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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
It remains for us, therefore, to conclude this series of articles on vaccines, to explain the main objective that the RIC and SC seek with this particular covid-19.


You all already know, as you will have seen in the media, that some of them are already being tested with human volunteers in the final phases of clinical trials, there is also movement on the part of all the "actors" involved in the preparation of nanoids and their particular programming for this supposed solution to the "pandemic". As we have already commented that the objective of the vaccine is to introduce these nanoids into the body, we are going to see what programming has been created for the nanochips that they will try to imbue in the WFI (Water for Injection) that we explained in the previous article.

Control of the global psyche

We return to the subject of masks. We had explained that its use is intended to insert certain programs and behaviors into the human psyche. What the nanoids intend to do is to reinforce this programming, "physically" activating the behaviors previously imbued in the mental spheres through the connection with the mental macro-field that we had explained, which was used as a "bridge" by the "etheric threads" that they had inserted in the "mask etheric mold," and we already indicated how to erase and deprogram our psyche so that no trace of it remains.

How can it be activated "physically," with nanotechnology, "mental" behaviors and behavior patterns?

We commented on some occasion, and you can review this conference on the functioning of the human psyche, that all our behaviors are recorded in what is called the "behavioral pattern," an "energetic" sheet present in the mental spheres, made of a protein called seroglobulin which contains, in its mental counterpart, all the programs and patterns of behavior that we have in the psyche and that allow us to behave in a certain way or another. The behavioral pattern, to describe it generically, is the database of the mind that contains all the possible ways of acting in the world that we have programmed.

These behavioral pattern programs, which contain thousands of possible "answers" that dictate how we "react" or behave, are the basis for human programming, since from here they are connected to the mental spheres where those same programs of behavior also exist, as well as the personality, on the surface of the sphere of consciousness, where the "ego" program for managing the whole psyche "activates" the "I" or "sub-personality" that it requires at each moment to deal with every situation that we find in our reality.

My "serious me" or my "funny me"?

As an example, so that it is understood. If I am in a business meeting, I need to have and adopt a certain body posture, tone of voice, attitude and behavior to be able to carry out that meeting, since, in general, there are a certain series of "rules" that are common and accepted by all to be able to "do business" (in general, then there are always exceptions). But in any case, the mental process is always the same.

In the behavioral pattern we have certain behavioral routines already programmed either from the collective unconscious, either through the media, belief systems, or through the connection with egregores or other data repositories at the mental level, etc., where the RIC and CS dump "what" they want to imbue in our psyche. Through the physical and extra-physical senses on the one hand, and the programs of the preconscious mental sphere that are "plugged in" at all levels of collective unconscious, on the other, all of them are received and recorded in the behavior pattern of all these reactions, archetypes, programs and parameters. Take for example, two of those that are supposed to be consistent with "proper" behavior in business or a work meeting: "serious" behavior and "formality" program and behavior.

It is obvious that all human beings, in general, know how to behave more or less seriously and more or less formally if they need it, but, for this behavior to be in us, it has had to be previously recorded in the pattern of behavior, and this has happened on most occasions, in childhood, through experiences in the family, at school, etc., which “required” those “attitudes”. Since we have all lived and been in situations where we have required, seen and observed "what has to be done to be serious" or "how one should behave when they ask for formality," we have captured, inserted, imbued and programmed these behavior patterns in us through multiple ways and channels.

Searching for and activating the "most appropriate" behavior

When we are in a certain situation in which the "ego program" detects that it would be "advisable" to present a certain "formality" and "seriousness," it looks in the behavioral pattern for "how" that seriousness and formality should be expressed: facial movements, posture body, tone of voice, vocabulary and appropriate expressions, etc., and, all "that," that is already in our internal data banks, "connects" it to one of our sub-personalities by fragmentation of the surface of the sphere of consciousness, creating the "serious self" and the "formal self," as two individual characters within the whole of the personality, who then put themselves in "control" of our entire mental structure for as long as necessary, controlling to the last muscle of the body and all the emotional and mental part, so that, from the outside, this "seriousness" and "formality" in my behavior towards others can be appreciated.

In this way, during the time in which the external environment analysis programs believe that it is necessary to maintain this type of behavior, I can show myself to the world, "naturally" and without much effort on my part (because everything is done in an automaton way by the programs of the mind), as a "serious" and "formal" person if it is that I have believed (my ego program) that it was convenient.

This is generic and just so you can see how it works, because I'm sure that in some other business meeting more than one "ego" program has put the "cynical me" in control, the "angry me," the "shy me," the "committed me" or the "irascible me". But he has always done the same thing, to look in the pattern of behavior for "how" he thinks he should act on each occasion according to what is convenient, according to other past experiences, according to the memories of other encounters with these people, according to future perspectives of what expected to be obtained from that meeting, etc.

