    Actually diving deeper into astral projection would connect us to the souls of passed family and friends, and helps us understand the true secret of the connections we have with people and beings around us.

    Out of body experiences are a tool to discover our true nature and why we choose to incarnate on Earth. It may lead us to connect to...
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