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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
Today we are going to touch on a controversial issue, which arouses concern, worry, which pits millions of people against each other, as it has as many followers as detractors, and which is the basis for another of the manipulations that human beings have suffered for quite some time.


As we did with the explanations about mobile telephony, what happens with each generation of antennas and what each of them are used for (you have the series of articles in the blog archives for April and May), we are going to investigate the question of vaccines at the levels of reality that concern us: physical, etheric and mental, and we will see that not everything that it is said against them is completely true, nor is everything that it is said in favor of them.

As always, the RIC and CS use elements imposed by themselves to create a certain problem and then present solutions to what was created, facilitated and presented as "something positive" for us, which then, as always, has a "trick" and serves them for other purposes beyond what is explained to the population or what has been promoted as a benefit. So, whether we are for or against vaccines, let's see if we can shed a little light on what is behind it, both as a positive part, in certain limited aspects, and as a negative part, in other broader and unknown aspects.

Investigation and development

The entire process of creating a vaccine goes through tens of thousands of hours of research, and that is done in hundreds of companies, and there are thousands of professionals looking to prevent diseases. So we will go directly to the topic explaining that, in the vaccine, the elements that are used mainly against humanity are diluted in the aqueous solution that is used as a base for the antigen and the adjuvants, which are the "active" components, being this aqueous solution what pharmaceutical companies need to be able to create an injectable product in the blood system.

Vaccine components

Roughly speaking, and to give some brushstrokes that allow us to develop the theory, every vaccine is made up of the following:

  • Immunizing antigen. It is basically the active principle of the vaccine, what causes the immune response in the body to the virus of the disease that is trying to prevent.
  • Aqueous suspension liquid. It is usually a saline solution, distilled water or sometimes products derived from the cultures necessary to obtain the vaccines.
  • Preservatives, stabilizers and antibiotics. They are substances used to stabilize the different components of the vaccine or to prevent contamination by other microorganisms or its degradation. Sometimes they can produce allergic or toxic reactions (gelatins, aminoglycosides, polymyxin B, formaldehyde, etc., are used).
  • Adjuvants They are compounds incorporated into vaccines to increase the immunogenicity of antigens or prolong their effect, making it possible to reduce the amount of these and the number of injections that we have to give so that the body's response is the minimum necessary. In general, they provoke a stimulus that enhances the immune response. The most commonly used adjuvants in vaccines are, for example, aluminum salts, others that are called MF59, AS04, virosomes, etc. In the internet you have detailed information if you want to delve into it.

Therefore, vaccines, in their effectiveness, will be more or less good, they will have more or fewer side effects, they will be a problem or will cease to be a problem depending on the antigen and how much or how they help the immune system to deal with viruses, pathogens and others, but this is not the goal of the RIC and CS, and that a vaccine causes an allergic reaction or mild or serious side effects is not something that matters to them. What matters to them is that it can be injected, and that the components imbued in the aqueous solution that serves as a substrate for the vaccine enter our blood system.

Nanoids, microscopic technology

Here begins what perhaps some of you already consider fiction. Vaccines contain nanoids. They are tiny, microscopic particles that mix with the aqueous solution, usually an isotropic saline solution that allows the "normal" components of the vaccine to be infused into a syringe and then injected into the body.

These nanoids are like micro-micro-micro chips, and each ml contains millions of them. As you have seen them in movies or have read about them, the name will not sound strange to you. It is Asimoss technology, delivered to the CS companies that are the ones that provide pharmaceutical companies with the liquid base so that they can then manufacture the millions of doses that they have to put into circulation in the market. Therefore, it does not matter which pharmaceutical company creates the vaccine for such disease or another (that is left to the fights and distribution of power in the lower levels of the CS to take the largest piece of the economic pie associated with the issue).

Since they all have a unique aqueous solution in which the final product researched and developed is diluted, all vaccines in the world have nanoids, whichever the pharmaceutical company they come from. All the world, all human beings, from the first vaccine that they give us as children, we have millions of components of this nanotechnology running through our bloodstream and causing micro dysfunctions in the body.

What are "nanoids"? What do they do?

