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This information below covers the question of suicide in terms of the impact it has on our soul progression. It's a collection from information coming through past life regression client sessions conducted by Dolores Cannon, Michael Newton and me.

I had someone contacting me for guidance recently on this topic and wanted to put together another post containing information I have gathered and posted/written about in multiple places — here it is.

Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit (1993), Dolores Cannon

This sessions transcript comes from one of Dolores's clients.

Dolores - "What about suicides?"
Client - "Yes, those are very tragic cases, for this is truly one of the saddest trusts which exist. There are simply no words to describe this situation in all its entirety. The suicide must come to the realisation fo the gravity of what he has done. For there is not simply the breaking of the contract, the individual's soul energy is thrown into complete disharmony. The suicides, depending on what shape they're in, sometimes go to the hospital and sometimes to the contemplation area. More times than not, one or two other entities are assigned to this person to explain why it is extremely wrong to take life. To take the life of self is the only thing that can truly be considered upon this side to be sin, because life is so precious.
These people are confused and mixed up about what life is really all about and what they need to accomplish. They are not able to see the solutions they can work out with the karma they have on hand. And in between lifetimes they learn to broaden their outlook and to look at greater aspects of things, so they can work out problems without giving up on them. Suicides normally do not go back into the body quickly. Usually it is too traumatic. They can't solve the problem that caused them to commit suicide quickly enough to go back into the body that soon. they are talked to and helped. They have to learn why they did it and what brought them to that point. It usually takes a long time before they are ready to face it. If it is extremely bad they are taken to the resting place so they will forget the trauma of why they got to this stage in life, to the point where they would contemplate the taking of one's own life. Suicide brings upon that soul much bad karma that will have to be erased by much good in preceding and succeeding lives.

D - "If this is the worst thing anyone can do, do they punish themselves when they come back?"
C - "Sometimes it's not in the life they directly go into. They don't always go into a life that would be working on the problems that they had in the one directly previous. Sometimes it takes several existences to come to the point where they feel they can face those problems. But all problems are eventually dealt with. You can't avoid it. The best way to handle it is to come back into a life that will have its fair share of problems like the last life did. And suicide is paid back by working out these problems and hanging in there and being viable and living to a ripe old age and having a good well-rounded life. it may take several lives like this to pay back the suicide and to help balance the karma. You get on the right track by working out the problems that you gave up on before. A suicide must face the same situation and problem again until they learn an acceptable way of solving it. They can never run away from it. They only prolong their progress and create disruption."

D - "I know you have difficulty with our concept of time. But how much time is involved before a suicide finds release?"
C - "This varies from individual case to case. Each soul does not learn at the same rate as the other. It depends upon that soul's confusion and feelings of worthlessness and loss, more than any other thing. Suicide is not forgiven lightly but it can be worked out. It is not impossible to be worked out, like some would have you think. Nothing is impossible to work out; it's just that some things take longer than others because some things are more complicated. Yes, the killing of self is the ultimate wrong because that throws the karma out of balance. Killing yourself, murdering yourself, that's not working out any karma. That's creating more karma."

D - "Some people commit suicide to escape a problem."
C - "To commit suicide to escape a problem just amplifies that problem that they will have to live through again. They are not escaping anything, they are just making it worse upon themselves. They are really not solving anything, they are simply creating more problems. Suicide is no solution."

D - "Would suicide ever have anything to do with other people's lives?"
C - "Yes. Many times when a suicide happens it is an opportunity for the other souls in the family to learn from the experience. For example, say a boy kills himself and from the experience the mother realises that she was too overbearing and she learns to be more understanding. Then she has learned from it, although it has been a hard lesson."

D - "In some cases wouldn't this be karma on the family or the friends that were left behind?"
C - "(Emphatically) Never is suicide part of karma! Suicide is one aspect of free will."

D - "I see. Then it can never be viewed as being good for anything."
C - "That is correct. There are no winners."

D - "But does it ever happen to directly influence somebody else's karma?"
C - "No. Because the person who suicides would be cutting their karma short and it would not be fair to them."

