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David Topi

Metaphysical & Spiritual Teacher
Jun 13, 2017
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It is difficult to imagine that, a computer, Word, notepad or Paint could make decisions for themselves when executing or passing information between themselves. At the end of the day, it is an operating system programmed to activate when an external element, let's say a human being, executes the necessary operations to open that program, give the appropriate commands or buttons, and carry out the operations it wants to do, being the Human "operator,” the only one who remains aware and knows the reason of what he is doing and why he is doing it.

In the mind, which we always assimilate to a huge and complex operating system, things work the same, with the "operator" that is the ego program performing consciously (since this program is self-conscious and is recognized as an intelligent and self-sufficient entity within set of the psyche of each avatar) all the necessary tasks so that the mental spheres and the mechanisms that govern the cognitive processes of the human being can take place. Without the management of the ego program, we could not think, nor regulate the functioning of the human body, nor store data and memories, nor manage memory to retrieve them later, nor project reality or make sense of it in the analysis process, etc.

But the ego program is not the different "I's" or characters that make up our personality, since these are also self-conscious programs that are subordinate to the ego program. However, our "I's" are versions of all the aspects that make up who we are at the personality level, and they have all the necessary components at the level of intelligence and consciousness to see ourselves as "conscious entities" in their own right within the psyche. That is to say, my "happy self,” when he is in control of the personality because the ego program has activated him, he behaves, feels and perceives himself as a full-fledged being, aware of himself, with his analytical capacity, in control of all the programs of the mental spheres, of the behavioral and emotional patterns that govern the “happy” part of myself, with access to all my memory banks, with control of the motor and physiological functions that make me feel “happy” physically, etc. Thus, as we have thousands of "I's" on the surface of the consciousness sphere, with their data banks and energy forms in the mental and emotional body, and with hundreds of programs and archetypes in the mental spheres at their service, we also have, then, thousands of "voices" in the psyche that are all recognized as "I,” especially when they are activated, they talk to each other and to the ego program, these "conversations" being part of the noise and mental chatter that occurs continuously in our head.

The "observing me,” the "me" that I am

So that I can realize this, of course, there is a part of me that, in Mental Deprogramming courses we call the Me Observer, which is "I,” the one who now identifies as David, for example, and that I can be aware of myself and be aware of the rest of my "selves". This "me observer" is the only or almost the only "I" that is recognized as the one that acts as a link between the Higher Self, the soul and the rest of the personality, hence the name "observer,” since it can "observe,” when it is active and strengthened, everything that happens in the psyche, and, therefore, we are aware of our thoughts, we are aware of our noises and mental delusions, we are aware of how we continuously jump from one idea to another, etc. When the "observing self" is not pending, because we are focused on any other task and our consciousness is focused on something else with the "I" corresponding to that task in command, the chatter between "I's,” the ego and other components it does not stop, but, since the "observer" is not active (because you are aware of other activities and you are not self-observing) then, for a while, for a while, you are unaware of all that internal activity that is going on in the sphere of consciousness.

Other self-aware components

However, there are many more parts of us that are self-aware of themselves and are also under the command of the ego program, and that are used by the personality “I's”: the higher hierarchical archetypes and programs that are recognized as “conscious automatisms” with decision-making capacity in the field in which they act and are programmed to act. That is, we are all born and received through the Collective Unconscious to which we are connected thousands of programs and archetypes that are activated as necessary to be able to deal with the “data” that the physical and extra physical senses perceive from the outside, to create the reality we live in and then decode it and make sense of it, to interact with other reality bubbles and the people who are generating them, etc. Therefore, at the time of designing the human psyche, after dozens of changes and improvements, in homo sapiens, finally, a hierarchy of self-conscious systems was left that could make certain decisions for themselves and communicate with other "mental systems" to facilitate the whole process of "existing" as a human.


Global paradigm: installed in the preconscious mental sphere
Installed in all spheres of mind
Archetype 1 They manage all the programs and knowledge on a topic Archetype 2 Archetype N
Knowledge, patterns, individual ideas on a specific topic
Mental body: repository of data information used by programs, archetypes and paradigm for the management of the person's mind​

For this reason, our behaviors, decisions and attitudes are not only governed by the characters that make up our character, the emotions that these govern and develop in the emotional body or the type of energy we have on an etheric and physical level, but also, we are determined by the sum of the decisions of all the self-conscious components that have a margin of freedom to activate and execute, without the ego program ordering it, because, precisely, this was done to give it a little more freedom and decrease its management burden, "delegating" "simple" things, first to the "I's" of the personality, and then to the programs and archetypes of the mind.

It is something like if we let Word activate and write a few sentences from time to time on its own when the system as a whole considers it necessary to save certain data that has entered through the microphone captured from outside, without the "human operator" double-clicking on the Word icon and start typing. Then, Word would have a certain communication capacity to tell the File Explorer program that it has created a file on its own, and this Archiver program would have enough self-awareness to be able to register it in the file list. Windows, as a whole operating system, is aware of this, but lets the programs act alone within these ranges to make it easier for you to keep the whole thing running. In the same way, the ego program is aware and monitors the automatic activation by themselves of many "routine" functions of the mental processes, which have some scope to "do things" in the mind, without being given any specific external instructions to do so.

