Astral Projection: Out of Body Experiences in Parallel Lives — Information And Tips (2/2)

Astral projection may lead you to visit parallel lives, parallel dimensions, parallel worlds. You may see future events. All is given to you for learning !


Introduction to Astral Projection 

Astral Projection, Out of body Experiences and parallel lives 

Astral projection, out of body experiences and traveling in parallel lives are tools for spiritual growth, exploring mediumship and clairvoyance, viewing future events of your life and seeing past lives. It can also be a way in learning from incarnations in parallel worlds.

Actually diving deeper into astral projection would connect us to the souls of passed family and friends, and helps us understand the true secret of the connections we have with people and beings around us.

Out of body experiences are a tool to discover our true nature and why we choose to incarnate on Earth. It may lead us to connect to our parallel lives.

Here is part one of this article if you missed it. (Information And Tips on Astral Projection)

1-Astral Projection: A Tool To Spiritual Learning & Growth 

Astral projection happens most of the time when we are sleeping. Astral projection may look similar to lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is also a way to reach out to other dimensions, we can create a new reality within with our subconscious mind. It includes many symbols and messages we need to decipher. Out of body experiences are ways to interact with different parts of us, we can create inside of it new perspectives and learn how to change our current reality.

Visiting parallel lives is a tool to a better understanding of our soul mission and to evolve on our journey.

In his book The Astral Codex, Belsebuub points out that astral projection is meant to dive easier in different dimensions and deepen our spiritual learning and growth:

« There’s so much more to learn than you can get from having simple astral experiences, and so much knowledge to discover. Being in the astral plane is a way to get a certain level of knowledge, but if you don’t become an initiate of the spiritual path, you will never get advanced knowledge or wisdom. You will only get incipient, basic, and often inaccurate information, and will have to muddle your way through a complex web of experiences that you have little way of understanding.»

In fact, this is the main and most important thing to know about out of body experiences.

Astral projection and out of body experiences are given to us to understand our multidimensional reality and bring a knowledge that is already waiting to unfold in us. The only way to access it, is to be ready for it. Travelling parallel worlds is also a tool to access our multidimensionality. In travelling in our parallel lives we understand why we are here and why we choose to incarnate as a divided soul. We can also discover other dimensions and realities that are a key to our ascension. Our experiences are not the same because we are all different.

Belzebuub states:

Out-of-body experiences are the means to travel to other dimensions where there are different realms in which other forms of life exist. These other dimensions are where we come from before we were born and where we return to after death. We also visit them every time we dream. They are the source of the supernatural, and in them are found the origins of the religions and myths that have been passed down to us through the passage of time. Beyond the dimensions is the source of our origin as consciousness and the destination of enlightenment. By traveling out of the body we can know of the purpose to life, and how to use it wisely. We can follow the steps to enlightenment, gain immense knowledge and spiritual experience, and can contact other beings. If you do acquire some of this knowledge, help yourself in your personal spiritual awakening, but use it to help others, and contribute to the good of individuals, society, and humanity; nothing exists in isolation and we are all part of the same source. » 

Talking, writing and reading about our astral projections and out of body experiences, help us on both individual and collective levels. We can be shown many ways for learning as much as we are conscious of it. We can also show the way to others and help them on their journey into discovering their soul mission.

Many parallel worlds exist for real. Many astral projections can lead us to see other planes and even hell. I have been seeing through my third eye lower frequency planes where souls are enslaved and tortured. I was witnessing this through tunnels and pyramids in other planets.

Here is an article by Angela Pritchard about this topic

Hell is not like religions describes it. It is a low dimension where souls are errants because they cannot go to upper dimensions at their death. Everyone goes where his heart leads him.

In leaning more about these lower planes we learn how to avoid them when time to leave this life comes. But we also help those who are in lower planes to reach higher dimensions. As a soul carrier I have been helping many souls from fiends and family members who passed few years ago.

2 – Astral Projection and Insights on a future event 

Projecting on the astral planes help us in developing impressive psychic abilities. We can have, during an out of body experience, visions of future events and help to act accordingly to what is coming in our lives.

