Where Troy Once Stood: The Mystery of Homer's Iliad & Odyssey Revealed (1 Viewer)

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Jul 28, 2016


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Jul 19, 2016
I went to "Troy" in Turkey and was frankly bored with it. Now perhaps I know why.

So this is saying that Troy is in England?

I have bookmarked the article....for deeper consideration and to perhaps purchase the book. It is very tantalizing Pucksterguy. Thank you.


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Jul 20, 2016
I bookmarked this article, too. You know, we've got quite a few people from the UK on this forum - perhaps they could make some site visits!!

I just love these - "everything you thought you knew is wrong" articles - so much to consider.

Kevin C

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Jul 27, 2016
Thanks for the article.
This actually makes more sense than our history books or the Iliad/Odyssey.
Now we have cruises that take the entire Med in a week.
And I am supposed to believe that Odysseus took years to make a short trip on a sail boat in the eastern Med, where generally speaking, there is relatively little violent weather?
Now suppose "Troy" was in England. I can see how Odysseus could takes months, maybe years, due to the violent weather
patterns in the north Atlantic/Arctic Oceans, just to sail back to Greece.
Getting shipwrecked often and having to spend years rebuilding ships just to sail - well, that's not quite as exciting a story, lol.............

On a grander scale, this theory lends credence to the Atlantis myth - how the survivors of the Atlantis flood disaster (either "Noah's flood", overpowered crystal weapon that destroyed the island, some ancient nuclear device, etc.) spread out across the Atlantic itself. The myths, religions, languages, customs, and even DNA - match between civilizations and races in Egypt, north Africa, Europe, east South America, Central America, and parts of North America.
Part of the Atlantean Hall of Records is "supposedly" hidden under one of the Syphinxes in Egypt.

But nobody dares to mention this, or is silenced, since it is anathema to scripted western civilization history.


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Jan 10, 2019
Very Interesting article. Too bad the books are sold out, have to check if second hands are affordable.

This article makes me think of two other books:
  • the golden tread of time (http://www.crichtonmiller.com/thread_of_time.php) which describes the Celtic cross as a measuring device for angles and thus makes navigation at sea possible. Thus literally "the cross shows the way" :-D. The old celtic crosses also have a top part with a balanced cross (similar to the medicine wheel of the Native Americans Indians) with underneath a support to hold it up. Symbolically this also makes more sense as a measuring device for people who know the earth is round:cool:.
  • "The Kolbrin": here is a reference to Graham Hancock's site (https://grahamhancock.com/whitemany1/). It is a book with both Egyptian and Celtic writings. The autenticity is sometimes questioned but it's a mind boggling book and also shows very well the interconnectedness of the ancient world.
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Aug 29, 2017
What a read. More and more history gives more sense. What revelation next?

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