In a way, this seems like a fairly optimized system and that usually works quite well, but, in general, it causes a lot of energy expenditure and many functions executing on their own, since they have self-awareness and have programmed a margin of action for it, but also it causes continuous chaos (medium regulated by the ego program) and a lot of mental noise, which is not always in accordance with the greater good of the higher levels of our structure.

That is, if for any reason you need to do a task, because of your obligations, because of your commitments, because of your work, for whatever reason, but one of your programs or archetypes of higher hierarchical rank related to any other topic at that moment is activated. by some other trigger, and these programs are putting an "I" in command that is not the right one for that task, at those times you are not even close to the right mental, emotional, etheric and physical state to do that task that the outside world requires of you (and that other parts of you want and need to carry out). How the behavioral activation hierarchy is controlled by a two-way mechanism, which we will now explain, sometimes the programs and archetypes rule, or sometimes the ego program and the higher levels rule. Let's see what this means.

A "top-down" activation hierarchy

In a hierarchical "normal" structure, the instructions for managing our mind, reality and earthly experiences would follow this order:

Higher Self - has the global vision of all earthly experience, knows the sacred plot, knows what the "greater good" is at all times, "perceives" forward and backward in time, always makes the decisions most aligned with the evolutionary plan of each one and always offers the most appropriate "advice" within the global computation of experiences, lessons, learnings and experiences that lie ahead. If its instructions and advice were always “executed,” the earthly experience would always manifest itself according to the highest vision of each one of us in all aspects of our life ->

Soul- Receives the instructions, advice and “vision” of the Higher Self according to all of the above, and could manage the avatar, the subtle bodies, the behaviors and the individual reality of each one according to that long-term vision, with a high level of consciousness and what is the best for the human being at all times ->

Ego psyche management program - Receives instructions from the soul to know and understand what mental, emotional, etheric and physical mechanisms it must execute at each moment, which "I's" are the most appropriate to deal with each situation according to the vision of the soul and how to decode reality to understand the reason and why of the situations experienced through physical experience ->

"I's" of the personality - They receive direct instructions from the ego program to know how and why they should take control of the personality and the avatar at all times, and when they should give it up to another "I" for any other reason or need ->

Self-conscious archetypes - They would only execute when the "I" of the personality that requires them asks them to intervene, doing some task within the psyche such as filing data, or filtering information, or decoding an experience. ->

Self-aware programs - They could only execute when the corresponding archetype requested it, to connect a physical neural network with some data in the mental body, to recover a memory and pass it on to the “I” that needs to remember something, so that the body performs some determined function, etc.

If this hierarchy was always fulfilled in this order, "up-down,” from top to bottom, there would be no contradictory behaviors or mental chaos or attitudes that do not touch when not touch, etc. However, it not only works like that, since, the Asimoss, of course, also allowed the hierarchy to work in a "bottom-up" mode, from the bottom up, mainly because they wanted to minimize the power of the Higher Self and the soul over the avatar so that it would be easier to control human beings through mental programming. For this reason, and in most cases, for most human beings, our mental mode of functioning follows the following scheme:

Self-aware programs that run on their own and make decisions for themselves based on triggers and external perceptions captured by the senses: for example, if we see a person who looks like someone when we are walking, the recognition program for other human beings is activated without any of the higher hierarchies requesting it, and begins to make an analysis on its own in the data banks on that visual image that the eye has captured of that person who was passing by ->

The activation of the program that forces the archetype that governs it to activate, to see “what is happening” and why that program has been put to work. The archetype, then, forces other programs that are necessary to make sense of the analysis that the previous program is carrying out and activates memory recovery programs related to the result that the people analysis program has carried out, concluding that, that passerby, looks like your friend so and so. As the archetype has not received instructions to block the activation of the program in charge, because it is within the self-management parameters that this situation can occur, it does nothing to deactivate it, but, on the contrary, it is also activated to assist in identification work ->

Activating the archetype and searching memory banks for parameters about John Doe, mentally and emotionally activates memories about that person, and their corresponding emotional and mental forms. If the memories are happy, and mental, emotional and etheric forms of joy are activated, the personality "I's" that work with all these archetypes self-analyze themselves and, the one that most agrees with the energies that are being set in motion in the mental, emotional and etheric body takes control. Thus, the happy “I,” without the ego program having given it instructions, is activated and executes in the body a series of orders that lead to a smile coming out of your mouth by manipulating the facial muscles. A little more upright so that more energy flows and you feel good and happy, releasing through the limbic system the chemicals necessary for you to feel joy "physically,” since, when thinking of John Doe, all the previous mechanisms have led you to feel happy for the experiences lived with him previously ->

The ego program, which has seen and followed up on all of the above, but without giving any instructions to counteract it, sees that the joyous "me" has taken control of the personality as a whole, and how it is its "turn. "It warns the soul of which "I" is that, at that moment, is in command. The seed atoms communicate to all subtle bodies that the joyous "me" is the one in control of the overall avatar structure and the ego program then takes control of the "joyous me" to manage all the rest of the experience. The soul activates the facets of joy in itself, since it contains all possible human behaviors to a certain degree, and, in this way, we are happy from the last physical cell to the first soul particle ->

The Higher Self, in all this process, has not intervened at all and has not sent any type of instruction to stop or change any of the parameters of the process, which has lasted, since we have crossed paths with that person until we feel internally happy, no more than a few seconds.

