Tips for a power outage (1 Viewer)

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Nov 1, 2018
We just had our power go out today for about 3-4 hours. Here are some things to remember if the power goes out.

- Even if you have a gas furnace it will not work because the blower needs power to blow the hot air around.
- Even if you have a gas stove and can light the oven with a match, there will likely be no temperature control in the oven as the temp control needs power to run the circuit board. The gas burners on top should be lightable and usable. To bake you can use a Dutch oven on a gas burner if you check it carefully.
- When you hear of a bad storm coming, or the chance of sleet or ice, charge up all USB devices, including cell phones and power banks, before the storm comes. This is where a multi-port charger comes in handy.
- If you need light in a shower, you can hang a headlight or other light from a hook in the shower stall ceiling.
- High power LED flashlights can also provide heat.
- I keep plenty of blankets, and knit hats, around to prepare for the winter power outages.
- Do not run gas generators indoors or even in a garage that shares a wall with the house as the carbon monoxide can still leak into the house.
- To spread light, put an LED flashlight or headlight next to a gallon or half-gallon translucent plastic container. Shine the light into the container filled with water and the light will be spread around.
- Keeping your head warm with a hat, and feet warm with socks, will go a long way to keep the rest of you warm.
- Share heat under a blanket by having 2 people sit on a couch facing each other, with the blanket over their legs. Read a book on a tablet or play a card game.

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