You're Crossing the Rainbow Bridge to Eternity: Latest Channels for Ascension and the New Earth (1 Viewer)

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Henda submitted a new article.

You're Crossing the Rainbow Bridge to Eternity: Latest Channels for Ascension and the New Earth
Channels of The New Wave February-March 2018

Happy Equinox!

I thought of posting in one article the latest channels I have been receiving during the last month and the first weeks of March 2018.

This was a period of a great change for many and we are still bathing in this energy as a huge shift has begun and was intensifying with the moon cycles.

I also had the privilege to draw the new earth splitting off of the old one with an amazing Vespa Pisces which relates to Euclide's mathematical theory.

But this time the shape was more complex as in the original one.

New earth is complex because of the crystalline energy it is made of. Crystalline energy is made of light key codes that change shapes and in intensity and frequency. As it is sent in little...
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Jan 8, 2017
Thank you Henda! As I said before I see your drawings as two-dimension representations of three-dimension objects (even though the last drawing seems to have a four-dimension aspect that I can't grasp yet). The first drawing, at the bottom of your article seems to have a small diamond outside small pyramids while the one above I perceive a diamond inside a big pyramid with a plane intersecting the diamond transmuting its colors into golden light. Energetic to say the least.


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Aug 28, 2016
The up and down arrows with the equal sign remind me of a recent post from Psychic Lynn. She says that when these energies come in contact with you, to either send them up or down; direction does not matter as they are both equal.


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Jul 28, 2016
I just noticed that there is a part of each pic that resonates with/connects it with the other<3
(top portion)

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