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Aug 7, 2016
Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia
Bernie submitted a new transients.info article.

Unspun News 161111

“From Pennsylvania to California, Oregon and Washington, hundreds of people hit the streets to voice their opposition to Mr Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton.“ So much for all this democratic voting nonsense, eh?

ROBERT FISK - “A view of the Syrian war from the Golan Heights - Whose side is Israel on?”

PCR - re the US election, and who won and how.
And further comment - “The Ruling Elite Is Protected from the Consequences of its Dominance”

“Iraqi Kurdistan Asks Russia for...
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Jul 28, 2016
I thought the Sputnik News article on Trump was a very well-articulated look at how much of the world must view our election results. I'm still amazed at how many sheeple here in the US still have "the wool pulled over their eyes!

I suspect a great many of them see this as an end to their "free ride" and are expressing their rage, but they should certainly have enough sense to know that nothing is truly free with these folks. They'll fleece the nation and then strip us of our rights without so much as a second thought.

Time to put a stop to that kind of thinking and action!

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