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Jul 19, 2016
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I posted this on my Facebook wall and so far I have had some great responses, with a few I will include below as examples of what people have come up with so far. Here is my original post on FB below (indented). Feel free to submit any of your own ideas on this thread!

A serious open question: With like minded folk (people who resonate with each other) forming a group with intentions to each contribute, what would you consider to be the most important project, complex or simple, to focus on and achieve in our consciousness changing world? The project may be a single venture (one person), a small group or a large one. To expand further, one example would be a person finding their passion and then creating a project that may need funding and an income to complete and/or continue to run long term, which would morph into a business / company / organization / non-profit. A person may find they can then leave their day job, to move into such a project which more fully fulfills their life purpose, or at least compliments it. Feel free to throw your ideas out and don't stop at just one if you have multiple! Let's see what manifests! With these types of goals, they usually relate to helping others and fitting into the state of things right now; in terms of innovation, new technologies and thinking, greater scientific understandings and acceptance of metaphysical concepts, technology advances, but are likely promoting and supporting healthier ways of obtaining end goals — ideally with a model that can can easily adjust as the future continues to dramatically change on a consciousness level. Teaching different methods of growing organic home gardens, of all different designs, to be self sufficient, could be an idea.
Anna said: "This is what have kept going in my mind latest weeks.

The background to the growth of my idea is My old students from Syria. We discussed a lot how we can support People in Syria as for example red Cross in Sweden is a free organisation collecting a lot of money but transferred to Syria red Cross which is not a free org meaning we could actually support something bad with our money when we think we do something Good.

So i thought about how to create something out of what i already do in the artistic field and at at same time start a fund for supporting People in need and as a thought out of your discussion there could be a Network where is discussed what to do with money and how to make sure the money Will support what was meant to. It doesnt have to be just sending money but Also something where we are more involved and involves people to participate who are "outside" society.

There could be One big Network for the total purpose but then specific groups in Line with special interests a bit like the roundtable. The group could have a projekt together where a percent age of what they sell is donated to their specific project.

These ideas are to be polished, just thinking strait out for now."

Penne said: "I have had in mind for many years now, and have slowly been working towards, the building of community in 3 ways:
1. Through the development of a place for people to come and just be, to interact, without judgement but with respect. I have conjured an idea over a decade ago for this place to be created and recreated monthly by artists and members of the community. To be painted and drawn over the walls, furniture, installations etc, to garden or cook or simply spend time then each month it would be painted anew for it all to happen over again. A bit like a Tibetan mandala. The place would also offer learning of life skills in a fun and interactive way. In this way we teach the man to fish, we build moral and relationships as well as community spirit.

2. A community for living. This is a development I am working on to build a community of tiny and midi homes (slightly bigger than tiny homes to accomodate families inc furry babies) with communal areas, permaculture and with evofriendly minimal impact on the beautiful world we live in. It would be more than a place of shelter, it would be a place to truly live. Communal farming (vegan) with animals for love and permacultural value. Holistic health centre. There is more to this idea but I'm struggling with the words today.

3. An online community where all beings are supported, thos who can also donate time, energy and whatever wares they can to others in need. Freecycling, upcycling, repurposing, an extension of both afforementioned ideas into the online world to share the physical with the virtual. The spiritual and communal in the virtual. Replacing all these things we humans have lost along the way.

I am but one and have struggled to bring these ideas to fruition, a rarely share the concepts but feel you query today, Laron, is a message for me that it is time."
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Jul 28, 2016
I've felt very drawn to an idea similar to #2, above, for quite some time now.

I'd love to purchase a few acres in a beautiful, natural, riverside setting. In addition to having my home there, I'd love to share part of it in the form of a small park or "retreat".

I imagine the park being very organic and blending seamlessly with nature. It would have lots of walking paths, expansive lawns, sheltered sitting areas for people to sit and chat (or meditate), expansive gardens, and a little coffee/tea house that would serve baked goods and produce from local farms (and an on-site community garden).

A really big pond, a playground for kids, a petting zoo, and a dog park would top things off nicely, I think. I'd love to see it become a local gathering place for special events too--where we could feature live music, yoga or fitness classes, art shows, wine-tasting, and even have community campfires when the weather gets chilly.

The overall "vibe" should be of closeness with nature and each other, health and vitality, and overall enjoyment of life!
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