Webbot’s Clif High "Critical Thinking” (Coronavirus: New World, Priorities, Planning, Projections) (2 Viewers)

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Jul 19, 2016
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A few days ago on social media, common share going around was about an upcoming movie trailer which had been removed from the internet, and the launch date of the movie changed.

Here's one site covering it:

Comet Disaster Movie Trailer For “GREENLAND” Being Removed From the Internet.
"The trailer has arrived for Greenland, a movie that probably won’t do much to help you relax during this particular period. The trailer has some eerie similarities to what’s been happening in our real world, as many of us looked at those early reports of COVID-19 with little concern and the subsequent media info has been frustratingly inconsistent. Still, this is a disaster movie, and on that simple end, it looks like a solid one. While the quality of the FX seem to vary, there appear to be some pretty big disaster sequences amidst the ‘people be crazy during disasters’ drama. We’ll see. Greenland had been scheduled to open in Australia on July 11th and the U.S. on July 12th, although who knows when it will be popping up at this point. Don’t be surprised to see a Digital release date announced soon."​

For those who haven't read the GCE article I mention in my above post, asteroids are a bit of a temporal marker and/or maybe related to what takes place in the months leading up to June, if that is actual events and not symbology. Considering Courtney Brown and his remote viewing project which coincidences with the GCE dates, the impact of asteroids into the ocean in the pacific was seen. Also Clif did an independent remote viewing project with others, and they did see some changes in the Pacific Northwest area which indicated some kind of earth change impact.

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