Therefore, it is a program, because it is what it literally is, what determines how we show and behave before the world for the majority of people, on most occasions, and, to determine that behavior, it always does it by looking at the mind databases what it is most appropriate to behave at each moment.

How do you make someone behave in a certain way by "forcing" one program or another?

So just as the behaviors of the behavioral pattern are connected to the personality "I's" in the sphere of consciousness, they are also "chemically" encoded in the neural networks of the brain, so that there is a connection that follows a path of the type -> neural network -> program in mental sphere -> program in behavioral pattern -> "subpersonality" in the sphere of consciousness in control of the avatar as a whole for a certain time.

Therefore, you can activate a specific behavior in a person influencing from various points of this "route," both by manipulating the sphere of consciousness in his mental body (for example, an entity coupled with it can do it), directly manipulating the programs of the mental spheres (it can be done by an etheric-mental implant in them or an entity) or it can be done by a set of nanoids sending pulses to the area of the brain where this program is connected.

The latter is the main objective of this vaccine, to enhance the compliance, submission and related programs that we explained in the article on masks, thus reinforcing its massive activation throughout humanity.

Why are they so obsessed with human "submission"?

First, the because RIC and CS are slowly, but without pause, losing control over us, and, on the other, because they seek to "homogenize" humanity as much as possible in our behavior models to make "easier,” from their point of view, the management of society, since, now, they intervene in each region, in each country and in each collective unconscious almost separately and in a more particular way when they seek to introduce certain behaviors, manipulate society towards something or achieve a goal. So the goal that the Asimoss are obsessed with is to try to make the entire psyche of all human beings on the planet be as close to the Chinese psyche (the North Korean they would like better, but there is a level of programming in that society impossible to implement in all humanity on a large scale). Personally I think it is something that they will never achieve because we will be constantly intervening against it, but that does take away that the Asimoss have it "between their eyebrows," and those are the orders they give to the CS continuously.

How do programs connect to neural networks?

The brain is divided into what are generically called "Brodmann areas," and different behaviors, programs, and mental functions depend on different neural networks in several of these areas. So, in this case, the "submission" and compliance "programs," and all those related that may have settled in us with the use of the masks, or that we already had before and have not been deprogrammed, mainly have their "neural" counterpart in Brodmann's zone number 16 (they are numbered from the 1 to 47), which is where the nanoids of the "covid" vaccine are being programmed to place, couple and act.

This Brodmann area occupies most of the insula and is responsible for helping to process aspects such as pain, temperature and the ability to speak, swallow and move the vocal cords, so I suspect that you can see the relationship between the use of masks as "muzzle" to "silence" the population, the concepts of "compliance" and "submission" and the brain area where the nanoids of the vaccine are intended to be located.

How do these nanoids activate "submission" and derivative programs?

It is obvious that a vaccine does not make you "submissive" or "compliant" all at once, or by magic, or from one day to the next. The RIC and CS always think in the medium and long term and in this case what the nano-pulses of the nanoids do is activate those neural networks and the area of the brain where the "compliance" program and the rest of them are encoded. As these neural networks are activated, the synaptic connections in turn send "activate" pulses to the preconscious sphere, which analyzes to which "behavioral program" the activation pulses received from the brain correspond.

The management programs of this mental sphere then look in which part of the other mental spheres the behaviors of "compliance" are programmed, as well as looking for the instructions for their external "manifestation" in the behavior pattern. With all this, it sends new "pulses" with orders to activate the program "such," and these programs are "activated" and gain some more power within the whole of our personality, making the "I such" of the personality grow in potential, which, then, little by little, very little by little, it is gaining strength as one of the main "sub-characters" of all of us, and, at a minimum there are external stimuli that require "to obey" (an order from a government with rules on something, or simply someone or something perceived as "superior" that tells us to do such a thing), the "submissive self," or the "I accept," or the "compliant self," for example, is activated immediately, as it has enough potential so that it is always "on the surface" and more or less "automatically" we are obeying the "instructions," complying with rules and accepting impositions.

Instructions and norms presented and programmed as necessary and beneficial

On the other hand, the programming and the process described so far would not work if they were not “accompanied” and “presented” as something positive and necessary, so that other programs of the psyche “validate” them and assist in their activation, compliance and enforcement.

This is because if they try to make us perform a behavior that goes directly against what most human beings consider acceptable, and without justification, the same contradictions in the programming that we have would reject instructions for behaviors that are not "considered" valid by our mental architecture. Since no one wants to be silenced for good, our base programming would flatly reject a measure of this style if it were not reinforced and accompanied by programming of "it is beneficial for you," no matter how much it is a lie, a trick of the RIC and CS, but repeated at nauseam. Therefore, everything that is wanted to be achieved through the massive and social manipulation of the human psyche, always has to be imbued as something necessary, positive and beneficial for the population, whether it is true or not.

Cross programming, multiple responses, and the complexity of the topic

So, as you can see, this process has many other components and its effectiveness and that they make society behave in a specific way is not determined by a single program that they imbue and try to activate with nanotechnology, but depends on the complex interaction among all the other parts of our psyche.

