Why the Monkey pox microorganism has shown back up in the population. (1 Viewer)

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Jun 20, 2018
*My work is being submitted out into the scientific community on a global level on the Shift in Consciousness, the Paradigm Shift and the Quantum Shift. The model crisis in the scientific community as discussed in the Paradigm Shift model is beginning to happen. This is because I'm introducing very powerful and specific details about the evolution of consciousness, matter, energy, pressure and eternal love in space and time into human consciousness. The crisis won't last that long because my consciousness is evolving and I'm going to become personally involved with the scientific community and the United States government on this matter. That situation is very real and I'm ready now to make my introduction. I'm really waiting on them now but it will take a little while longer; probably within the next 6 to 8 months as the evolution of consciousness and eternal love surpasses the current understanding of the laws of physics. This process is rapidly approaching now and soon the population of life will begin noticing very significant changes.*

I just recently completed an article on why the Toxoplasma Gondii microorganism causes the perception of being more attractive. The study and findings were published recently in the media from the University of Turku. You can find this material on my Facebook page under Sean McCleary Naples Florida and I just posted the article on Roundtable. My page is public information and accessible by anyone. If you can review the information I sent on the Toxoplasma Gondii you will understand what I'm going to explain about the Monkey pox virus. The process of the Quantum Shift, the Paradigm Shift and the Shift in Consciousness is rapidly approaching now. This evolutionary activity and process is very real I assure you all. My consciousness began evolving in 2011 with the Shift and I can explain everything about what has happened to me. My I.Q. is extremely high right now because my Pineal gland was affected by this process. What happened to me was a very, very powerful experience and involves physiological, biological, physiological and spiritual advancement. What your going to review in this explanation is not fantastical or theory. I can explain a great deal of information right now about what's happening with the evolution of life in Earth's environment.
There is a lot of different activity happening in the population of human beings right now that I can explain. Human beings did evolve out of a particular species of primates and Charles Darwin's theory of evolution was correct. But, there were also other influences involved with the evolution of the human race. The Holy Spirit introduced DNA into the existence of the universe. This also has to do with the activity contained within the Higgs field. When I mention the Holy Spirit, I'm referring to complete, unconditional and eternal love in the most powerful and divine way for Earth and all life forms in Earth's environment. Earth has a very powerful consciousness and is a life form as well. Earth's consciousness and Universal Consciousness are evolving and advancing very quickly now. Universal Consciousness is a life form and soon the scientific community will understand this entirely. If you review the previous information on the Toxoplasma Gondii microorganism you will understand what I'm referring to with this subject matter. Earth's consciousness and the Milky Way galaxy are evolving into the activity contained within the Whirlpool galaxy which is commonly referred to as Heaven. Because consciousness introduced the evolution and existence of DNA it means that DNA transferred into this certain species of primates from very ancient civilizations that existed here a very long time ago that archaeological records have a difficult time explaining.
God was involved with Earth's evolutionary activity, development and advancement as well. This is where the term "God's and Goddesses" come from in the human race. When I mention God, I'm only referring to complete, unconditional and eternal love for Earth and all life in Earth's environment also. There are very specific reasons that the Bible and religion were introduced into human consciousness the way they were and I can explain this information as well. There is no Armageddon, Nuclear war, or destructive activity like some people have thought; that cannot happen here because the Holy Spirit's consciousness is evolving here now. Earth is undergoing a very powerful spiritual awakening and advancement. Soon the beginning stages of this process will be introduced into living organisms on a global level. Because Homo sapiens evolved out of primates and the human race is going to advance with the Shift in Consciousness what's happening is the Monkey pox microorganism has presented itself as a form of resistance to evolution and this process. I don't believe that this virus will spread throughout the population as a pandemic because the Holy Spirit is evolving here now with the evolution of eternal love. The Higgs field is evolving and advancing, and the Whirlpool galaxy is evolving into the Milky Way galaxy through Universal Consciousness as well. There is also antibiotics and treatment available. Let me show you something. This comes from Ministry Today.

Among the functions ascribed to the Spirit in the Paraclete passages are the following: teaching (John 14:26), reminding of everything that Jesus said when He was here (v. 26), and guiding into all the truth, announcing the things that are to come (16:13). The Spirit speaks; hears (16:13); glorifies (v. 14); testifies (15:26); and convicts concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment (16:8). The Spirit also has been described as “another Paraclete” (14:16), who comes to take Jesus’ place (16:7), suggesting not only that Jesus Himself was a Paraclete to the disciples, but also that the Spirit would perform a role similar to the role of Jesus, with the difference that His presence should be even more appreciated than that of Jesus Himself.

The human race didn't understand exactly what Jesus meant when he told his disciples that the Holy Spirit was coming to Earth and remind everyone of what Jesus represented. What he represented is complete, unconditional and eternal love for Earth and all life in Earth's environment. The Bible was written correctly but the human race hasn't understood the evolution of consciousness and I can also explain why human beings haven't understood, seen, felt or detected the element, existence and evolution of consciousness happening in Earth's environment. Once again, if you have reviewed the previous information or go to my Facebook page, you'll all easily understand this information. I will give you some examples of resistance to evolution presenting itself in the population of human beings. The coronavirus is one example. The shortage of infant formula is another because this formula contains synthetics and infants will no longer be ingesting these types of chemicals soon with the evolution of consciousness, matter, energy, pressure and eternal love in Earth's environment. The Roe vs. Wade situation. There is an increase in abortion ban because women won't need to go through this procedure anymore in the near future because eternal love and eternal life will be evolving here with this process. People currently don't understand why this opposition is contained within human consciousness and it's an emergence of evolution happening in human consciousness associated with this process. Every woman that has gone through this procedure; the unborn fetus evolves directly into the Higgs field and evolves into the Whirlpool galaxy. This happens because the identity of the individual has already been established with the evolution of consciousness in space and time. I fully understand a woman's right to choose and I just observe activity in the human race and deliver the truth in reference to the evolution of consciousness, matter, energy, pressure and eternal love in existence. I have a lot more information to share and my consciousness is rapidly evolving and advancing with the Shift in Consciousness as well. My consciousness began evolving in 2011 and now is getting very powerful. Soon the proof of my evolution here will be presented in the population of life and every living organism in Earth's environment will begin advancing in a very powerful, wonderful and exciting way. This is about the introduction of World Peace as well. There is nothing to fear I promise. What would be terrifying is if everything remained the same and this wasn't happening, but it is and everything will begin changing soon. I'm the proof that this is happening and soon the biological and physiological advancement of my body will begin.
Love, Sean McCleary.
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