Chip technology and systems have advanced so far that our most modern processors, a next-generation Intel of whatever, for example, carry millions of transistors in a micrometer space. That can be seen with a powerful microscope and can be observed to work on them. Now, then, imagine chips millions of times smaller, with the same power and the same capacities, but impossible to be captured by our most powerful equipment today. That is nanotechnology and they are the nanoids that are used, in this case, in vaccines.

It is a development of the Asimoss, at levels of scale that they, with their technological systems, dominate, so if we had a powerful enough microscope and put a vial of a vaccine under it, we would see these "nanochips" floating inside between the atoms of water. Furthermore, these nanoids are programmed to "do things,” so when they enter the body, they adhere to certain organs, become embedded in blood components, insert themselves into the nucleus of our cells, and couple to brain neurons. etc.

When and why did they start using them on us?

They began to develop at the moment in which the Asimoss saw the possibility of manipulating the avatar "from within," in addition to everything that is already done "from the outside," and they began to experiment and test its effects and look for the best way to force all human beings to carry these nanoids running around inside.

Since the only way that everyone, or a large part of the population, agrees to inject something like this (without knowing it) is by creating health problems in their own body, they began to generate more and more diseases, which they then tried to prevent with vaccination in most cases, so that the population accepted, little by little, the need for vaccines because, in general, we see that they can be effective against some diseases that the RIC and CS have wanted to use as testing laboratory and "Troy Horse".

Once humanity "sees" that certain diseases decrease or disappear with the use of vaccines (hence they have part of effectiveness, certain veracity and preventive use, because that is how it has been wanted to be able to "demonstrate" their effectiveness and convince of their need) has been becoming aware of the obligation that, from childhood, we are all vaccinated, and, therefore, all physical avatars on the planet contain nanoids, which limit, block, activate, damage or manipulate the person from "inside," at a physiological, chemical and organic level.

All this in a subtle, general, global way, little by little, over decades, with no way of proving (in some cases yes, in most cases it is impossible) that the degeneration of the body is produced on the one hand by the natural "expiration" processes that we have, and, on the other hand, due to the action of nanotechnology that little by little damages the avatar so that its functioning becomes increasingly deficient over time and the general health of the population does not exceed certain "accepted" limits. But that is just the beginning.

Why this control of the "health" of the avatar?

If you remember, in the monograph on the creation of the human being, we mentioned that we have DNA from about 20 races, which gave some gene here some gene there, so that the Asimoss could create the "homo sapiens" model that we now "conduct".

Since the DNA of all these races, if it were active, functional, not inhibited or blocked, would endow us with enormous potentials, there came a time in the history of humanity in which the planet's own vibrational frequency, and with it of the cells of our body, could, by "resonance," begin to activate part of that "dormant" and latent DNA, as well as the energy capacities associated with it.

So, from the RIC's point of view, something had to be put in place that, "from within" the body, would limit and reduce the body's own potential, prevent the unwanted activation of "non-human" genes, and make the avatar not manifest our own Asimoss potential imbued in us, plus the Amoss potential, plus the potential of other race, thus, until the 20 or so of which we have all or many of their capabilities.

On the other hand, it is not only about blocking the potential imbued in those "sleeping" genes, but also preventing the appearance of the physical characteristics that they manifest, since some of these genes could result, if they are activated with all their genetic content, in webbed fingers, in some tail-like protrusions, in some deformation on the back related to old "wings" that some Amoss and Asimoss subspecies still have, etc.

This means that nanoids, in general, are and serve to prevent the unwanted activation of what we have by "default" embedded and encoded in us, and for this they adhere to the DNA helices, they are embedded in the cells, they couple to the neural networks of the brain and the heart, etc., and, by means of energy pulses, and by means of "barriers" created by the union of many millions of nanoids, they prevent the body from unlocking anything that, originally, they did not want us to use or manifest as part of the potential and "natural" characteristics present in our avatar.

