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Amanda Faye

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Jul 30, 2016
This morning I didnt remember my dreams waking up. So I was quite surprised this morning when driving I saw this hawk, sitting on a power line. I was so excited that he was showing himself to me, but in an instant two dreams came back to me.

The first being, me looking out a glass pane window, it was older and kind of dirty but still clear enough for you to see out of. There was a tree by this window, with a think large branch that sat right by this window. As I am looking out this window I see a hawk sitting on this tree branch, I was looking at him just in awe. Then three owls flew in and kicked the hawk off and he left. The one owl in the front hoped closer to and closer to the window until he was right there. Looking at me, and me looking at him. His eyes were so open, it was like he was offering his soul up to me to look into. The owl behind him, kept spinning his head aroud. and the third was just in the background. Then I woke up.

The other dream I had, I still dont know what happened.

It was me and my couter part (we have been connecting on the astral plane for months now) he was standing in front of me, we said hello to each other. Then all our charkas lite up, and we got drawn together somehow. We hugged and this white light went around us, and we began to float in the air. We couldnt pull away from each other, and our enegery began to exchange and merge together. I told him he wasnt crused, or had a spell put on him. This is the universe wanting us to be together. I am not sure what is going on either but I do know we are meant to be together in someway. I told him to follow his heart, and forget what everyone else is saying. He then said I was the one he kissed in a dream before, and asked how it felt real. I told him I didnt know but it felt like nothing i had ever experainced and it was in fact real. We talked some more, and our bodies pulled away a little so you could see the energy we were sharing was one in the same. Then I woke up....

Any insights would be great. Thank you.



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Jul 19, 2016
Christchurch, New Zealand
With your first dream, the details of the glass pane could indicate something in the past (an event and emotional aspect coming out of it), which you can identify with not too much trouble since the glass was clear enough to see through. The tree can indicate new hope, growth, desires, knowledge and also life, which the hawk was sitting on; the hawk can denote suspicions lurking around you and your activities, meaning you need to proceed with caution, and/or that you need to keep a close eye on a situation you are dealing with and going through.

To have the owls fly in, which represent wisdom, insight, magic, expanded awareness and virtue, means you have the ability and intuitive nature to help guide and show you the way within that situation that the hawk may be representing. The owl with his head spinning around could indicate your confusion, yet the answer is just there, looking you in the eye.

Three owls can represent the past, the present and the future.

With the second experience I would say no interpretation is needed as that seems authentic to how it occurred. It’s quite a personal one. You may want to record down such memories in succession, in the once place, so you can one day look back and get some reminders and/or insight. A story may build based on progression of how each one occurs, over time.
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