Wow...Synchronicities are AWESOME!!!!!! (1 Viewer)

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Jul 28, 2016
USA I was just listening to a QHHT session being conducted by Alba Weinman (here) and the subject was talking about the New Earth and how our experience of earth has been controlled for so long. At the same time, I was rolling through some articles posted to my blog reader.

One can just imagine my amazement when, at the very moment the subject was discussing our moon and stating that it is an artificial construct and was brought here, I scrolled up to find a blog post (here) that featured this photo:

LOL!!! I mean SERIOUSLY...what are the odds?

Isn't synchronicity just AWESOME???
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I lead a OBE Group and we regularly pick targets to go check out. We've done the Moon a lot.

It's got multiple species of bi-ped races on it, massive underground habitations, and big antenna on the surface, a planetarium, theatres showing footage from public cameras and intersections and so much more. Not sure if it's artificial or not, but it's certainly populated and the inside honeycombed with passages/habitations/work areas/labs/wharehouses/utilities etc!
It actually looks like it was once connected to another planet of an advanced race and got pulled out of its trajectory and drawn into our field and the inhabitants got marooned along with some others from wrecked space crafts and what have-you over the millennia, some areas seem to be research stations only in which beings are assigned there on rotation. There's even Earth humans up there working with the other races. All beings we've met so far seem to be there by choice now.


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Jul 28, 2016
When one hears about possible life scenarios on the Moon (and Mars and other places) where humans are involved, I wonder if they do anything fun, other than work, work, work? For instance, do they have camel races on the moon?

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Ya surely they must have a hockey league, LOL :):-D:ROFL::-)) They gotta do something in their off time maybe travel here for the sights in cloaked UFO's freaking out the locals. Astral travel maybe? Interesting....


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Aug 12, 2016
David Icke hypothesized it is used for control by the ... well, PTB-guys who do the control system (aliens or not) only. But as usual his interpretation is a solely negative one which I do not always subscribe to.


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Jul 20, 2016
maybe travel here for the sights in cloaked UFO's freaking out the locals.
Years ago, we saw the movie, Signs, and my husband said it was silly because beings with such an aversion to water surely would not come to this planet. My reply was - think of a bunch of teenagers taking the keys to dad's spaceship, bringing cases of beer, and going on a joy ride.

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