It always includes different symbols and places. For example, the place my friend lost her bag during the out of body experience (mentioned below in more detail) in Tunisia, near my father’s work, and I was younger then in that physical dimension.

Childhood takes you where you have been born. Much information is stuck there. It is the place where all begins in your life. Information is stored in the quantum field. Childhood is also innocence and purity and it goes with the idea of helping unconditionally.

That’s why I was seeing myself in the place I spent most of my childhood between the age of 5 and 12.

Thus we may see ourselves as physical beings during the projection — we are behaving on astral and on an energetic level. Our physical shape, the worlds we travel in, and the messages we receive, are part of what we are supposed to understand on a multidimensional level. They allow us to see our different lives in different dimensions and planes.

  • Healing Relationship Issues 

During an astral projection one of my friends lost her bag. I was trying to help her find the person who stole it from her.

When I woke up, I was very surprised. The scene showed all her other friends, but no one could hep her. I was the only one to help because I knew who stole it.

When I knew she lost her bag in this world, I realized the implication of that event and understood that it had to happen in the future and in the physical. I understood that it was given to me to learn from it. Sometimes it is better to keep things for ourselves because it is the better way to create peace.

This friend is located here in France, and I know her from the swimming pool and the gym club. She is one of the people that helped me on a spiritual level when my personal life was a mess few years ago, in 2012.

  •  Helpers can become abusers 

Some of the people who help you, on a spiritual level, become controllers and manipulators. They may keep you in a low vibration.

Some people come into your life to help you for a moment, but then as they become more intrusive than helpers, as you are not also allowed to help them as they helped you, in a conscious or an unconscious way, you need to step back and cut cords, because they can no more help you, but abuse you.

We all need help in our journey. But it has to be done in harmony and freedom. It also has to be done with the respect to the freedom and free willing of the persons.

When a helper is acting from ego, the spiritual evolutionary process of healing the person who is in need of help, and even of the helper himself, starts to slow.

Ego creates blocages. Helping out of ego is putting the person on her path and letting her walk along that path in harmony with her spirit. We are not all equal on our journey, we have different ways to walk the divine path of love and connection to our soul. We have to stay open and loving.

Out of body experiences are a way to understand these issues and to take care of oneself. It help us understand how to connect to others and how to help them.

  • Connecting to the Soul

Our soul is our first guide because it knows so much about us than we would imagine it. When we are out of our physical body, the soul is immersed in our astral body and is the driver, the healer and the guide.

The soul can show up in a bubble of a white light just near us. I can see it on my left side, on the astral plane or during meditation when I am in a high vibrational state. The soul is a traveller, even though out of the physical, it is always connected to us.

Relationship issues are karma lessons. They are given to understand how to behave when we are on our journey: karma always gives us the tools to evolve. And that is why in relationships it happens in same way.

I ended up understanding the true meaning of that astral projection: it was about healing that relationship. It has been on astral because it needed to be done on another plane opening us to more peace. It happened for real. I kept the information secret even when the event took place here in this plane.

Since that out of body experience, the old feeling of negative energies I used to have before disappeared. I now feel that so much work has been done since that day in learning from my own relationships issues.

Few time later,  I met them again on astral and a conversation about what we have been through took place. We discussed many of the problems we had with each other and we promised to be forgiving and compassionate.

After these astral projections, I felt relief and the energy exchange between us changed in this reality. It was pure and cleared. Something happened and healing occurred.

I had many of these astral projections and still experience some of them. Healing is part of these adventures.

2-Receiving Information about incarnating in Parallel worlds 

A-Discovering Reality as Multidimensional

This may sound uninteresting as we feel we are present just in one reality. But reality is multidimensional and so is the soul. Here is one of the articles where I relate to astral projection in parallel lives:

When seeing other parallel lives, during out of body experiences, you are gaining remembrance of these realities, you are in more than one plane according to what you firstly choose to be in your current incarnation. You are living multiple lives in multiple planes.

During and out of body experience, you can also create a new life virtually as many times as you want. The multiverse is an infinite energy of creation. Do it and you will experience much happiness.

