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Jul 25, 2016
rashad_t20_AvrPrK.jpgYour world has come through a series of adjustments to the mechanics of social structure.

No voices have made a total overt change of direction. Rather, a multitude of voices have found choral resonance with others, and other choral strains have found harmonic relativity among them. Dissonant strains become less relevant to the unfolding chorus of humanity finding a common voice while speaking in various ways of the truth.

Have you found your voice yet? Has your breath welled up from the space of your heart with the bold power love provides from within? Are you able to find the threads of common resonance, if not around, then within the numinous assembly of non-corporeal intelligence that surrounds your world now?

You are a voice carrying the natural light of wisdom which flows through the lineage of repercussive identities, ancestors, and oversoul orchestrators of your experience. As no one else possesses your voice, it is uniquely your own, therefore precious among all voices you may hear.

We of the League of Light encourage you to listen to your voice, to become familiar with its impulsed cadence, its tone and lilt. Give your voice your attention and the power of your breath freely and without apology to the impression of identity that you may yet carry.

A song is rising from your world with the power to reshape the destiny once held up for it to mirror to itself. Raise your frequency to shatter the image of projected general degradation. Your true path lay beyond the image it holds. Your true path needs your presence, your appearance. Demand of yourself the most adored persona, your core identity as a soul embodied, the thread of divine love within the weave of reality.

If you feel your voice shake, relax and release, and feel your breath fill you with oneness with All That Is. Feel the breath of humanity preparing to announce its arrival on the path it has chosen long ago. With one voice, let the song rise.


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