Waiter, There's a Bug in my Woo - Clif High (1 Viewer)

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Jul 20, 2016
August 21, 2021
Just the high points - it is worth your time to watch.
  • Wars are a designed product of the hidden power-players.
  • Hidden power-players are captured and under the influence of something else.
  • Humans think independently and not of a hive-mind.
  • Something else - "bug" - is influencing all aspects of our lives.
  • Anti-human ideas are being overlaid on the population.
  • "Bug" turns everything into a system that is managed top-down.
  • We are in similar times as the collapse of the Bronze Age, when people withdrew from a structured society and moved on into tribes.
  • Parts hard to get. People who can repair will be in great demand.
  • Rebellion may spark off in Australia and in a couple of months in the USA with the financial collapse. Will take something big to get the attention of the population.

I find this part about social interaction very interesting. Clif says that his studies of other cultures does not support authoritarianism as a naturally evolving form of group interaction. Also, that humans seem to have a maximum number of 145 people with whom they can maintain close relationships and that can work well together in a group. In the American Indian cultures, when tribes grew large, they would split into smaller groups. This makes sense on many levels - food gathering and cultivation, education, but most importantly, the sense of group involvement and responsibility.

You don't have to go far to see examples of the hive-mind / top down structures in our society - government, churches, etc. In my professional life, I worked with both small companies and corporations. I got along ok in the corporations because my work was valued, but on a personal level, it was miserable because I'm not big on following stupid rules. I'm also watching this play out in more subtle ways, such as "what's trending now" on Netflix and other platforms.

The other aspect is the possibility of off-world influences. I've considered that some people willingly participate, while others have no idea that they are being manipulated. I think many of us have come across people in real time or on video that we cannot understand - as if they are marching to other orders. Today, I've seen videos about that high school teacher in California saying he has 180 days to indoctrinate his students into the ways of Antifa. Clearly he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, as he did this in ways to be caught, so I'd put him and others like him in the no idea category. This morning's dream showed me the situation with the willing participant side. A well-known political person was arrested and taken away; however, I saw a robot thing in her inner office continuing on with the work. It resembled a robotic dog, but was made of some other material. My sense was that it was part of an ancient group that worked behind the scenes.

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