When you astral project you discover that in these different planes, your soul is divided and it will push you to do very specific tasks in every place you choose to incarnate in.

Divided souls are ambitious souls, and many of them have incarnated on earth. It has direct connection with the current shift in consciousness. Creating a world is not hard to do. It is on that same principal that virtual reality exists for real. We are living in a reality that we create by ourselves. Once we know that and understand it very clearly, we begin to notice change in our lives and how we are infinite beings with infinite potentials !

If you are not able to see it now it will come at the right timing. You just need to let go and it will take place in your life.

Once you see this and integrate it, you understand by the way the true meaning of life on Earth. But amongst all, that you have many existences which allow you to grow faster on a spiritual level, and also to connect and communicate with these other parts of you. The more you face challenges and the more you evolve.

You can ask to go back in one of the worlds you choose to incarnate because you are guided to do so. There is something to achieve in there and you have to do it. In doing this, you connect with another piece of your soul.

  • What does this mean ?

It means that when we leave the spiritual realm to incarnate physically we carry only a section or part of our soul. The strongest part stays in the spirit realm which allows us to connect to it and to those from our family members who passed before us. If we choose to divide our soul, then we can connect to all the other parts in all other realities and worlds.

When we see ourselves in many worlds, we are given the choice to heal and learn from these incarnations. We may have the same issues here and there with little variations. We may heal there and that makes us heal here.

So working on a multidimensional level is what we are doing every day when we sleep and experience astral projection.

I have many times seen members of my family ( father, mother, sisters and brothers or cousins and my son and daughter) in different realms. Sometimes they have different statues in these other realms. We may have different contracts with them, to heal past karma from past incarnations.

  • On June 3, 2017, I was in a parallel life with a friend of mine here in France. In this world she never studied at University.

In that world, we are students at the same university and living in a campus city. We have our rooms etc… the only difference for me is that I was with my daughter who was little (about 2/3 years old).

I took my daughter with me to say goodbye to my friend. She was going back home for the weekend.

We looked outside the window from my appartement, and my daughter asked me to take her for a walk in a forest near a road going down to the ocean. I took her there telling that she will connect to birds and fish. The trees were so big and high, and the place was very quiet.

That was the second time I meet that friend of mine in that world. The first time I was in my home. I was with my parents and she came. My daughter is younger than in this reality I mean in France. I noticed with my friend that my mother was hiding packs of sweets from us. This part was quiet hilarious.

At a moment, we drove in a city with winding roads, to find ourselves facing a high cliff that we could not cross with the car.

So we began climbing the cliff walking on that red-brown soil. This trip happened after an out of body experience in a vibrational world filled with multicoloured bubbles of light. They could change shapes and become like tree trunks. They would become bigger or little as they would like.

This was my first meeting with the High Council a group of benevolent light beings helping us during this shift.

The second meeting happened few weeks later but I was alone. During that astral projection, I was with few people I never met in this life. We were climbing a huge steep mountain. Once we arrived at the top of it, we were given boxes. I was given a red box. I heard them saying kindly to me ” you have been through challenges most of your life, this is your gift to help you !” I took the box and left the council. I was sent back in my physical at that moment.

B-What Happens When We Die ?

When we die in this plane, we can find ourselves in another world or another physical incarnation, because our souls choose to join there before contracting another physical life.

The divided soul reaches progressively the other physical incarnations. That is why we can experience these astral projections to parallel worlds. They are being shown to us by our souls, so that we have the opportunity to understand what is happening to us.

You already know it ! You just need to be more conscious of it. You can anyway choose to go back to the spiritual realm if that part of your soul needs healing. All the information related to the divided soul is given to you as you step more and more through your multidimensionality. The soul leads you to recognize the different parts of you.

Here is an article I found on the internet which explains very well the theory of parallel worlds / lives you may have.

As a divided soul, I have been experiencing these astral projections during all my life and was only fully conscious of it the last four years. It can be hard to understand and to connect to them. But it is very possible and easy once we get more and more involved consciously.

So here is one of these out of body experiences I had. But it is a very special and amazing one, because I traveled from one reality to another during the astral projection itself.

