Your Political Compass (Make A Personal Test And Get A Certificate!) :-) (1 Viewer)

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Aug 12, 2016
Since we have also the Personality Types (Briggs, Keirsey) in this 'Consciousness Exploration & Spiritual Development' forum I have put it here.
Mods, feel free to put it elsewhere if more appropriate there.

Please note this is a FUN exercise and should not be taken too literally. The test certainly isn't perfect, neither are the limited categories and the 'score' and the questions (some are quite limiting and not easy to answer but that is always the case with multiple choice).

Anyway, you can get a beautiful pdf 'certificate' for your results.

I was surprised to find out I am as it seems a "Left Libertarian" after all. :nail
Didn't know this possibility even existed. OMG. o_O

If you feel like it do the test that does not take long and upload the certificate or with a screen picture as I did in this thread.

Or if you cannot make pictures and upload them just tell us your score (mine is -6 and -4.87) and quadrant you 'occupy'.

Here is the link with the test to check out where you 'stand' politically, economically, socially, philosophically, etc.:

My result (all 4 methods of showing):

Link (each numerical result has a page it seems):

Economic Left/Right: -6.0
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.87

Results web page with score:

PDF-Certificate with your chosen name (options are given on the website) and comparisons to 'celebs':

So how are you doing here?

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Jul 20, 2016
in same quadrant as you but more central in each measure.

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