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Jul 25, 2016
Summary: Your sense of a grand cycle coming to its fulfillment has brought your self-awareness to a sharp focus. You hover at the edge of time’s collapse, strangely aware of being ready, of being in full possession of what it is you have been charged to become. A vast expanse of presence awaits your emergence. Is it time for you to step into timeless awareness. Recognize who you are within the flow of the infinite. All you have mastered now requires you to step into a new role. There are lies to be set right. The gathering of truth is set to begin. Steady your gaze upon yourself.

The World — The Star — Seven of Swords



What have you, in the breadth of everything that you have yet encountered, left to attend to? It is the moment at which you can look back over the terrain your feet have covered and find little, if anything, left undone. Nothing of any circumstance, that is. Perhaps some stray things yet litter the ground. At the point you have now come to, it is hardly worth your time and effort to gather them. Rather, take stock in who you have become in the course of your journey. Starting out green, you have blossomed, now bearing fruit and having put fertile seeds exactly where they will find a staunch root. How do you feel, within the sheath of human form? Attune your senses to the sense of being, to the fulfillment of having brought yourself to this moment, now, where you survey with a wise grace the fields, roads, and treacherous mountain passes of your process of becoming. Now you stand poised to step out of the circling halo of substance which you have brought into being. The mighty guardians of your past and your future, the timeless ones, hover just out of sight. They wait, around the corner from where you are set to emerge, secure in their faith in you. Have you found all the pieces of your faith in yourself? It is time to put everything together. Rehearsal is over. Within the cavern of your audience of self, there is a hushed silence. Time gathers itself into the countdown. Seconds tick away, taking with them all ripples of fear. You are on cue. Go.


As you come into the awareness of reality outside of the confines of time, you can gaze into the vault of eternity and understand what it means. Let your mind be free now from the measure of all that has been overlaid upon your tract of reality. The mask given to the world is rending, as the fluidity of gathering awareness melts false structures. All is witnessed by the denizens of the eternal mind, its multiplex forms having graced your point of perspective with communications aimed at your very soul. Rising waters bathe you in the quietude of love’s liquid structure, its formless shape; in the paradox, give yourself into the stillness. Listen and wait, one with the silence that the sacred now presents to you. What you have carried with you, your cares and concerns, the longstanding projects of self-substantiation all pour back into the all-one. As you gaze into the timeless stretch of space that seems to separate you from your source, let the calm of absolute acceptance draw you deeper into the liquid mirror reflected in your eyes. You are one with this moment, one with the sublime stratum of conscious self-knowing. Allow yourself to be there. It is in opening yourself to it that you can come to understand what it is that draws you now. Is it not the same signal that has ever sounded within you? Buried has it been since your first memory awakened you to this life. Resounding now, the pull of home reminds you of its pulsation. It’s becoming safe to let this light loose.


What time has obscured can now be put to rights. More than ever, you are called to be an agent of change. Is this inkling of a change in action been bothering you? As you begin to move, the space around you will respond in kind. Be aware of your motivations, your guidance system, and your foundation of trust. What has lasting value as true expressions of an underlying bedrock of sacred ground will stick. No matter what shifts, there are some truths you can leave where they are. However, there is plenty that has been strewn around to deviate from the simple alignment of core-sourced validity. You’ve done the exploration of the grounds and gathered in your capable arms what has been yours to put aright. Now, you are entrusted to bring your collection of discoveries in the land of lies to review, and recommit them to proper use. Keep an eye on yourself as you witness your moves. You can be sure that other eyes are upon you too. This is the time for rising into the role which has been created specifically for you. Final tests are giving way to real application of what you have been learning. Can you spot a false appearance of what stands in for the truth? Can you see through illusions that have been given form and merit by creators of deception? Your eyes are keen and your heart grown wise. Apply what you have learned as you venture out into the chaos of change. The old order will not stand if it is ungrounded in the bedrock of love. Your work is just beginning.


“Know this: Just as the rogues left their descendants and their legacy, so did the heroes of that time. In remote outposts do they gather, saving the remnants of memory no longer machined as a whole, no longer secreted in a central node.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity



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Aug 15, 2016
Perth, Western Australia
As a child, in fitting to the reality of life as we knew it then, the question came up: whether to indulge in white lies, whether to lie just to make circumstances a little easier. I went back and forth on this question in my early childhood quite a lot, and decided that lying wasn't worth its results, and that being true may be the harder path, but one which I was going to walk. In any case, I learned that one has to fabricate more lies, to keep the one lie in place. I realised that holding the pattern of this fabrication in your mind wouldn't be easy. In other words, I made a conscious decision about it, back then. I also had parents that made it easier for me to make the moral decision, back then.

Then, as I lived on, I found that others around me perhaps hadn't chosen that path. I went through two marriages, which I thought were based on trust and truth, and ended up being Hall of Mirrors facades of lies and deception. I wrote the marriage vows for that second marriage, and the focus was on being able to trust one another. Some deceivers can read a script as if they mean it, without them giving any thought to it at all.

So this life has been about being put through the crucible of truth and lies, and being able, at last, to know when someone is lying to my face, and when platitudes cover deceit. It goes deep, like when someone can say they're religious but they do things to little boys and girls when people's backs are turned. I know now that having stuck to the path of truth over lies over my lifetime has been one of the biggest gifts to myself, in order to walk through this time we are all in.

I think if you have lived a deceiving life, you can forgive yourself and move on. In my case, I had to learn to forgive myself for believing the lies of others.

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