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Psychic Chinese Children Teleportation Experiments From 1981

Discussion in 'Articles from the Front Page' started by Sinera, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Sinera

    Sinera Visiting Paragon Staff Member Moderator

    Sinera submitted a new article.

    Psychic Chinese Children Teleportation Experiments From 1981
    I came across this military/scientific report many years ago and had it bookmarked, as well as downloaded in pdf format. It's now almost 13 years old since publishing. However, the experiments reach back to the 80's. I stumbled across it again in a recent article and went to the source to see that it still exists on the net, see links below.

    In regards to the topic of 'disclosure' of the paranormal — including, but not only UFOs — by 'semi-official' bodies, we can bear in mind that this one here is not a kind of conspiracy, or somewhat alternative website, but really an organisation of renowned scientists who in part also work, and...
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