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Still asking that eternal question, "Who am I?", and Plaeidean is starting to look likely. What to do from here?
Laron wrote on Josh's profile.
Welcome to RT!
Tania wrote on Laron's profile.
I really got to get out/of /away from Facebook - it's just too nuts and even the good people seem mad - definetly the micro version of the universe is speeding up it's expansion - still being a social animal im reaching out - That's why i was on - because anything can happen and we can make new connections - but there's just too much noise ...na mean
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Happy Birthday!
Welcome all new members. Let me know if you have any questions about using the board. I encourage you to post & create your own threads. There is an about me section where you can write about you, your interests, & gifts. Love meeting new people. Xoxo
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Happy Birthday schootre!
I wanted to let everyone know my 2nd book is in publication now called Metaphysical Revelations: Information on the Dawning of a New Age. It is set to hit the market on 11/11/18. My publisher Zach with Kahuna Research Group is working on the cover design now. My book is about the evolution of information on important subject matter contained within World Consciousness. Sean
Hey you guys! Sean McCleary here. I haven't used the roundtable forum very much, but I wanted to say thank you to the people who like my articles, and to my friend Laron for supporting my work. My consciousness has been affected by the shift in a very powerful way and I have developed a very powerful insight into the nature of evolutionary development for Earth and the Cosmos. Sean