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I was wondering if some of you have been experiencing astral projections lately. I guess it is always very interesting to share our experiences here to bring more information and clearance about what happens in the astral planes.

Last night, I have been in what I described in another OBE as the new humans and the new earth, and have been shown a new way to live and to share out of the current reality, which is based on money exchange for the living.

I was shown a beautiful land with new humans who were all vegan, beautiful green landscapes, all different and with various plantations.

The new rules were about exchanging local products without paying/buying with money, but only with what each city's products.

The people who live in each city have simple tasks : they work in the fields and receive their food from what they plant. They also receive all what they need this way including their houses, furniture, studies etc...

I woke up with a beautiful feeling that things are going to get for the better one day.


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My experiences are changing dramatically now.

Even so, one type of experience in which I enter my own biological structure and meet it's component parts continues still.

I had a magical experience just weeks ago of meeting my own hippocampus - who mythologically is an aquatic reptilian/horse being, so named after an area of the brain associated with among other things both memory and spacial relationships. In this experience I am meeting this portion of myself in mythological form as the the mythological hippocampus. POWERFUL and of supreme importance to me currently.

I am in the ocean, no where near to any shore.. the waters are rough, but so not so rough that I cannot remain afloat. I am immersed as I would be up to my head and when first surfacing within the event fearful -as I would be if physically in these depths of waters- but as this enormous, magnificent, silver/blue/grey skinned being is surfacing through the waters before me my state is growing more rapidly into awe and a more direct physical experience is ensuing.

My heart is thumping through my chest, very clear to me is that the event at hand holds great importance and is not meant to simply slip idly by. I reach out my hand to touch the somewhat dolphin-like skin of the massive neck area of the creature. It is for this moment of direct contact that I am fully arriving here in the event. I am connecting directly with so much information - cosmically, universally, galactically - it seems I have gone into stasis.

All of what is happening, all of what is me is suspended here while an immense body of concepts trickles down into me. The being is leaving a calling card - a way to contact it as a gift. The experience here patterns into additional screens containing the indirect experience of this being.

A truly wondrous, memorable event which will stay with me years to come.

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