A "recent problem"

This possible "spontaneous" activation of "junk" and "sleeping" DNA was not a problem until, say, a couple of centuries ago at the most, since before the frequency of the planet was not high enough that, by resonance, our own genes will start to fire out of control. So when the RIC and CS detected the first cases of activation and disinhibition of potentials, as well as physical malformations in the avatars, and they saw that they were going to get out of hand as soon as everyone raised their vibration one or two more hertz by simply stepping on the ground of this planet, they decided that the solution was to introduce microscopic technology into the organism that would keep those capacities limited and the DNA blocked as much as possible.

To do this, little by little they handed over medical knowledge to humanity on how to prevent diseases through vaccination, but, before that, they created lots of diseases all over the planet to be able to supply and create vaccines for them (problem created - solution "facilitated"), they delivered the technology that allowed mass vaccination and the manufacture of millions of doses (the scientific advances of the last century in this field), they imbued, not in the vaccine, but in the liquid substrate all the nanoids programmed in a generic way that I have explained to you, and, since then, to maintain control over vaccination, and force everyone to be vaccinated so that the entire population has nanoids, they continue to regularly create diseases like this one that we are experiencing, and continue to develop new vaccines to cure them or keep them at bay, not eradicate them because this means that then there is a dose of vaccines that you no longer use (if there was a definitive vaccine against the flu, which exists, it would no longer be necessary to do annual vaccination, for example).

Then, if they finally decide to eradicate a disease from somewhere, such as the polio that a couple of months ago the WHO declared eradicated in Africa, it is to maintain the narrative that vaccines work and that, thanks to them, such disease no longer exists in such area.

With this, and following the sequential logic that I explained to you in the previous article of "if this then the other," the human psyche "sees" and accepts that the disease process - then vaccination - then disease disappears (over the years) is correct, validates it, considers it coherent and, therefore, sustains it as part of the reality "accepted" and agreed upon by all for the whole of humanity.

And the side effects of vaccines?

Exist, and there are many, and almost all are due to nanoids, some may be the fault of antigens, and the combination of elements used for it that are not always compatible with all human bodies, but, most, it is due to the nanotechnology that is inserted into the body.

And it is logical in a certain way, our immune system is not prepared to fight against "microchips," which, when it detects and perceives them, it tries to attack them with everything it has, raising the body temperature, for example, being fever is a very common reaction to vaccines. Thus, depending on the configuration that each avatar has, both physically, depending on your blood group, and energy level, the symptoms can vary and the body can deal with more or less capacity against this invading element, until the programming embedded in the nanoids inserts the instructions of "we are friends" (we are going to put it like this to understand each other) in the avatar management programs and the body stops fighting against them when receiving the "chemical codes" that "it" is not an "invader".

Many elements involved

The subject is complicated, and in the following article I will go into more detail, but to understand the process, when the nanoids enter the body they begin to release pulses with information "we are friends" to the cells of the immune system. This takes between a few hours to a couple of days to be collected by it, transferred to the brain, and, from there, processed by the programming of the metabolic pattern, in the pre-conscious mental sphere, which "accommodates" them in its data base as part of the "natural" elements of the body.

Once the body management programs accept that the nanoids are not "bad," the whole psyche management ego program commands the instinctual center (located at the etheric and mental level in the second chakra) to accept the instructions and "operations" that nanoids carry out in the body, and then neither the organs reject them after a couple of days of fighting them, nor the whole immune system considers them a danger.

Managing the nanoids "by remote control"

But it does not end here. How do the nanoids know that they must go to DNA or how do they know that they have to go to block a series of neural networks or how do they know that they must inhibit "something" that is being activated in humans?

Well, it is done by "remote control". But this remote control is also in our mind, since it is handled by programs that are located in the conscious mental sphere, which have been installed in it through the preconscious mental sphere.

And from where does the pre-conscious mental sphere get the nanoid control programs?

Well, as we have already said many times, all the programming of the human being, or the majority, comes through the connection of the collective unconscious of the timeline 33, from where all the routines and control programs of the avatar are "turned over," descend and install in the human psyche, and through them, the nanoids are "ordered" to perform one function or another according to what the Asimoss have in mind in each annual vaccination "campaign," since, as you know, every year it is recommended to get vaccinated against the flu for example, and especially children, up to 12 or 13 years old, are vaccinated against various diseases every X time.