D - "I've heard that people more or less have a contract when they come into a life. And suicide would be reneging on that contract--not fulfilling their commitment."
C - "Before someone comes into a lie they meet with their spiritual masters and they figure out, in general, how much karma they can work out in this life if they make their decisions well. It's almost like a classroom assignment. The person says, 'Well, this is what I will try to get accomplished in this lifetime.' Now, if they don't get it all accomplished it does not reflect badly on them. The fact that they are working on it and trying, this is what matters. And if mid way through, just as they were barely getting started, they cut it short by killing themselves.. well, not only have they not accomplished anything they said they would try to, that they earnestly promised they would try to accomplish, but they have created more karma that they need to work on. So it's a negative experience all around."

D - "They still must work out their problems and their karma. It would defeat the purpose to leave before they accomplished this."
C - "That is accurate. But there is an 'X' amount of work to be done in a lifetime, and should this 'X' amount of work be done or accomplished before they have lived a full lifetime, then should they wish to pass over, there is no need for them to continue in the physical should they wish or desire not to. Then departure can be arranged through proper channels. It is the casting off of the body prematurely of before the job is done that can never be tolerated."

Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives (2000), Michael Newton

Michael - "Human extravagance has no bounds when it comes to instilling fear. A prime example is the fear of terrible punishment for those who commit suicide. It is true that being kept out of heaven has been a deterrent to suicide, but it is the wrong approach. I have noticed in recent years that even the Catholic church is not quite so adamant about suicide being a mortal sin subject to the extremes of spiritual punishment. There is now a Vatican-approved catechism which states that suicide is "against natural law" but adds, "by ways known to God alone, there is opportunity for salutary repentance." Salutary means conducive to some good purpose.

When I work with clients who have committed suicide in former lives, the first thing most exclaim right after the moment of death is, "Oh, my God, how could I have been so stupid!" These are physically healthy people, not those who are suffering from a debilitating physical illness. Suicide by a person, young or old, whose physical state has reduced the quality of their life to almost nothing is treated differently in the spirit world than those who had healthy bodies. While all suicide cases are treated with kindness and understanding, people who killed themselves with a healthy body do have a reckoning.

In my experience, souls feel no sense of failure or guilt when they have been involved with a mercy death. I shall give a realistic example of this sort of death with a brother and sister under the free will section in chapter 9. When there is unendurable physical suffering, we have the right to be released from the pain and indignity of being treated like helpless children connected to life-support systems. In the spirit world, I find that no stigma is attached to a soul leaving a terribly broken body who is released by its own hand or from that of a compassionate caregiver."

What happens to souls involved with suicide in healthy bodies? These souls tell me they feel somewhat diminished in the eyes of their guides and group peers because they broke their covenant in a former life. There is a loss of pride from a wasted opportunity. Life is a gift and a great deal of thought has gone into allocating certain bodies for our use. We are the custodians of this body and that carries a sacred trust. My clients call it a contract. Particularly when a young, healthy person commits suicide, our teachers consider this an act of gross immaturity and the abrogation of responsibility. Our spiritual masters have placed their trust in our courage to finish life with functional bodies in a normal fashion, no matter how difficult. They have infinite patience with us, but with repeated suicide offenders their forgiveness takes on another tone.

I worked with a young client who had tried to commit suicide a year before I saw him. During our hypnosis session we found evidence of a pattern of self-destruction in former lives. Facing his master teachers at a council meeting following his last life, this client was told by an Elder:

'Once again you are here early and we are disappointed. Have you not learned the same test grows more difficult with each new life you terminate? Your behaviour is selfish for many reasons, not the least of which is the sorrow you caused to those left behind who loved you. How much longer will you continue to just throw away the perfectly good bodies we give you? Tell us when you are ready to stop engaging in self-pity and underestimating your capabilities'

I don't think 1 have ever heard of a council member come down any harder on one of my subjects over the issue of suicide. Months later, this client wrote me to say that whenever thoughts of committing suicide entered his head he pushed them aside because of a desire to avoid having to face this Elder again after killing himself. A little posthypnotic suggestion on my part made recovering this scene in his conscious mind especially easy and serves as a deterrent.

