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Jul 21, 2016
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I've been remiss in posting for some time. Lots of travel for work and some "technical difficulties" (since resolved) have been keeping me away.

Clif released his May 2017 webbot report on 24-April. He felt the need to get it out a bit early as lot of things were/are happening. I encourage those interested in knowing detail to acquire the full report from Clif's halpasthuman.com website.

This month Clif split out the economic gold/silver/bitcoin/crytpo-currency aspects into a special report which is expected to be released late on Monday 1-May. Next month he has indicated he'll go back to including that info in his regular monthly webbot update.

After some reflection I've decided not to provide a summary of the webbot reports. My perspective is that if his analysis of the linguistic aspects are in fact correct, it results in the reports containing a lot of potentially challenging information to deal with. I'm not against that at all, in fact I think it is healthy to consider it....and for each to decide what they accept or do not accept. That is for those who choose to do so. I've come to the conclusion that leaving that choice up to individuals who want to read the full reports is a better approach than me sharing the very limited summaries I have provided in the past.

I will leave a bit of a teaser though from the May report for those who do want to dive into the details. I was intrigued by his discussion in the latter pages of the report about the new energetic region of the galaxy we have entered, it's affect on humanity in general and the new age community in particular. Some interesting discussion about ascension and the like. Will leave it at that...those interested can read the full report.


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Dec 31, 2016
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I watched the video of this report and enjoyed it. I think I'll spring for this one. Let me know if you want to discuss :)

Edit: Finished the report. Looks like hyperinflation is here! I was hoping that he would touch on EOS but I guess it was announced after the report came out!
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