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Hello my friends,

I want to share with you an integrative therapy that I am developing based on healing work that for years I have been doing for myself, with the assistance of my own higher self, my twin flame, my two close soulmates in spirit form, also the beautiful company of my friends family who have supported me especially since last year and a few other resources.

For years I sought for help during very harsh times and unfortunately I realized that at that time in many networks many people were not given proper assistance, especially young ones, including myself. I wish that back then there was a site like this one, and mostly people with professional experience to help me and others. I came across the "wrong people" who fractured my soul even further. That was also the case for my twin flame. Fortunately when we cannot rely on outer resources that much in spite of how traumatized we can be, the inner light and the light of Source is always guiding us in one way or another. It has been a real miracle to be able to come this far in spite of times in which I was literally on the brink of death. When one cannot have the money to pay for healing sessions with others or simply one cannot come across people like many of you who can give assistance to others and one is in much need for constant counseling then I realized that a constant healing practice through an extensive program can be useful. A therapy for very traumatized souls can last up to many years and not everyone can have access to one on a constant basis.

Another thing that I realized is that much of the soul retrieval, shamanism and other healing practices lack proper guidance. Some people are so broken that they really need another person to guide them frequently. Not everyone is unblocked enough to have a constant communication with the multidimensional self or to other guides. Then what to do if also people really need resources and to open up to spirit? Healing involves a series of steps and many topics must be addressed to align once again to the full potential of the soul.

In my own case even after years of soul retrieval practices and all kinds of meditations in solitude, I could not access a lot of trauma and balance my inner polarities. I am still working heavily on this to overcome disease that stems from trauma at soul level from many timelines.

However, a very important step was to come across a book on psychotherapy that did not include spirituality at all or ascension literature. A book on pure raw therapy procedures to heal very broken women helped me tremendously to compliment all previous work done through regression, meditation and soul retrieval exercises. What was fascinating was to discover that psycotherapists who follow the scientific method for their research concluded over years of extensive work that practices like soul retrieval work wonderful but they do not call it as such. They do use some terms like the term "integration of aspects of the self" for example. The end result of reading the whole procedure that psychotherapists use was that I was able to apply this procedure with the assistance of my soul sister in spirit form emulating sessions in which she would listen to me while I opened up to deep wounds, being that I could not have access to a therapist in physical or online. It was a very unique experience and one that I still apply with her as part of her soul also resides in dense realms and she is herself going through her own healing process on the other side.

Something very interesting that I could see in this book is that many psychotherapists have been very successful in treating their patients without any spiritual notion, without mediumship or knowledge of dynamics of the ethers. But naturally there are some gaps in such therapies precisely because it does not include the side of spirit to comprehend much about the realms of trauma. But one of the strengths of such therapies is the tremendous degree of compassion used by them unlike many spiritual healers who are very harsh towards the shadow self, which makes psychotherapy a very successful practice if it is done correctly and with the proper ethics from the side of the therapist. Not all healers lack compassion to treat wounded people but frequently I see too much harshness in the handling of the shadow self or what they call the ego because they themselves are harsh towards themselves.

I am currently applying these methods with my twin flame and so far they are working very well.

For now, this is the outline for the whole therapy which is already very descriptive in itself.

Enjoy and thank you all very much for all the work that each one of you does everyday and a special thanks to Laron for creating this wonderful space and all the work he does.


1. The basics of energy dynamics.

Perhaps the usual way to begin a soul retrieval is to start establishing a positive connection to positive beings in the ethers including mostly aspects of our own soul (multidimensionality) and then to understand the dynamics in the lower dimensions, the realms of hell where people see the traumas as scenes and bad experiences with negative entities. Negative entities being in many cases the negative energy of trauma of our karmic connections or our very own energies that are not integrated into our aura, which include past life aspects. (Those are then the basic exercises, like learning how to move energies, chakras, telepathic connection, healing just by talking to beings, seeing beings in many forms, aspects of ourselves...etc.) However, this is only the way of the shaman, because for people who do not have open higher chakras or have an interest in spiritual practices, the typical psycotherapeutic counseling would be needed, which is more about visualization and working with feelings with constant guidance from another person until the person can do it for himself/herself, for this, the individual has to go directly to step 2. Step 2 also applies for urgent cases .

2. Addressing progressively typical family problems that had a negative impact since childhood. We learned how to work through them with the typical soul retrieval although it is so not unusual that many things keep coming up all the time because a lot of trauma since childhood needs to be constantly reviewed depending on the level of trauma. (At this point we might be handling things separately, like working with a relative, or many relatives but not yet linking things with other timelines and other ancient families from past lives).

The symptoms on a mental, emotional and physical level become evident as we work through them and current challenges remind us of how sometimes we are treated like how we were treated as children or later stages in life. Feelings of not having a home, alienation, loneliness, speech problems, lack of trust, feeling that we are not safe...etc, are common symptoms. In psychotherapy people are taught to reconnect to those traumatized parts without using any concepts like being a starseed or not belonging to Earth or being an angelic soul because the root causes come simply from not having had the proper nurturing since childhood and in many cases such therapies have been very successful for many people who are not open to spiritual realms or other wordly origins. However, over time, for many people like myself, as I have progressed through my own healing both with issues experienced in this lifetime and other lifetimes, accessing wounds from ancient times before coming to Earth can be worked through if it is in the best interest of the individual. Not everyone needs this kind of work though. It very much depends which is the reason why this program is very flexible and adds steps depending on the needs.