In suicide cases involving healthy bodies, one of two things generally happens to these souls. If they are not a repeat offender, the soul is frequently sent back to a new life rather quickly, at their own request, to make up for lost time. This could be within five years of their death on Earth. The average soul is convinced it is important to get right back on the diving board after having taken a belly flop in a prior life. After all, we have natural survival instincts as human beings and most spirits tenaciously fight to stay alive.

For those who display a pattern of bailing out when things get rough there are places of repentance for a good purpose. These places do not contain a pantheon of horrors in some dark, lower spirit region reserved for sinners. Rather than being punished in some sort of bleak purgatory, these souls may volunteer to go to a beautiful planetary world with water, trees and mountains but no other life. They have no contact with other souls in these places of seclusion except for sporadic visits by a guide to assist them in their reflections and self-evaluation.

Places of isolation come in many varieties and I must admit they seem terribly boring. Maybe that's the whole idea. While you are sitting out the next few games on the bench, your team mates continue with challenges in their new lives. Apparently this medicine seems to work because these souls come back to their groups feeling refreshed but knowing they have missed out on a lot of action and opportunities for personal development with their friends. Nonetheless, there are souls who will never adjust to Earth. I hear some are reassigned to other worlds for their future incarnations."

Convoluted Universe Book IV (2012), Dolores Cannon

Dolores - "The question of suicide has always been a questionable one in my work. In my book Between Death and Life, it was said that suicide is never justified. That it never has a positive effect, and that the person must always come back and relive the same circumstances with the same people. The sessions in this section and in some of my other books caused me to wonder if that was true. Is suicide ever justified? Does it always carry negative karma? Or are there extenuating circumstances?

I have found many cases where the person in the other life was put into an unbearable situation where there was no way out. Where suicide was the only way to end the suffering Is it justified in those circumstances? In these cases they have said that it was an option that was built into the projected plan for that lifetime.

In my research it seems as though the main circumstances where it would not be considered favourable is when contracts are broken. When we are doing our past life evaluations on the spirit side, and going over (with our counsellors what is needed to be worked out during the next life, we make contracts with participating souls. They agree to come back and help us work out past mistakes. These commitments and contracts are taken very seriously, and are part of our plan. There are many types of contracts. Some of these are long term, such as marriages, birth and the raising of children. Some are short term, friends and acquaintances who will be there to help us for a certain period of time.

One example of a short contract would be a one night sexual encounter that results in the birth of a child. The father has agreed to be there only to provide a way for the child to enter the world, and then the contract is over. So we make different types of contracts of varying degrees. These contracts are taken seriously because the other souls have agreed to take time away from their own development to help you advance. Of course, maybe they have also agreed to advance with you.

When the person faces what they think are insurmountable obstacles in their life (and remember, these are only obstacles that they have agreed upon to put there to learn from) and they commit suicide as a means of escape, they are breaking contracts. This disrupts all these other people's plans. The suicide still has to return and take the grade or class over. They have failed the exam. They do not 'escape'. They have to play the part again, same circumstances, same characters. Only next time it is even more difficult. But because the person has broken all these commitments, all these contracts, are the participating souls going to be willing to help again? Maybe not. They say, 'I stopped my progression in order to help you in your lessons, and you let me down. You backed out. Why should I do it again for you? You will just have to wait your turn now while I go on with my own evolution. I gave you a chance, not I don't know if I can trust you again to carry out your commitments.'

In this case the growth of the suicide is greatly impeded. What should have been worked out in one lifetime will now take many."

Sekhmet, Volunteer Classes, Imprint Lives and More | The Cosmic Journey of Lai Part 5 (2014), Laron G. S.

This section below is an excerpt from one of my QHHT sessions with Lai, which can be found on here. This section is focused on volunteer souls, some who purposefully pick specific events from the lives of souls who have committed suicide, so that they can not only show those souls that it is possible to get through such an experience, to teach them and help them grow spiritually, but to also set themselves up in the life that is coming up on Earth so that they can face extreme challenges and over come them, to raise their vibration faster to achieve their purpose as a volunteer on Earth for the shift and new earth situation.

