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Remote Group Healing — Solar Plexus Chakra | Weekend of the 15th of April, 2017 (transients.info)


Boundless Creation
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Hi, Anaeika :)

I'm not sure where you are. Here in Virginia, the pollen counts went off the normal scale of "Low/Medium/High/Very High". They had to revamp it and add an "Outrageous" and "Insane" and "Just hold your breath til May!" ratings. :ROFL::-))

My session yesterday was short, but I was immediately overwhelmed with intuitive impressions and sensations. Let me just say, that ear infection is annoying! I feel for you! I found it much more annoying than painful, and immediately wanted it gone. I felt a watery fullness in my ear (oddly the right ear instead of the left... I don't get that). I heard a lot of popping/clicking pressure sounds, and wanted to cough in that "post-nasal drip" way, where you cough once, and then 60 seconds later, cough again, and so on, thanks to the Eustachian tube draining and irritating the throat. If you haven't experienced vertigo from this, you're fortunate! I wouldn't do anything where balance is critical for the next few days...no skiing or bicycling or such. I do believe Chloraseptic Spray might help relieve part of your symptoms while the antibiotics do their thing. Hopefully, in 7 to 10 days, this infection will just be an unpleasant memory. I will keep sending you healing during that period, most likely again tomorrow afternoon (about 5:00 or 6:00pm here).

For me, antibiotics cause an over-abundance of yeast, and fungi, especially the former. Fortunately, there are quick working OTC remedies available. I say no more. :)

I did feel very dry... dehydrated, probably due to the antibiotic. I picked up something "digestive", but I don't know what it was (sorry). It had a genetic feel to it, but it could have been just a side-effect of the antibiotics.

Many blessings my friend. I will being praying for swift recovery and relief. :)
Yes, exactly! Thank you so much.


Boundless Creation
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Anaeika, you didn't specify what ear for the infection, but I will assume it's your left. The emotional link for the left ear can be the following: Feeling that what you have to say is not important, and not worth hearing or listening to. Spending time around people who judge and criicize you. Criticizing yourself.

Generally speaking, issues with years have the following emotional connections: Blocking what you don't want to hear. Not listening to your own guidance and wisdom. Holding on to anger, frustration, blame, guilt, resentment. Mishearing or misunderstanding people. Refusal to change your mind or broaden your perspective. Feeling out of balance, dizzy, unaware, unnerved.

When it comes to loss of hearing, it can be about not liking what you are hearing. Overwhelmed by the negative. Blocking your years. Constantly saying, or thinking, I don't want to hear it. Feeling rejected and rejecting others. Feeling like a victim. Thinking that what you say or communicate is not important and that people don't want to hear you say or communicate is not important and that people don't want to hear you. Being stubborn, inflexible, or controlling.

Read through all of that and see how anything fits into your current situation. Contact me if you want to go through a process for self healing, in terms of dealing directly with the possible emotional causes so you can greatly assist the healing process.
Yes, it is the left ear. Thank you, Laron. Hmm...will need to think about this.

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