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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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I have been feeling the approach of the Taurus Full Moon with some extra aches and pains to usual just to remind me that it is an Apogee moon so a bit more powerful than some, not to mention that the Sun will oppose Uranus from 8 degrees Scorpio/Taurus.

The health axis is generally more about noses, necks and throats, thyroid gland, shoulders too, or at the other end of the spectrum our base chakra areas, lower elimination areas, bottoms and sexual bits of our bodies to be specific.

But full moons can affect our vulnerable places from any sign influence, and always increase the fluid content in our body and near brains, so cause more inflammation that in turn can cause pain, and more excitable feelings and general sensitivity.

Spirit is close at full moons so those who are old and tired of living may leave us if they so choose and we all do choose the time of death on subconscious levels.

Talk of death is appropriate as we move through the sign of Scorpio being all about endings and new beginnings.

Taurus however is about enjoyment of life and living – good food, wine and all pleasures of life that anchor us to this good old earth. It’s the sign of growing things ,earth itself and horticulture, taste and sight and other senses, the feel of fine cloth and the fur of soft animals, the sound of music and ability to sing.

Taurus is pure pleasure , but also can be a sign of inflexibility, and it is that inflexibility that can cause aches and pains when we refuse to move out of a situation that we are stuck in for whatever reason. Hence my aches which is a repetitive injury through using a keyboard too much.

Taurus and Scorpio are pleasure and pain after all.

Mercury has moved back into Libra until the 11th Nov in the last few days to help us through the complexities of the Full Moon energies.

And Venus has moved into Libra for 25 or so days until the 22nd Nov so both these planets will bring a smoother passage for major political events happening at this time.

Lets hope things ease up a bit in the “nasty” department in the weeks ahead until the Eclipses have taken everything out of our hands by mid December, as by then we wont have much choice but to make the most of what we have and according to the planets it will be considerable and a whole lot better than it is now.

Back to Libra for the moment as Venus is VERY at home in this sign that she rules and she does it so well.

This is the Venus of social niceties, of etiquette and protocol, a very well dressed elegant Venus who knows how to say the right thing at the right time, and is the perfect hostess who knows whom to seat next to whom at a special event.

She is politically correct and yet doesn’t take sides or if she does she does it with such grace that no one can take offence.

Venus in Libra is also a skilled interpreter, negotiator and adjudicator and brings a lovely feminine touch to the more ruthless influence that can come with the Scorpio energy of the weeks ahead.

Taureans and Librans will enjoy the influence of Venus in this sign and gain more attention than usual, and can even expect some romance in their lives if there hasn’t been any lately.
At the least they can expect some special events and outings to enjoy in the times ahead.

We can all use this Venus in LIbra influence to our advantage when we find ourselves in difficult situations as it will be easier to blend in with others and use a little courtesy to get us through any difficulties. It wont solve everything but it will help especially during this full moon we are experiencing, so hopefully whatever Sun and Uranus have planned will not turn out as radical as we fear it could.

Some brave peacemakers in unusual garb may be about to step up to pave the way to a smoother transition to our collective futures that astound us all.

With this Moon approach we may all feel a need for some extra love and care or attention but it’s a good thing to remember that others may be feeling the same, so self care and nurturing is a good idea if feeling a bit neglected, and remember to be mindful of sensitivities of others and their needs, also of how we speak , the tone of our voice which has the power to hurt others.

Be aware of those who lash out when feelings intensify and try not to take it personally. Seek time alone if needed. Be gentle on self and others in the days ahead.

We may not all be amazed and astounded at what this moon brings but many of us will be.

During this moon on my side of the world we will celebrate Beltane, the Spring festival of fertility and procreation while other parts of the world celebrate Sahmain when the veil between life and death is thinner than usual, which goes very well with the energies of Taurus and Scorpio.
There is much to celebrate and much to mourn

The Gibbous Moon phase has begun, the last before the Full Moon, a time for organizing, integrating, and planning, making sure everything is in order for the big event.
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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 19, 2016
Thank you Janne. I have been waiting for this forecast. It felt especially important.
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Collected Consciousness
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Jul 28, 2016
And the veil does feel very thin just now. Thank you.
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