In other words, because of the planned life path a volunteer has come in with, they need to attain a certain level of spiritual development to achieve their tasks. Because they are already of a higher vibration in terms of a soul, such challenges can be that little bit easier to face, as if they were a younger soul on Earth it would be much more difficult. But that doesn't mean it's easy... as volunteers are still human.

I find this information very important for anyone out there who may have an inkling, or a more solid feeling, that they are a volunteer soul. We pick a hard life for a reason, and that reason is explained very well within this QHHT session.

Volunteer Classes before the Earth Experience

Laron: "What do you see?"

Lai: "I am with a few others. I feel I am little also, like very young. I feel similar to being on Earth such as when I went to school. Kindergarten. But this is not Earth. There are some teachers here but I have not seen them yet. Near me is another soul and we are trying to.. we have something like a canvas. It feels like we are very happy because we are going to go somewhere."

Laron: "How many of you are there?"
Lai: "There are about twenty two of us. Now there is one teacher but there are more. The teacher is like energy, kind of like the form of a triangle floating above us. The color of the teacher is mostly blue but there is white also. Not dark blue, in between dark blue and light blue."

Laron: "What do those around you look like?"
Lai: "Like cartoon figures. They are not physical. We have structure. (Do you look like energy?) Yes, I think so, but maybe because of this class we have hands and legs. In this class everybody has to have hands and legs like a human. (Is that what the teacher said?) Yes. But we are small, like children. On the canvas we are deciding... what we will be when we are on Earth. We are choosing a body. Choosing... it's like a canvas. (In front of you?) Yes, but its more than just a canvas. We choose, we are choosing the body... no... there are hands.... what I am looking at in the canvas is, is that we can actually choose every part of the body that we will have."

I know a lot about this process in relation to planning lives, so I know that the situation may not be as simple as being able to choose every single aspect of how you are going to look like when you appear on Earth. I want to get to the bottom of this, hence the following questions I ask to try to do just that.

Laron: "Do each of you have your own body that you are working with?"
Lai: "Yes, each of us has one canvas each. All twenty two of us. We are looking at it."

Laron: "What does the space you are in look like? What surrounds you?"
Lai: "First it looked like a garden, but when you asked me, it then seemed like a hologram, not a real Garden. (Any walls or a surface below?) Well, it's like a garden, but its not a real garden. It's just turned into a garden now for this class. (You know its not real?) Yeah. So on the canvas we can choose the skin color, the hair, the eye colors, the teeth, but... this is not... I mean the choice of the body... I think we have had many classes before this, but today is choosing the body that fits out purpose. So we found out what our purpose was before this class."

Chanticleer - An American "Pleasure Garden" near Philadelphia - Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Laron: "Do you know what your purpose is?"
Lai: "I think we had kind of a life proposal beforehand, on Earth. So based on that, today is like a later class like we are choosing and getting ready to go. Other things have been done before so in this class we are choosing the body that will suit us. So it's not really like choice, though it feels like we have chosen anything that we wanted. But here we are so... mindful of what we have to do. That is how we are choosing the body, so we don't have much choice."

Laron: "What body do you choose?"
Lai: "I choose a light one. White. It looks like who I am now but I was supposed to be taller, as I was taller there. (What are the main differences to what you see now) Now we are choosing, but then its just like a blueprint, but it may change when we grow on Earth depending on many factors."

Laron: "Why would it change?"
Lai: "Because coming to Earth, it was all in our minds that we would do this and that, but then after coming we do not know anymore. So it will react. (Because you loose your memory when you come?) Yes. So we are choosing the best possible one here to suit the one... (To suit your purpose?) Yes. In real life on Earth when we will be physical, it will be so different. There are so many things such as gravity. There are so many things. We never know how it turns out in the end, but that was the initial planning."

Laron: "Do you have a feeling that you created that body, or were you simply being shown what you were going to look like on that canvas?"
Lai: "Showing. We are choosing, but not creating. (Choosing as in different bodies, or the details of one?) First we chose different bodies. (So you had a choice between different ones?) Yes, no.. not different bodies. We start with the skin color. (So you get to choose?) Yes. The hair color, the eye color. We can't do the shape of the eyes or the shape of the ears. There are priorities. First we choose the color of the skin. And then based on the color, if someone chose this color, they can not choose a certain hair color anymore. And then goes the next choice. The initial choice was the most important and then all of us go down different paths after that. We are already limited then by the previous constraints."

