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Moonlight Gardens

Discussion in 'Homesteading, Horticulture, Permaculture, Prepping' started by Linda, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Linda

    Linda Sweetheart of the Rodeo Staff Member Global Moderator Administrator Board Moderator

    I was watching our local gardening show, and the topic was plants that look wonderful in the moonlight, as well as smell great. The speaker noted that most of us are gone during the day, so why not plant things that we can enjoy at night. I never thought about it in this way and am intrigued. I do have a night blooming orchid cactus that produces big flowers with the most intoxicating scent. If it was bottled as a perfume, I would buy it!!

    I live in central Texas, so heat and drought tolerant are the watch words for us. Also, we get only a few really cold days, so these suggestions might not work for everyone; however, many work well as potted plants. In general, variegated leaves and white blooms yield the best effects. At the very least, I thought it would give you all something new to think about.

    Cyclamen with white blooms

    Dusty Miller

    Alyssum - sweet alyssum has a wonderful scent

    Moonflower - relative of Morning Glory - some people plant vines together for purple flowers in the day and white flowers at night

    Hymenocallis (Peruvian Daffodil) - lovely fragrance

    Four o'clocks - flowers with a variety of colors that open in late afternoon

    Lady of the Night - night blooming orchid that is tough and easy to grow

    Culinary sage - fuzzy leaves look nice at night

    Artemisia and Silver Thyme - also look nice in moonlight.
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  2. Krena

    Krena Embracing Mystery, Mostly Retired Moderator

    Well, my climate won't support most of the wonderful suggestions, but I love the night planning.
    I also love the idea of a white garden.
    A friend of mine used to do this....so stunning in design.
    Thank you!

    I have a huge amount of wisteria (which can grow like crazy), and I can tell you that has more fragrance in the evening.
    I have the purple variety, but I bet the white variety would be great for the evening.

    I am a bit surprised at Dusty Miller, as I don't remember them flowering or having any fragrance, though they do show up more in the evening.

    Oh, I do wish we could grow orchids.
    We have them indoors only.
    My husband just bought some cyclamen for us, but they are red....so far no fragrance.
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  3. Linda

    Linda Sweetheart of the Rodeo Staff Member Global Moderator Administrator Board Moderator

    I don't think all of them have a scent, just the ones I noted.
    You might have success with that orchid because the speaker kept it outside, which means it has to be tough.
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  4. Krena

    Krena Embracing Mystery, Mostly Retired Moderator

    Thank you for the correction, as my imagination had drifted to an old desire of a garden filled with different fragrances. We bought our home when the wisteria was in ultra-fragrant bloom, and it was more than a little persuader: an intoxicating message from the universe.

    Not sure Massachusetts climate can support an outdoor orchid even in summer, but I will look into it.
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