UFOs over Kansas turn out to be from DARPA (1 Viewer)

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Jul 20, 2016
Imagine looking up and seeing massive spheres moving through the sky. Then you see a message from your local weather station saying they don't know what it is. I did not read of any mass hysteria about an alien invasion but did see some funny tweets - "please be the mothership".

The source of the balloons is DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), which does tests and experiments about things no one knows about. The spheres are supposed to be part of the ALTA project that tests altitude lighter-than-air vehicles. Three were launched from Maryland on June 18th.

Lookout Colorado - they are headed your way.

"The balloons are controlled from fixed and mobile ground stations, with consistent point-to-point links and satellite relays," said Dr. Alexander M.G. Walan, ALTA program manager, noting that the balloons have sensors used to assess flight performance. Also, the ballons have an entirely different shape from weather balloons because they are larger and look like orbs.
The real purpose of the mission is classified, as apparently is the reason why DARPA decided to make the balloons look like giant alien spaceships.


PS - whenever I see DARPA - I think of the bad guys from Dharma on the tv series, Lost. lol

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