Laron: "Wouldn't those sort of things be worked out when you are born into the body though? How come you get the choice? How does that work?"
Lai: "We are choosing the body after we are assigned parents. After that we choose the body."

Laron: "So based on your choices, that is going to impact what you are going to look like. Is that right?"
Lai: "Yeah, so the body is the last thing actually. Because we did the other things before. (As in you had to pick the parents based on your role?) Yeah. And the place... first was the situations. First we were shown some cases. (You mean to be born into, you had different ones to choose from?) Yeah. Before that... we were shown many cases on Earth. We choose from those cases. That was a long time ago. I mean... we considered those cases and then we said how we are going to do something new about those cases, that no one has done before. (What do you mean by 'cases'?) Cases like a case study. So like with somebodies life, this happened and that happened. Most of the time the cases presented to us are people who committed suicide and killed them selves. But we don't know those people. (You're not looking at a future experience, but existing ones in the past that have happened?) Yes, a collection of life experiences from the ones that killed them selves. We are given choices, based on what we would do better when experiencing the same existing situations. (This is part of your classes?) Yes. So, what we would do better, but its not only to change those situations of doing it better as we have other purposes as well. We are volunteers, all twenty two of us."

Laron: "When you say volunteers, do you mean your not part of the regular..."
Lai: "Yeah. We are not supposed to be on Earth. We're supposed to go to Earth after this."

Laron: "Is this just a unique class for volunteer souls? (Yes) It's different to the standard process for the regular incarnated souls on Earth?"
Lai: "Yes. Right. All of us, we have never met a regular soul here. But then to go, we need to consider these things. Mostly its the suicide cases. But that doesn't define our real purpose to go. The purposes are for other reasons. Mostly to raise the vibrations. (Why raise vibrations?) To change the Earth because its not changing... (It needs help?) Yes. Volunteers also have to choose these difficult lives."

Laron: "So volunteers have to choose a life which is similar to those lives of souls who have made the conscious choice to end their lives?"
Lai: "Yes. If they are just {15 second pause} I am trying to look at many other classes that I have experienced. I choose the cases for my life, the ones we look at. "

Laron: "So there was a class where you were being shown these really hard lives that these people had that decided to end their life, and you learnt because of the situations they went through?"
Lai: "Yes. There is a class that shows many, many difficult... we didn't see their lives, but, when those that killed themselves died, they said that these were the conditions and reasons for them to decide of taking their own lives. So all of those are counted. I can see sequences. One, two three... (Events inside an individuals life?) Yes. But then I don't know the person. In our class they didn't show just one life sequence, they mixed them all and then we chose. Because to us, it looks funny to why they killed them selves. (You mean you don't understand why?) Yes."

Laron: "When you say you chose, what do you mean?"
Lai: "We say that we can do that, and this and that. (So you pick out certain situations from multiple lives, or just one?) There is a collection. (And you bring that into your planned life, which you had the canvas for?) Yes. Right. Exactly."

Laron: "Why have you all chosen those events, inside those peoples lives?"
Lai: "The teacher said we have to do this, or else... there are two reasons I think. One is that we have to show the ones who committed suicide... I think that when we complete our lives successfully, they are shown this again. So they... the ones who commit suicide, they are waiting somewhere. (Because time works a bit differently there right?) Yes."

Laron: "So when you return from successfully completing the life, they can see its possible that they could have done it themselves?"
Lai: "Yes. But then they don't know we are volunteers, they will just know that somebody else successfully did it because we also had other purposes. It's like we are doing two things, one is raising the vibration but we also chose those.... we have to choose those."

Laron: "So it's quite complicated the reasons why you are here?"
Lai: "Yes.

Laron: "What other information do you have about the class?"
Lai: "I know there is somebody near my right. She will be born as a girl. We are getting close. We are... it's like fun. This class is fun. All twenty two of us are not from the same place. This is the first time I have actually met others. They all come from other star systems. (What about you? Where do you come from?) {5-10 seconds pass} I still remember the old stories from the planet, from where I was taken to the grid. So I think after the grid I lived a lot in the beehive based location. From there I came. They came from other stars."

