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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
Below is an article about using light therapy, in the form of LEDs, to treat veterans with PTSD. It is part of an ongoing effort at the Veteran's Administration (VA) system of hospitals to deal with a large influx of patients who have a multitude of disabling symptoms after trauma. (typically wartime trauma, as the population being studied is those in the US military).

The LED therapy is being used with medications and another method is also mentioned as being tested. The other method, stellate ganglion block involves more invasive blockade of a nerve group that mediates nerve activity in the head and neck area. The LED therapy is quite different in that respect, being noninvasive.

Here is the article: Staying safe around agitated patients | Could lesion be deadly?
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Collected Consciousness
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Aug 28, 2016
Thank you for posting about light therapy. The article says the VA is trying this on veterans with mild to moderate PTSD.

I’ve sent this off to my dad, a veteran with PTSD. His is more severe; however, I wonder if the VA would offer it as an option to him.
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