Soul retrieval/psychotherapy methods can include:

-Exercises in which we can work with our own aspects, or the fundamental energy of our soul, like the Divine Mother or Divine Father, depending on gender for self nurturing, confidence, self love, balancing of inner masculine and feminine polarities. These higher level energies or dimensions of consciousness assist in helping that part of us that is like a broken child. We are the broken child from this perspective and it is the first step before working with specific traumas.

- Exercises in which we are the Divine Mother or the Divine Father and we hold in our arms the broken aspects of our soul that are like scared children. It is the opposite perspective of the previous one. The order does not have to be like this, both can work well.

-Specific exercises to work through blocked emotional energy related to traumatic experiences, connecting with energies of relatives, through integration/healing/removal, traumas are worked through.

3. Progressing through the waves of experience with ancestral family or families. The individual might already be aware of other individuals who were very close to his/her soul in other timelines and memories, dreams, and longings that are recurrent, but there is no apparent connection with point 2, so, for this, the exercises done in point 2 will help connect to the traumas that were first played among these soul mates. There is no definite demarcation as to how many individuals make up an ancestral family, but beings like Kryon have mentioned this original order.

Ancestral connections might be close members of a soul family, meaning people that are very close to each other vibrationally speaking and that at this time might not even know each other in physical or have met through long distance relationships. Other times these soulmates are reunited in physical but the connection is very hard to handle.

Why do I say that soul family members can example of ancestral connection? Because in some cases soul family members belonged to the same families, as blood relatives and at this time not everyone has the same members of a soul family as blood relatives anymore. This kind of karma can be very difficult. I say this from experience!!!!

How is this connected to point 2? Most people cannot recall past lives with clarity regarding individuals in ancestral family scenarios because previous timelines were extremely brutal and the programming was too heavy. In ancient times, thoughts were expressed as actions in the way of impulses like violence. This is one of the reasons why many individuals are kept apart from each other by long distances, while others it is just about working with the energies of a specific region or with the current family and many of these members cannot meet at this time in physical. This is not a generalization though but in some cases this notion applies. This is also a reason why many do feel apparently eternally alienated, disconnected, lonely...etc.

Soul retrieval methods: these ones include the much more advanced and specific exercises, which at some point require deep recognition of ancestral connections seen both from the highest dimensional levels of consciousness and the lowest dimensional levels of consciousness having understood the astral/etheric dynamics to work through specific topics.

-Time traveling, which include exercises in which conscious regression is done without complete hypnosis but instead there is full consciousness to be able to handle memories and change outcomes or scenarios, decisions...etc.

At this point, the individual can interact consciously with the energies of those lost soulmates but a degree of courage is required to go through many of the traumas and accept the guidance that the aspects of soulmates in ether can provide, as well as one's own aspects, no matter how negative they appear although it can be a very pleasant experience to work with them. Listening with an open heart is the key.

- Lowering and stabilizing vibration to reach safely the realms of trauma, regulating it to a level in which the individual can work through severe trauma. Learning to control fully the kundalini energy is part of the process in some cases.

-Pulling method: in cases in which it is simply not possible to change anything in our consciousness through conscious interaction in regression or imagery and the event or trauma has to be fully accepted, you literally pull your aspects in moments of different timelines back inside yourself, to bring back that part of you from the traumatic scene or event. This one also applies to daily life when one is taken over by anger, part of you is not fully integrated or is touching your aura, so you pull this part and integrate it fully and feel huge rushes of energy and other symptoms, and anger disappears, the healing can last for hours, literally.

4. Assimilating sessions to connect points 2 and 3. After gaining further understanding of the themes played with ancestral connections, one can understand more the current family dynamics as mirrors of the past. The first time I read about this years ago came from Jelaila Starr who wrote a lot about the codependency of the Annunaki/archangelic family and how it is all replayed in our current families.

Additional exercises: going back to specific traumas in this lifetime, not only with family but also friends, colleges, etc....will help you access ancient timelines with ancient soulmates and help you understand how current connections are mirrors of the original players.

5. Atlantean-Orionic mind control technologies: so much fear coming from visions or astral experiences of abductions, implants, androids and other robotic technologies, mental, emotional and physical torture, subconscious programs with screens, recordings, super soldiers, do not come from literally having entities doing this in the now moment (it is a paradox because everything in ether collapses in the now moment) but instead they are traumatic memories being retrieved since Atlantean times and way back from Orion although if Atlantean ones are healed, one does not have to worry about what happened in Orion or other star systems. In Atlantis, tech was too sophisticated in the areas of control and thousands of individuals were programmed since then, while others were programmed since WW1. I personally experienced so much heavy programming in Atlantis to the point of recalling each one of those methods!!!

6. Black magic: it was very common in ancient times. Understanding much about it and how it has impact on people over lifetimes is useful when either we were victims of it or we practiced it.

5. Astrology (optional but highly recommended): an occult astrologer calculated a chart for me in which he mentions very specific things that I brought forth from Atlantis, Egypt, Sumeria and the Dark ages has been of such help since 2010. I have seen a few charts from other connections and they are so accurate. It can give lots of good insights about areas that need a lot of healing.

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