When Dark Forces Violate the ‘Star People’ Protocols… the Zuni and Hopi Prophecies (1 Viewer)

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Jul 19, 2016
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"Courtesy of UFO Mega Con https://bit.ly/UFO_MEGA_CON_USA - American Indigenous Tribes and worldwide Aboriginals have a firm belief, in that Star People as watchers, guardians and providers of technology, to keep Earth and Humans in balance.

The Zuni and Hopi Indians and all Aboriginal People are aware of future events, due to violation of Star People protocols, as given during contact and spiritual downloading, in this fourth world.

Kachina are extraterrestrial beings that control earth changes, weather, and guard against man-made events that hurt people and Mother Earth.

Mahooty will present recent health, economic and social problems created by Dark Force warfare including political and False Flag events as predicted by ancestors of the Zuni and Hopi.

Mahooty is a Zuni Pueblo Indian elder, and member of the tribal orders of the Kachina Priest hood, Galaxy medicine society, Sun Clan, and wisdom keeper of the Zuni history and spiritual practices.

Mahooty is a retired Civil/Environmental Engineer (BSCE-NMSU-1969). He worked for Shell Oil Company and various US government programs for housing under USHUD, DOI-BIA planning design and construction of Indian reservation infrastructures and school projects.

Mahooty served in the US Public Health Service, as a commissioned officer, to provide services to American Indian communities. He served in Oklahoma and Arizona in water, wastewater, and solid waste systems.

Mahooty served as the National Environmental Justice Coordinator, in the DOI-BIA for the 561 federally recognized Indian tribes. He coordinated with various agencies of federal, state and tribal governments to enforce laws and regulations to protect sacred sites, and lands against desecrations, pollution of natural resources, illegal taking of artifacts, burials, and sacred objects. He represented the Indian tribe’s environmental assessments and impact statements.

Mahooty was instrumental in the contracting of federally funded programs, where Indian Nations can administer projects including planning, design, construction of facilities and infrastructure, schools, hospitals, law and order, housing. The law is known as PL-93-638. The Indian Self-Determination and Education Act of 1974. SOVEREIGNTY RIGHTS NOW"


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