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Jun 20, 2018
Hello Roundtable Friends! I have some wonderful information to share with you all concerning the Shift in Consciousness and Earth's evolutionary advancement. I explain in this short paragraph why human DNA maintains a double helix shape and there's nobody else in the world that knows information like this right now. The reason I understand this is because my consciousness is evolving rapidly now with the Shift in Consciousness due to my Pineal gland becoming activated in 2011. It's taken almost 11 years of evolutionary advancement with myself and Earth's consciousness and now my intellect is getting very powerful. I'm sending this information out to the top scientific institutions and academic departments that study genetics and I've contacted some of the major newspapers. I can also explain how the big bang happened, what creates spin and an axis in subatomic particles and where the origin of gravity comes from in consciousness, time and space. My work is a continuation of Nikola Tesla's work on frequency, energy and vibration and Thomas Kuhn's work on the Paradigm Shift. Soon science on a global level won't be concerned anymore about where creation came from but where creation is heading into the future. Life will begin going through very powerful changes very soon and Earth will evolve into a Brave New World. Here is the information on the shape of human DNA.
Sean McCleary.

Human DNA contains a double helix shape. There is a very simple explanation for this occurrence with evolution. This happens because DNA is created by the evolution of subatomic and atomic activity during conception with the reproductive process. Subatomic particles contain spin and with my work on the Quantum Shift I understand what creates spin and an axis in subatomic particles. The double helix shape originates from the spin contained within subatomic activity. On this quantum level the degree of pressure is so powerful that ladder type rungs had to form within the molecular structure in order to provide stability for the structure of the molecular development itself. Subatomic particles spin, atoms spin and Earth rotates on it's axis. As life evolves into Earth's environment due to this type of force it generates a coil in the molecular development. It's similar to a wound up spring on this level and this is due to the amount of pressure that's involved on this level in order to sustain life. The double helix shape comes from spin in subatomic particles. The reason I understand information like this is because my DNA is evolving with the process of the Shift in Consciousness. My Pineal gland became affected by this activity in 2011 and now my consciousness is in a very powerful state of affairs. If you've ever seen the movie Phenomenon with John Travolta it's similar to this but a lot more powerful. Thank you,
Sean McCleary.

*Any DNA that maintains a different shape is due to a different species of life that established certain characteristics with evolution and some variables apply according to the regulation and exchange of energy and pressure on this level with evolutionary activity.*
Thank you, Sean.


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Jul 20, 2016
Thanks, Sean. Tesla seems to be at the crux of the ideas from a few people right now. It feels as though he and his work came at time to either spring up forward or at least plant the seeds for later.

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