Laron: "Can you find out more information from one other, such as the person next to you perhaps?"
Lai: "Yes. Right now... I am confused okay. I was just going to ask, her star is with S. As we know, it could be Sirius. Somebody else is from Pleiadian. Six or seven are from the Pleiades. A... one two... (can you ask anyone to tell you the names? You could ask the teacher or a student?) Okay. Is there something A.. N... D... (Andromeda?) Yes. The girl is from Sirius. There is A... B...something... capital B... A..... There is one starting with G and V."

Laron: "So there are quite a few different ones? (Yes) Can you get the girl next to you to explain her experience of where she comes from? What does she exist as there?"
Lai: "I just see that there is water. Water based creatures. Her existence there is very happy. (What form does she take there?) To me it looks like the form changes. Sometimes I see her as a little girl, but not like a human, but like it was drawn with a pencil. I don't think that's a solid physical form. She looks very happy there. It's so colorful. (Is there land there as well?) Yes, land. (Colorful as in the colors are different?) Yes, they are very pink. Normally I don't like pink, but this color looks very good. The sky is also pink at this moment."

Laron: "Just return to the class now and see what else you can learn about what goes on in the class."
Lai: "I just suddenly feel it all makes sense. Suddenly I feel 'oh'. (Like an understanding?) Yes, like 'oh' that's the reason my body is like this today on Earth."

In relation to past life / in-between life therapy, the above moment is really important as the client has not just had these memories come back through this session, but they had the feeling come to them, a strong feeling this time within the session, providing them with a 'knowing' of why they are the way they are today on Earth, in this experience / life.

Laron: "Do you know how much choice non-volunteer souls have?"
Lai: "Yes, they also have choice. (The same choices around physical appearance?) I feel that their lives are easier as they have less things to do. Only a few things to do often. They have less choices than us but things are easier, they don't have to take special cases. I don't have any other information about this now. "

Laron: "That's alright, just return to the class and see what you can tell me."
Lai: "The Pleiadian's, they look a bit more serious. {laughter} (Do you know why they are serious?) I think that is just the nature of all of them. More serious means they don't laugh so much. (Not as much fun?) Yeah {laughter} It looks like we are choosing, but we don't have much choice. (Not as much choice as you thought?) No. Based on the things I wanted to do, because the more we do, those difficult cases... there is a compilation of the difficult things, that the suicide souls went through, from that list of events the more we choose, the more powerful we are supposed to be on Earth. Now I understand that."

This all ties into 'soul contracts' and the paths we take throughout our life. While we have freewill, we will have planned our experience every time we come. While volunteer souls function a little bit differently, they still come under the same system that all life is under, while on Earth.

I just want to mention that I think it is hilarious having the information come up about the Pleidians seeming more serious in that class. I have a few friends which have a strong Pleiadian connection, and I find them a tad more serious than other volunteers I know. In other words, that makes sense to me.

Laron: "How does that work?"
Lai: "More powerful, by that I mean that... because we are supposed to forget everything, if we choose more difficulty then we are supposed to get more memory. Like the more memory will come back from outside of Earth... the more difficult items we choose from the list, the more pieces of memory we will get."

Laron: "What you are learning now in this session, is that a piece of memory?"
Lai: "Yes, like this. If you want, we can look at a previous class but this class is funny... fun. So it seems like we didn't pick a boring class like I told you when I first came here to the class. It seems like it was already done, I only had this and that left. (So you were more of an observer in this class, you were not so much manipulating, you were being shown things?) Yes."

Laron: "Back to what you said about power, so you said volunteer souls can get more memory back. Are there any other benefits from choosing a difficult life?"
Lai: "Yes. All the benefit comes in terms of... since being born on Earth we have to forget all the memories. The most valuable thing on Earth would be for us to remember those as soon as possible, right? Because often we don't want to live on Earth. The sooner... you know. (The more memories we have, the more help this will be to us on Earth?) Yes. Faster we will... so we can finish our mission faster. (And make the mission easier?) Yes, faster is easier. Because as it goes late... we may create you know, nothing is written as a destiny, as we hear when people say there is destiny. It's not written, each day is variable. Every day we are doing something and things just keep changing and changing. So if there are millions of possibilities that we face, there is a possibility of being delayed. So that is why sooner... that is where the hard thing comes in. The harder choices we pick, the faster we get our memories back. Because the memories will remind us of what we are meant to do."

