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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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I don’t know if any of you have noticed but there has been a change of gear in the energy grid of the planet affecting us all, especially those with Sagittarian and Gemini emphasis in our birth charts, or other mutable sign planets around 7 to 10 degrees as this is where the coming eclipse in 9 days will be a focus.

Everyone will notice this in one way or another and I already have, by an increase in communication, especially from afar and a kind of speeding up of thoughts and activities too, a sense of urgency.

It's really important to protect our own energy fields at this time with the visualising of the light around self. (You can choose your own colour but its best to choose a light that is bright and strong).

This will help us withstand any shocks to the system that are going to be happening in the coming month but they will begin very soon and I cannot even tell you what form they will come in but it will be both global and personal for most of us.

This is the strongest onslaught of any such energies approaching that we have had for quite some time, as I have not checked when the last actual Perigee, solar total eclipse happened, but this first lunar eclipse is a prelude to that and its huge for our planet and we who inhabit it.

Be prepared to hear unexpected news from the past and people to turn up that you never thought you would hear from again.

And be prepared for more media madness, social media too, as the whole system is about to get an overhaul as far as I can see.

And yes, Geminis and Sagittarians are directly in the path of the eclipses, the degree focus being first 7 to 9/10 or so and the next mid Dec which we are already in the shadow of will be 21 to 25 or so, and there will be a ripple effect to the other mutable signs at that same degree.

I will remind the world that these are on the prenatal eclipse axis of the USA president who was born close to a total lunar eclipse and for a male this is usually something that can mean a male child may not survive, or if he does he has a great destiny to fulfill and this set of eclipses is huge for this man one way or the other, so, and I say this in a totally neutral way, that he will fight hard for what he believes is right and just.

This will be an extremely interesting time ahead in Earths history as it is a fated matter according to planets.

Tomorrow is important as the Sun will enter Sagittarius and it will shine light on all those born under this sign for the month ahead and also be very helpful for those with the sign ascending or a Moon there or any other important angle in their life patterns.

There are HUGE changes ahead for such people.

Tomorrow Venus will move into Scorpio which is also interesting for the month ahead until the solar eclipse mid month Dec, as this means many of us will be searching our shadow selves more than usual and there will be much intensity of feelings to contend with which on the negative side could be blame, jealousy or revenge and on the positive could be great loyalty, passion and deep validation.

Scorpios will enjoy the extra attention and love that Venus brings them, and Taureans and Libran types (this includes politically minded people or politicians themselves,) will gain a new depth of focus and be more aware of their inner power.

Power is always a key word when Scorpio energies are around.

So that’s the news for the moment, with the Moon now in the objective and electric sign of Aquarius until tomorrow.

In Aquarius the Moon is not quite so sensitive/emotional, and can bring sudden revelations and a sense of excitement too, and unusual happenings, so this is timely for the eclipse energies approaching and then tomorrow things could get even more weird with the Pisces energies taking us to other dimensional realities.

It will be an exciting time ahead so remember to record this time of your lives for the coming month at least in journal form as it will be great to look back on later…


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Jul 28, 2016
Thanks for the journal tip :cool:
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