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Jul 30, 2016
New Zealand
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Today is pretty special as Venus in Pisces is conjunct to Neptune at 24 degrees Pisces. This is a joyful, spiritual aspect, a reminder to stay positive no matter what as life has good things to offer us and we still can have fun and celebrate life and the higher aspects of it.

We have become conditioned to doubt and fear but now is the time to leave as much of that behind us as we can and start to really believe in a much better future. We must never give up believing that our energies are rising even if it doesnt feel like they are at times.

And of course Pisces will be feeling supported right now unless they have very badly afflicting planets holding them back. Some of the Venus/Neptune gifts may be spiritual rather than physical.

The Venus signs also will be feeling uplifted, Librans and Taureans.

But this energy is for all of us no matter what sign we are.

I will take a moment here to remind you that my page is not just about Astrology but all ancient wisdoms. However Astrology is about the timing of global events and the mood of the people, the psychology and the circumstances we find ourselves in, the great cycles. Its a science and an art.
We are coming out of the age of Kali which is a dark age and the timing of this is obscure but it ties in with the Age of Aquarius which some thought was here long ago but which most agree has now begun when Saturn and Jupiter entered this sign at the end of 2020 and then Pluto will enter next year to complete the process.

From ancient times there has been a promise of the “Golden Age”. Its written in many ancient scriptures and handed down by word of mouth such as the Upanishads… I have heard it spoken of by two avatars in my life time I have had personal contact with and know of a returning incarnation to herald in this New Age and he arrives in 2026.

I have also had a vision type dream that is imprinted in my memory of a Golden race of beings who arrive and I dreamt I was there with many others in great anticipation of their coming. Then we walked amongst them,and were able to touch them. Their skin was golden and there was a Golden Dog also and I woke puzzled about the Dog but after some thought realised that was a symbol of Sirius where we are said to have originated from.
I have seen it written that when human kind has raised their level of thinking and beliefs, this is when these beings will be ready to make contact again.

I also have felt negative and doubted as we are human in a 3 dimensional world but I KNOW this New Age is on its way.

There have been SO many signs in the last month of a raising of consciousness and life at last getting better. Sure there are still certain matters to get through as certain elite still control us and maybe some members of the U N believe they are taking care of people but others know they are controlling us and why. There is a better system of Gov not far away and all we individually need to do is believe it will be so, as it is the people who collectively are in charge of the future. We do have the power but we have to believe it and help change the system we are living in, leave fear behind us and believe more in the power of our own spirit as we operate on only one tenth of our total knowledge and power while here but now the planet and we on it are ready to make that breakthrough.

How this turns out is up to us as we all have choices and we all create our own reality as well. All I can offer you is to believe totally in self and your own power and seek help from the unseen force of spirit and those who have faith in the system to come without blame or fear if it doesn’t immediately happen as you think it should.

Tomorrow Mercury will trine Pluto 28 degrees Taurus and Capricorn, a very grounded trine that brings a certain feeling of validation and in depth thinking, as Pluto slows down to station the coming day at 28 degrees 36.

There is something auspicious about Pluto stationing near an eclipse in his opposite sign of Taurus, as he rules the following total lunar eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th May at 25 17 Scorpio. This one will be pretty much Perigee so its massively big for the planet and will bring the unexpected like never before.

In the meantime Pluto at station in two days is a turning point for the USA Pluto return so whatever effects this is bringing for that country and Gov is coming to a head and something has to give. A station point is where changes happen and people are making new decisions, reassessing the situation before they change direction if needed, world leaders too of course and those with Scorpio strong are most affected.

Station points are key dates for existing aspects globally and personally to make themselves known, and this is about power . Power comes from leadership and it comes from money and weapons, and in some cases nuclear weapons when Pluto is concerned.

Power comes from natural earth events as well of the explosive kind especially when eclipses are around.

The day Pluto stations is also bringing the move of Mercury into Gemini and I do think this is when the world communication system will undergo a great transformation as this is another Pluto power source, as he has rulership over transformation of the most dramatic kind.
Mercury will stay in Gemini until the 4th July as s/he will Rx in that sign and when s/he does , things turn right around as far as media and news is concerned.

We DO have some exciting times ahead with communication.

And speaking of power, an actual clash of power could occur at this station point in two days time or thereabouts and again triggered by the first or 2nd eclipse.

These eclipses began 19th Nov 2021 and happen every 6 months until Oct 2023.

These will sort out this huge crisis we are experiencing with global banking and finance/economy, the actual banking system. They will also, in the coming year sort out how wealth is distributed throughout the world and who should own land and why.

We have the elite wanting to run the show and maintain their status quo and the U N pandering to them, and then we have Govs who want a fairer system as well as the corrupt Govs, and then the fearful public who wonder how long their money will be safe in the banking system.

The eclipses also rule the world food supply as that’s Taurus. There are many different large and smaller world powers and business owners in this mix, some good people and some corrupt. Scorpio brings out the dark side but also helps transform everything in the blink of an eye.

The two eclipses ahead of us are lifechanging and some very powerful people are stepping up, one we know of to take control at least of the information coming to us and all it takes is one authentic source of truth to change the world and inform so many that they have been totally misinformed of certain facts that we should have heard of two years ago. The person doesn’t have to be a saint or perfect as if they were they wouldn’t be walking this planet at this time or not for long at least. If they get one thing right it could save the world.

We have at least two powerful people, with another I know of to come, changing the status quo in the world where no one else would dare so before we judge them evil and/or far too aggressive what of the real evil and aggressive beings that have taken us over in the last two years and we have accepted the deaths and the control/imprisonment as normal.

Even if it’s the country or state that is the prison or our own home, its still a prison.

The Taurus New Moon coming on the 30th in some countries, 1st here in NZ and in Aust is a partial eclipse. Traditionally this is a new beginning for Taurean type people, a relationship new beginning for Scorpios.

For all of us it’s the best time to make firm decisions (or the days towards the following crescent moon) on property matters, finances, security on any level, also on the areas of our lives that are important like homes and gardens, food , clothing, and other comforting things of life.

We are currently in the Balsamic moon phase which is an unfavorable time for beginning new projects, but favorable for closing something, putting it behind us, and for endings in general. A time for personal reflection, and tying up loose ends.

Keywords: Incubation; Preparation; Closure; Surrender
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Aug 15, 2016
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Thank you for the key words.
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