Laron: "In relation to your soul contract and path, are there certain things that are meant to happen?"
Lai: "Yes. (Because you could call that destiny, there is destiny I think, but there is also a lot of free will and unknowns) Yes. (And that can change the destiny, can't it?) Yes. There are three teachers. I see one today. I think they are the same ones that taught me to heal, remember I had three on a planet that taught me how to grow plants. (The same ones?) Yes, I think. I just see like a triangle, but... as if its a piece of cloth.. no its like a tent {laughter}, the teacher is like a tent, but.. its floating. (On purpose?) Yes, I think so. {laughter} It keeps moving but I don't see the face, like somebody being under a cloak but you don't see any physical body parts."


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Jul 19, 2016
I do not resonate with a lot that has been written here.

Suicide is a soul's right when it has taken on too much and decides to quit and come back and try again in a different format. There will always be agreement with the souls one commits suicide in a vacuum.

Being human is incredibly hard and I do not believe that humans have free will, they are programmed avatars for the soul to experience differing energies. Only souls have free will which is why, as we ascend and start to live from a soul perspective more and more we find the magic.

I do feel we are trapped in a recycled programme of constant incarnations and that many of us will leave after this round and return home to Source or star homes. This is our choice as souls. It has been an incredible adventure.

So when people see Jesus or perhaps an elder who gives them a stern bollocking that is all part of the programme. The light is part of the programme, all of it to keep us enslaved on Earth.

I have experienced the utter privilege of life, no matter what the situation. But this is from my soul's perspective.

A dear friend committed suicide about 20 years ago, I was no longer in touch with her but when I gave healing to a trainee medium a couple of years later, she came through and explained that she held too much anger and rage and could not process it, so she checked out and was coming back with a slightly different set of parameters. At no stage did she sound sad or guilty, very matter of fact.

I like what Lai has said, but that is all recalled from a soul perspective.


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Nov 1, 2018
Being human is incredibly hard and I do not believe that humans have free will, they are programmed avatars for the soul to experience differing energies.
I believe humans have free will, but within the boundaries of the human experiment. I.e. The Human Experiment rules require that they forget completely who they are and where the come from and, in general, all past lives, however there are exceptions. But also there are negative forces on earth that interfere with free will by psychological manipulation, especially via fear and the ego (which is easily controlled by FUD, fear, uncertainty, and doubt). One of the challenges of the Human Experiment is to learn by getting past the primitive selfish ego, and learn who we really are and where we come from. That is a huge challenge indeed! How are we to learn how to fly when we cannot realize we can even walk?

That said, I do believe there is 1 or 2 major lessons each human has to learn on earth, whether it takes 1 life or many lives. That is the part that was chosen, IMO, by the higher self, which the human generally does not remember, but which they can figure out by thinking logically based on a pattern of past trauma or challenges. In a past life I must have laughed at the less fortunate, because in this life, I grew up very poor, and still did not learn, so to punctuate the lesson, I was homeless, cold and hungry for 2 months as a child. And I still find myself in a bad reaction judging those less rational than me though I have improved a lot since I was 12. See that I used the word "reaction", this is the nature of the ego IMO. An irrational person controlled by ego tends to react without thinking. A rational thinking person thinks before they act.

This problem is greatly exaggerated as you see how people react to others who think differently than they do, and how quickly they become violent, verbally and physically, as their ego reacts to a situation, and their irrational part of their mind reacts to FUD with no rational basis. It's the fake, manufactured FUD that entraps so many people. This is a manipulation by simpletons of the DS, don't fall for it.

Now I am changing that bad habit and force myself to remember being cold and alone when I see someone less fortunate. I was there where they are now and I can now empathize with them more, rather than feeling sorry for myself about the bad memories I had of being hungry.
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