Why Most of Us Have Been Cut Off from Our Spiritual Nature (1 Viewer)

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Oct 18, 2016
transients.info submitted a new article.

Why Most of Us Have Been Cut Off from Our Spiritual Nature
By Carla, guest writer for transients.info

Whether you are capable of tuning into the more subtle changes in energy occurring in the universe or not, it is relatively easy to understand we are going through a unique period in human history. Turmoil defines our age, and it seems we are facing countless threats to our existence, from war and hunger to climate change and resource depletion. While these issues are certainly deserving of our attention, focusing all our efforts on their resolution is setting our sights on the wrong targets.

The abandonment of spirituality by most of the world (especially the “West”), has brought on an existential crisis the likes of which we have never been seen before. By rejecting the idea that humans are children of nature, subject to the energy...
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