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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Today Venus takes the stage, which is appropriate being the “ruler” of Taurus and currently in her sign where she is usually quite happy.

Today she trines both Pallas and Jupiter in Capricorn. Which also means that Jupiter and Pallas are conjunct at 23 degrees.

This is basically saying spread the love, keep the sense of humour, be fair and kind to all in our path the best way we can.

This is a very wise combination, a lot of wisdom here coming from the higher mind.

It speaks of celebrating life in the ways we know how and Capricorn adds the element of self discipline to the mix which we all need a little bit of just now.

These aspects are strongest for Taureans, Librans, and Capricorns and also Sagis. But will influence us all.

Tomorrow is the Crescent Moon phase which begins the time for collecting more information, (something to do in our spare time) making contacts and learning more about our plan or project.

Mercury tomorrow conjuncts nasty Nessus in 12 degrees Pisces which is a bit close for comfort to my Venus so I will be looking out for blaming type people and those who have a grudge more than likely, so I will be careful of what I say or how I respond to others and I will erect strong boundaries.

This will be a good day to look at our own shadow to see what is lurking in the same vein, such as vengeful thoughts that could have a bad effect on others, or repressed stuff from years ago.

Nessus can appear in the form of abuse or abusers but also in the form of secrets coming to light on matters that happened long ago.

Now that a lot of us are confined to our homes and some in the company of abusive people, the chance of domestic abuse increases so be mindful of this and seek help if you need to even if you have to leave that home.

Pisces, where this happens can be all about being a victim so don’t be one – be a strong survivor and do what you have to do to be safe in this period ahead.

Nessus is a little reminder of the not so nice side of human nature, and I would think we will hear more of this in the news in the coming days and weeks.

Tomorrow Venus will trine Pluto taking us deeper into self to find the emotional and spiritual strength to cope. This is an intense time but a time that can bring out those very strengths so we can deal with just about anything.

"Kia Kaha" as they say here in my birth country. Stay strong everyone.



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Jul 28, 2016
Yes, stay strong <3
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