Now, and of course, we continue walking, because all this process has not made it necessary for us to stop walking on the street, and, as is normal, immediately anything else triggers any other program that executes the same steps, but, in this case, in another aspect. For example, we perceive that the store we are going to buy from is closed for holidays. Same process as before, but now we end up with the disappointed "me" or the frustrated "me" in control. In a few seconds, we have gone from being slightly happy to being slightly disappointed, from the physical body to the causal one and with some influence on the energetic state of the soul. And so on, the rest of the day, every day, continuously, and until the end of our lives.

Many energetic resources

This double hierarchy of activation requires a lot of energy resources, we spend so much energy just to go from one "me" to another, or from one program to another, that we need to eat and nourish ourselves much more than, in general, our avatar would need to be fine if only the " top-down " hierarchical process was active, and not both.

On the other hand, if our programs and archetypes reduced their margin of action and “freedom” and their margin of self-awareness, we would reduce resources, mental noise, and, in general, the psychic exhaustion that we all tend to manifest at the end of each working day.

Peace of mind and inner silence

The "mental" peace that many of us seek with meditation happens by blocking the activation of all these programs, archetypes and self-conscious "I's" in the sphere of consciousness (which is where they manifest and through which we become aware of it), but, as all of you who have tried to “stop the mind” to meditate already know, it is not an easy or simple process that there is silence inside. This silence is achieved when the ego program and the observing self, applying the energy of the will to the set of mental spheres, selves, programs and archetypes, force their temporary deactivation, so that they do not "speak,” do not generate thoughts, do not act, do not communicate data with each other, are not activated by their own ability to do so, etc.

As the " top-down " hierarchy is still in force, if the observing self (which is the highest hierarchy within the "I's,” and is who "I am" at the personality level) and the ego program remain firm and do not let the rest of the mental mechanisms activate, then we achieve that silence, and the observing self can direct its focus of attention and consciousness through the UCC (the universal center of consciousness), which is located in the ninth chakra within from the sphere of consciousness, towards the connection and dialogue with the soul and the Higher Self.


Sphere of consciousness (mental body)
Interior of the sphere of consciousness: contains the connection in the UCC with the higher self
UCC (Universal Consciousness Center, Inner Ninth Chakra
Surface of the sphere of consciousness: it contains the artificial consciousness of the human being and his personality in the form of multiple "I's"
Egoic Center
Program ego
Preconscious / Unconscious Sphere Conscious Sphere Subconscious Sphere
Subliminal sphere Supraconscious sphere Conscious-continuous sphere
Eighth chakra (higher intellectual center)​

But, at the moment in which, by any external trigger, even a simple physical annoyance due to the posture in which we are sitting to meditate, any of the programs and archetypes is activated and sets in motion the entire previous process of "down-up,” then another “I” enters in control, for example the uncomfortable “I,” and displaces the observing “I,” activating again the mental processes of distraction, mental busyness and emotional forms that start up again, "losing" the calm connection of the mind with the soul or the Higher Self and returning to the "beta" state of wakefulness and regular activity.

As you can see, it is a process that can have good things, the fact that a part of our programs are self-aware of themselves and have the margin and freedom to execute certain functions, but it is not something designed for our greater good, but to facilitate control of the human psyche by the RIC and CS from the beginning of our species. If only the " top-down " connection and hierarchy, which was present in the troodon, had been maintained, our mental processes and cognitive mechanisms would function following a hierarchy of processes and decisions much more in line with the needs of each moment.

Changing this mode of operation is extremely difficult. It happens, first, to eliminate a few thousand redundant programs and archetypes, which are only to "block" and limit the connection with the higher levels and facilitate the process of control of humanity through them. Then it goes through eliminating a few hundred or thousands of more I's, so that we have as much as possible a single "I" in control (the observer) and then it happens to enhance the management of the ego program by the soul and by the Higher Self through this.

For now, let's become aware of this mechanism and that it helps us to better understand the psyche, we realize when any of these programs is activated and we promote their self-observation. When the observing I understands and becomes aware of all the above, because it detects it, it can force its arrest through its will, and, the more power of "me" over the rest of my mental components, I can learn to control better my psyche, my mind and the processes that depend on it in order to exist as a human being in our reality.

David Topí

RIC = races in charge
CS = control systems

The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner.

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About the Author
David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here, David Topi's home page can be found here,

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