I have experienced doubled and even more astral projections during the splitting off of my physical body. I am also sure that the other parts of me are connecting to me from parallel lives.

3-Strange peregrinations on Astral

A life as a researcher : An astral projection in many parallel worlds

Few weeks ago, in the morning I felt my physical body becoming cold and heard like a wind blowing in my ears mixed with kids cries. But this was very quick as my astral body left quicker. I many times don’t notice this stage of the process. Sometimes It does happen especially in the morning when I wake up and then go back to sleep.

  • Astral Travel 1: First Vortex with family members

I was with my two kids. It was rainy outside. I was waiting for them to come back home. But from there, I had another astral travel. I arrived in a cave with a chair I heard “sit on that chair !” and I did. Once on the chair I was sent to another place and plane where I was with my aunt waiting for the bus, but then it was also so rainy there and we had to leave that bus station to find a shelter.

Fortunately, a friend of her was living just near by that bus station and we went there. My clothes were all wet and she helped me to dry them. I heard my kids calling me. At that moment, my aunts’ friend gave me back my clothes dried. But as I finished wearing them, I was sent to my physical here. I woke up for a moment but then could not stay awake for so long, I was sent back to sleep again for half an hour and during this sleep time I astral travelled again.

  • Second Astral Travel: Second Vortex with a soul mate from another parallel world

I was in a building in a parallel world and I felt I knew that place. It is somewhere I have been before on astral but it is not in this reality. It sounded like another world I am living in, like having another life incarnated on physical.

I am younger than here anyway. I had to meet a woman and a kid who was not mine. I talked to the woman about a work we were doing at that place, it sounded like a University or a research center.

As it was the end of the day I had to leave, but before leaving, I took a shower. A cleaning lady saw me there and told me to leave because they are closing the building. I left.

Once outside, I met a black young man ( about 18/20) called Stephen who knows me. He called me “Hey ! Henda ! Where have you been ? I wanted to follow you in the vortex we opened but you closed it before I could do !”

I felt crazy at that moment and asked him how he knew me. He said that we are school friends and very close, working on a secret project. I laughed !

I asked him where I was. At that moment, as we were in front of the building where I had that out of body experience, Stephen entered the research center by another vortex and I could not follow him. This happened on April 9, 2017.

I travelled to that parallel life again on June 13, 2017. I was back there and was doing research on things I cannot remember it has something to do with the sun and the flowers. Then I remember going to that huge bath room to take my daily shower after work. When entering under the water, I was sent back here in my physical.

I learned from that out of body experiences that the sun is a gate to parallel worlds. In that world Stephen and me we are using the sun to create vortexes to travel the different dimensions of the multiverse. In each planet of the solar system there are different dimensions connected to the Sun and do it is on Earth. I know I have a soul mate in a parallel world who i can meet when both of us are ready for it.

  • Third Astral Travel : Back To the Second Vortex 

On April 10, 2017, I was back in that reality but surrounded with students. I live in a studio near by the University. I knew I was teaching and living far from my home. So the University provides me with that appartement to live in while I am there.

I was with a young student who was helping me because I did not know the place. I was sent there for teaching during a little period of time. The student was a woman with long brown hair and brown eyes. I never knew her before, even here. ( When I say here I relate to my present existence in France now).

I know in that world, I am younger. So if I die here, I may ask to reach that parallel reality and join that part of my divided soul.

We can ask to go in another world where we already visited, or come back to the spirit realm and then join another of these multiple incarnations on physical.

I received  a channeled message about this topic few weeks ago, and will post it in another article very soon.

B-An Out of Body Experience in a Futuristic Planet

I left my physical abruptly this time. It happened on May 26, 2017. I was in a beach and the sand was doing high dunes.

The sand was a mixing of white and black seeds. I walked on the seaside along a way, I was alone. The sea was high and immense.  It was higher than me different from Earth’s sea. We can enter it as if you enter a wall during an astral projection.

There is a city near by with many people. I left a crowded place to spend some quiet time alone, and that is why I was on that beach.

It was a futuristic city where the metros were lifted above the ground and all was giant. It looked like those cities shown in science fi films. I crossed the city in one of the metros to reach the beach.

