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Venus into Virgo and Jupiter Direct Pre Eclipse


janne submitted a new article
Venus moved into Virgo yesterday for 3 weeks or so, which is a highly beneficial energy for Virgos, who can bask in more love and attention that they have had for a while, also find that their security levels reach a new high.

The attention of loved ones, more luck with money, and other special gifts come with Venus’s special visit to their sign.

For Taureans and Librans , they can be more practical and methodical in how they love, and in where they put their attention. This is a good time for them and the rest of us to be of special service to those who need it, volunteer our time maybe, to do some good works beyond the call of duty, and generally help others out, as well as pay more attention to our own health and wellbeing needs.

But today's big news is Jupiter at station...
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Realized Sentience
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You know I am still struggling with this grief, this loneliness, a sense of "there is only me for me" But when I am in my soul energy, the whole world is my family, and I feel wonderful. Just my human energy that grieves. I would not want my family back anyway, too much abuse, so I can only assume my grief is in recognising the value of good family life, which I have never known but see around me. I can also see the negative side when it is too important. I recall the wisdom of Kahlil Gibrain "Your children are not your children, they are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself"

Yes, this Cancer/Capricorn dynamic is certainly teaching me things. Thank you Janne for your help in allowing me to see this.

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