Why You Should Talk To Strangers? | Kio Stark, Author of 'When Strangers Meet' (1 Viewer)

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Why You Should Talk To Strangers | Kio Stark, Author of 'When Strangers Meet'

Why should we talk to strangers if all it’s going to be about is small talk, such as what the weather has been like or who won the latest sports game? “What we mean when we say those things is… ‘I see you there’”, Kio Stark explains.

Stark, author of When Strangers Meet, talks to strangers on purpose and began documenting her discussions around seven years ago. She wanted to figure out the deeper meaning around why people talk to strangers.She found something beautiful and poetic was going on. “There were unexpected pleasures. They were genuine emotional connections. They were liberating moments,” she says.

In many parts of the world we are taught to understand that we can’t trust strangers, but Stark explains most strangers aren’t...
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