Once there, I had the feeling to be in a very usual place. A city where I am living actually as a being from there.

The first time I went there on astral, a friend I never known before was with me, so I thought it could be someone I know from there, in that planet. We were together.

During the second astral projection I had there I was alone, and it was night time very quickly. There are times in that planet where nights come quicker than usual and it is connected to the Sun and sea energies. The sea knows high tides and it becomes higher than usual. Like a wall facing you. There was a little white cabin for fisherman and boats, and I entered there to find a shelter and may be a helper. I entered and the light was on.

A men-like creature with a beige coat was standing there, he was not human but looked kind. So I asked him to help me leave that place and he did. I just walked along a doorway in the other side of the cabin and was back in my physical here.

When asking about that parallel life I had the information that I actually have another life there not as human but a being from that planet which is part of another solar system. All I can say is that I was there two times this year.

We can actually live in different planets and be in different physical shapes. Our bodies are only hosts of our soul. Every planet offers a physical shape to the soul who choose to incarnate in it. We are for sure many in this case on Earth.

C-In a Crystal world

I was living in a house near a forest and also worked from there. My work / mission was to clear the crystals. In every house in the city and planet there are crystals to do many things: healing, providing electrical energy and other energies for flowers and trees. I remember being in that house. Another woman who worked there before me, killed a being because he was no more good for the planet.

The owner of that house asked me to take the place of the female  who left as she was very violent and does not care for animals and trees.

Many crystals were on the roof of houses and all constructions. They were in huge boxes made of glass. We can enter the boxes all along the roofs and walk inside of them to clean the crystals and charge them with energy healing flowing from our hands. That was my work on the plane. I remember taking them and just passing my right hand on them, I was watching the clearing energy flowing in them from my hands.

Crystals are not gems or stones, they connect these houses to other worlds and realms, open portals to parallel worlds and lives, heal, clean our bodies and teach us a hidden knowledge.

I also remember talking to the flowers and felines different from those on Earth. When I was back in my physical here, my hands were burning, I grabbed my crystal quartz to help myself.

At that moment, I was back there very fast. I saw that woman killing an animal and the owner of the house telling her to leave.

I have been feeding a cat and still do, who is always outside, but I know she has a daddy or mum.

I saw her during this astral projection, she was with me. I understood that she took me to the planet where we are having a parallel life both of us. She also knows I am a channeler of crystalline energy for healing. That is why she came in my life here where I live now. As we are also from that other plane she wanted me to know it and came during my out of body experience. She wanted me to know it !

Anyway, the most amazing information is that cats are keepers of the crystal world and crystalline energy coming from higher dimensions. They have a very strong connection to trees because they are also channelers of that same energy.

I think the purpose of this astral projection is to have these precious information about crystals and crystalline energy.

Cats and trees are part of the shift and we have to protect them.


Learning from astral travels to parallel lives and all out of body experiences is a way to connect to our souls.

Out of Body Experiences have so much to tell us, so much to discover and learn from. You only need to put the intent to see a parallel live, if you feel drawn to it, and it will happen.

Visiting parallel lives is an amazing experience. Once you are involved in a conscious way, you can connect with the magic we all are able to see.

Astral projection may take you so much of your time because it happens very early in the morning ! Si if you can go back to sleep after waking up at 5 am, you will for sure have fun !

Be there and stay open and watch the infinity of who you are showing up in many planes as you discover realities you ignored till then.

Here is links to my first article about astral projection. I feel all began with it:

Here are videos from Dolores Cannon where she also talks about astral projecting in parallel lives as a reality and part of who we are.

For those who need help in astral projection, I can with the healing sessions I give. Many of those I have been healing the last months have been improving their connection to the astral world. Many were astral travelling and few of them met me on astral. I will post another article about these peregrinations with Ben Woodhead and John Helios. Some others know how I have been helping them through astral projection in healing their karma too, and sending them to magical places where they met few of my dragons and other helpers like Merlin the Magician. We are having such great times with the current shift and I am thankful to Laron my friend who is helping me so much and allowing all this to happen.

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