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Jul 19, 2016
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Our seven primary energy centers, also known as the chakras in Sanskrit (‘wheel or circle’), more fully develop from birth up until early adulthood; hence defining forthcoming experiences—they mold who we are as we deal with the consequences of life’s early events. If we’re suppressed at an early age, then either then or later on in life we naturally tend to want to do the opposite of what we were told not to. Being protected is one thing, but too many rules can change the course of history, as children are our future. Making mistakes is an important part of education.

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For more information on the chakras, see my article here: (also found pinned on this board).

Do you recall memories when you were younger where you may have done something as a form of rebellion to what you were told you had to do?


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Jan 8, 2017
Do you recall memories when you were younger where you may have done something as a form of rebellion to what you were told you had to do?
But of course! I was supposed to go through my first communion in the catholic church as it was traditional in Peru at that time. I did rebel to my mom's consternation while my brother went trough the process. I just felt that there was much preaching by priests not always following their own preaching, plus my inner voice telling me that the quest wasn't in that so limiting direction.


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Jul 20, 2016
Fell out of the big pecan tree when I was little. I'd been using a ladder to reach the first branch. My father said I could not use the ladder anymore.

I knew he meant until I was bigger, but that was not what he said. I cued on the last part - get into the tree without a ladder....... oh the little gears were turning.

I convinced my brother to help me drag the swing set closer to the tree, and I easily popped up on the side cross bars and used the top frame to help me reach the first branch. Amazingly I did not get into trouble because I technically complied with the demand. That swing set stayed there until we sold the house after my parents passed away.
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Aug 15, 2016
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I got into trouble so often, I think I have suppressed the memory of why! The overlying reason was that I wouldn't let a domineering mother take her dominion into my area of domain. Oh, well.

Or to put it another way, my very existence was a rebellion to her mindset, which was "My way or the highway". I was once taken to an orphanage and they tried to bodily drag me out of the car, but they couldn't get me out. So they gave up, turned around and drove me home again.
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