If someone has a huge "rebellious self" by nature, they will always win over the "submissive self" unless the "submissive self" overtakes them with months of continuous activation by which the nanoids make them gain more power. If one is a nonconformist, or there is a more powerful "I don't feel like" self, then the personality reactions will vary according to the circumstances and, no matter how much the "submissive" self is forced with pulses, the self will come out "I don't feel like it" most of the time.

Hence the intention of the RIC that this "submissive self" and its variants are well present in all human beings, first through the subject of masks, and then through constant activation through nanotechnology in neural networks, until it grows, and grows, and grows, and be a part of the personality that "wins" over the others over time, no matter how long it takes them to achieve it.

As you may have already noticed, there is already fear and reluctance to hug each other, there is fear of being close to each other and there is fear of shaking hands with each other. There are those who reproach you for not keeping your distance if you get in line within two meters of him or her, there are those who get up from a seat on the bus and change seats if they see you with the mask under the nose or lowered. Without a vaccine, these behaviors are already ingrained in almost all human beings and have taken only a few months to achieve.

In any case, we must continue deprogramming and disassembling this story as much as we can, so now we start with the following petition to eliminate and neutralize all the nanoids that are being prepared with this programming.

Working on the ready-made filters and the already-imbued nanoids in the WFI

The Serum Institute in India is the largest vaccine production plant on the planet, and although pharmaceutical companies scattered around the globe have the capacity to manufacture the small batches of the vaccines they commercialize, which seems to be underway (according to current scenarios mentally and captured by our Higher Selves), is the use of these huge plants in the city of Pune for the manufacture of the millions of doses that presumably they want next year to start distributing.

So what we will do is ask our Higher Selves to, through micro-EMP, disable the nanoids already present in the filters of the machinery of these facilities and other similar, but smaller ones, in other places where the CS also has manufacturing plants, and that they be completely canceled. It seems that production has not yet started, since the final antigen has not yet been delivered by the CS to the pair of pharmaceutical companies that, apparently, will "win" the race to "find" the final and most "effective vaccine," but yes they already have millions of liters of WFI ready for manufacture, and that is where we will intervene.

The reason why our Higher Selves can "enter" to disable this type of nanoids is because of their size. If we wanted to disable the entire machine, the electromagnetic pulse that would be necessary would have to be generated by any other physical means, in order to send a "wave" of such great power that it disables the machinery, but, since we are working with elements the size of atoms, and our Higher Selves have energetic filaments that connect them with all the planes of the planet, a nano pulse from a Higher Self can "fry through the ether” literally thousands of nanoids of which the monads that make up that nanoid are part, let's put it like this.

Petition and coding

For this process, we will continue as we have done so far in the previous petitions, and we will code this one with the number 6.

I request my Higher Self and give permanent permission to execute the elimination, destruction and inactivation of all nanoids imbued in the so-called "Water for Injection," present in vaccine manufacturing facilities that exist all over the planet and where they are infusing, or have infused, the nanoids that are to be introduced into the population with the vaccines in preparation.​
I request and give permanent permission to my Higher Self to initiate the series of electromagnetic pulses with the power necessary to destroy all the nanoids that it can access through the connections and filaments that it has with the physical plane and all its sub-levels of the planet, and that the deactivation and elimination of those that are still present in my avatar continue to be executed.​
I request and give permanent permission to my Higher Self to collaborate with the groups, forces, hierarchies and beings that, under the coordination of the planetary logos, work for the greater good of humanity to disable, dismantle and stop this manipulation of avatars and the human psyche, and to completely deactivate the nanotechnology present in the components that make up the vaccine that is being prepared against this "pandemic".​
I request my Higher Self and give permanent permission to alter the functioning of the connections between nanoids, causing disruption in the elements of emission and reception of instructions from the technological systems installed in the collective unconscious and physical-energetic, etheric and mental structures of the planet, so that they cannot receive any type of parameter, instruction or order that allows them to function or start up their internal electronic and mechanical systems.​
I request my Higher Self and I give permanent permission to energetically alter the chemical composition of the so-called “Water for Injection,” rendering its purity useless by recombination of the monads that form the elements of Hydrogen and Oxygen present in it and making it inappropriate and impossible to use for the production of vaccines.​
I request and give permanent permission to my Higher Self for this request to be extended to all souls and super-souls of all human beings, so that they can execute it on their avatars and energy systems if they wish, even when their personalities have not been able to access to the content of this request due to ignorance or inability to understand it.​
I request that the above petition be encoded as "petition 6"​
I request that the petitions 1 to 6 be executed. Thank you.​

Remember that for petitions 1 to 5 to be executed, you must have coded them as we explained. Let's see how the RIC and CS react to this and what counter-offensive they launch.

A hug,

David Topí

Part 2 can be found here.

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,
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