What happens if we let go old sorrows? (1 Viewer)

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May 3, 2019
Hello everybody!

Myself was distracted by old sorrows a long time. I made my traditional sorrowing sorrows and they hided my truth self.
So i often try to decide to hide my truth self. If happend very well and i hided it good. But now i want to letgo old sorrows.
They dont really are needed in this story. Sorrows are only a trapping foolish tool, to live and shock his own personality.
If we live more in trust, than we will recognize, that all our sorrows are not so strong as they shined to.

The sorrows are manufactored based lines, that should make us sorrowing and angry. But if we dont belief them anymore,
they existence of the sorrows is deleted. They are here , but without any mention. So I try to let go old sorrows for a better
tomorrow. With that purification of our L.O.V.E restricting movement I want to reset all my self-made sorrows. To turn up
te L.O.V..E resisting tools , we can force a more positiv catchy area.

Best regards
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