Collective unconscious humanity

Preconscious mental filter

Through a channel, everything that each human being thinks and mentally generates is uploaded to the collective unconscious

Through another channel, only what is necessary to program the preconscious sphere is downloaded and accepted by the intermediate filter

Brain, Cerebellum

Pre-conscious mind sphere, Contains the paradigm and archetypes of the creation of reality

Conscious mental sphere

The brain through the cerebellum sends the information received to the preconscious sphere

Send to the conscious mind everything that it considers necessary to execute and process​

In some ways, it is literally like inserting remote control cars into the racetrack that represents the blood and the body, and placing the remotes in the mind, with the programs on how to steer nanoids from the metabolic pattern and instinctual center. But these programs are not embedded in us as standard, since we were not created to support nanotechnology in our base programming, so from the collective unconscious 33 the commands are installed that then are passed to the conscious sphere that then direct the operation of the nanoids in the body.

Do we need vaccines to prevent disease?

No, but with nuances. It should be borne in mind that most of the diseases that they seek to prevent have been created by the RIC and CS, and are created to affect as many people as possible in a specific area of the planet. Due to our troodon and hominid base, from the manu and the lhulu, we have an immune system that is capable of dealing with anything that exists on Earth in a natural way, that is, all the viruses, pathogens and bacteria on the planet, they cannot make us sick if we have a healthy and strong immune system.

Therefore, since the "animal" base that we have is already codified to prevent diseases of the natural environment in which we have developed, the RIC and CS have had to create "unnatural" diseases (no matter how much they say otherwise), already that no virus in its natural state is a problem for the body's immune system in its optimal state of operation.

To avoid this, because if no one gets naturally sick there is no way to convince of the need to be vaccinated, all the diseases of the last centuries are the product of manipulated and genetic variation of pathogens, viruses and bacteria present in our natural ecosystem. When you modify a small virus so that the body's system no longer recognizes it, and then it becomes ill because of the energy instructions encoded in the virus (we have already explained how this works in this other article), that is when a medical "solution" based on in the prevention of diseases through vaccination, creating the antigens that will help the immune system to deal with something that it does not know how to solve (because it is not "natural" and we do not have serial coded instructions for it) and thus achieving that, within the vaccine, millions of nanoids are infused that have other functions beyond prevention or caring for the health of our body.

Are the pharmaceutical companies aware of this?

Some of the members of these yes, others no. Some companies are responsible for research on antigens, active ingredients, and components intended to alleviate a disease, and do not care, know or are part, since they are outsourced to third parties, of the mass manufacturing process that is needed to create millions of doses when you already have the final compound, the "master vaccine," to call it that.

Leaders of companies in the pharmaceutical sector that belong to the CS, and there are many, know it perfectly, perhaps researchers, doctors and laboratory technicians have no idea or can never detect this type of nanotechnology, since it is not introduced into what they develop neither during the testing periods nor the phases through which the development of a vaccine passes to prove its effectiveness, but rather it is only introduced at the end at the moment of mass production and, as we have said, within the aqueous and liquid substrate that makes it easy for a vaccine to be injectable.

Can we do something against this?

Yes, in the next article we will get to work to deprogram and disable the nanoids present in us, which can be done without problems, and we will talk about the issue of the vaccine that is being prepared to "solve" this "pandemic" now that we have the theoretical basis, I hope, although it arouses disbelief in many, to understand the processes that the RIC and CS seek with each disease they launch and then with the healing processes that they propose for it.

Remember that you have several methods to verify this information with your Higher Self, and, thus, some programs of the mental spheres activated to discard this type of knowledge will not be activated as much and you will be able to integrate and let this pass through the filters of the mind and what we will continue to explain in subsequent publications.

A hug,

David Topí

Part two can be found here.

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,
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Nov 1, 2018
Today we are going to touch on a controversial issue, which arouses concern, worry, which pits millions of people against each other
It is not so controversial if people allow others to have their own opinion, and choose their own path. Problems happen when people want to force others to take a certain path, thereby negating their free will.
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Aug 29, 2017
by least of all, there is always a thing to keep reflection on to see bigger than the moment reading it

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